School Holiday Projects!

Hi there all,

We have just started our Winter school holidays (a much needed break, let me tell you) and already I have the kids knocking down my door for some crafty things to do to keep them occupied.

I was looking through my bag of tricks and I thought I’d compile a list of things you can do with your kids these holidays with your scrapping and/or crafting equipment…..

Idea #1:

Make some Fuzzy Felt animal shapes to cut out and use on the front ofyour child’s tee shirts, kindy bag, pillowcases or pencilcase.

Idea #2:

If ou are anything like me and you accumulate a bazillion paper scraps, bring them out for the kids and make some cute little birdies to use on the front of birthday cards, on a custom made canvas to hang in your child’s room, or even make one using fabric scraps and sew it to the front of a tee shirt.

Idea #3:

Use some left over sculpey, fimo,or even bread dough to make some cute little figures for your child to paint.

Idea #4:

Create a little “Time Capsule” for your little ones using left over boxes that contained your scrap supplies. Get them to collect little items to include in their time capsule, hide away and open later!

All  of these tips and idea can be found in my side menu with detailed instructions and pictures to follow. I hope the school holidays aren’t too painful for everyone and have fun!

Sares x


Post Brisbane!

Here I am, talking to you from the studio where I have finally surfaced after a a marathon sleep. I needed to sleep to catch up on the 16 HOURS of sleep I got over 4 nights while we were up in Brisvegas., LOL.

I flew up to Brissy last Friday, in time to pick up the eCraft and head straight over to the Expo site and set up the Addicted To Craft stand plus help on some others. I also set up my Tutors wall as well as had a peek at the Master’s Gallery where my other work was hanging.

WELL. I have to tell you, I was impressed. Actually that sounds like I am impressed with myself, der. No, I was impressed with the Brissy show being so well run, well organised and well set out. I was impressed with the calibre of scrappers they had for teaching and showing things, as well as impressed with the range of product as well as the prices on things. Woot! I didn’t spend a fortune but I was really happy with what I did get in the few minutes I had to dash around the stands and look at things. High on my shopping list (as always) were the Pink Paislee Artisan albums, some new stamps and some new inks…and yay! I got them all.

It was soon time to start teaching classes and I have to tell you, I wasn’t nervous before I started but I was sure nervous by the second day! Gosh, I am a clutz. It’s a good thing I can laugh at myself, let me tell you. I entertained my first class by tripping over a cord, tearing my shirt right up the centre and sitting down in a cloud of talcum powder because I had been too generous in applying it in my jeans that morning. And yes, I did ask everyone to guess what colour my undies were and yes, I WAS wearing some thankyou Angella! 😉

That first night was a great chance to catch up with my girls Deb and Sherie who were also up there to have fun and attend classes. We all fell into a restuarant called “Ahmet’s” (Turkish Bellydancing a standard part of the evening) where we were joined by another 18 or so scrappin industry buddies and some AWESOME cocktails. I had this drink made with passionfruit and vanilla and drank three of them before I realised they were getting me tipsy from the ground up – my god! I tried to stand at the end of the night and my knees wouldn’t work. I laughed so hard and so long that night, it was great. And the food! I could have moved in to that place permanently.

Sorry about the shocking photos – I only had my phone on me and it’s not exactly known for it’s brilliant capabilities. Or maybe it was the cocktails. Either way, I can’t be blamed for the one of me and my girls, coz I’m in it!

So, back to the Show. I have to say, I was thrilled with the response from people doing my classes and the general “vibe” of the public. Everyone was very calm, no “shovey shovey my turn” at the stands, everyone was pleasant, happy and polite and BEST OF ALL they liked my jokes and tolerated by poor attempts at humour, the poor suffering mites!

Another bonus of this show was the chance to catch up with quite a few of the members of the Addicted To Craft Design Team. We all worked on the stand together, all had great laughs together, all worked as a team well together for classes and we all had a great time letting down our proverbial hairs at dinner on the Sunday night.

I have to thank Kelly Lusted, my fellow Master, for helping me out in my classes each morning, as well as Sonia Thomason, Tatum Woodroffe, Angela Peardon, Renee Dowling and Susan Longman for also being fantastic company. It was a delight to finally meet you girls!

Luisa Gibson (aka “Big Cheese”), Mark Butler, Susan Longman, Kellie Lusted.

Sonia Thomason, Angela Peardon.

Tatum Woodroffe and Renee Dowling.

So, as I get to the end of this post and start feeling guilty about not tackling the “Mount Washmore” pile in the laundry, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Brisbane experience and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I am exhausted and hallucinating about sleeping for a whole 24 hours but man! it was worth it, lol.

Here’s a couple more piccies – me with the lovely Scrapapple girls Louise and Stacey is the one on the left. The one on the right is me with Deb Godley who was in my class along with her lovely sister, mum and girlfriend.

Thanks to everyone for reading this epic – I’m to try and assemble something to eat for dinner. I promise, when I am feeling a bit more “with it” I will attempt to link all those names up there to their blogs or sites. But it’s beyond my fuzzy brain at the moment, lol. Till next time, peeps!

Take care,

Sares x

A Busy Month ahead…

…but oh my lordy what fun it’s going to be!

I am heading up to Brisvegas at the end of next week in order to attend the Brisbane Scrapbook and Papercraft Convention. I have always missed out on going to this show – every year I used to hear all the great stories coming back from the girls who attended and I just had to sit there and grit my teeth! lol. Not this year!

This year I am heading up to the Show to represent Addicted To Craft and teach what I hope to be some fabbo lessons using the newest range of Rouge de Garance papers and embellishments – can we say WOOHOOOOO!?!

Be there or be square peeps! 😉

Another exciting thing I have been invited to do this month is be a Guest Designer for Twiddleybitz – yay!

I have long been a fan of TBZ and their new chippy products are amazing. Wait until you see some of the designs!

I have uploaded the first of my designs for this month onto the TBZ Ning site – click HERE to head on over and take a look at everyone’s wonderful work.

This is my first projct for the month: “LIVE,DREAM, LOVE”

Back soon to upload some more!

Love to all,

Sares xx

Now I can Show you…

…..some of the projects that I completed in preparation for SIA last week.

It was wonderful to be able to play with papers and embellishments from the following companies:

* Prima

*Upsy Daisy Designs

* Scrap Within Reach

* Rouge de Garance

* Harmonie

Scrap Within Reach “Paper Boy” range.

Rouoge de Garance “Sylvestre” range.

Prima Mulberry papers.

Upsy Daisy Designs “Blossom” and “Alligator” ranges.

Prima Clear Acrylic stamps.

And of course, the Mini Book that was created using Rouge de Garance “Marie Antoinette” papers and embellishments, as well as Prima embies and stamps:

I hope something in there inspires you! I certainly had a great time creating with them all. Every single line of paper used is excellent in design and quality – and I LOVE how Addicted to Craft chooses to sponsor and sell the smaller, less mainstream scrapbook companies. It means that we always get to use products that are different, exciting and unique!

To see some of the other wonderful work created by the Addicted To Craft Design team, visit our Blog HERE – you will be blown away by our talented ladies!

Love to all and take care,

Sares x

A Happy Mother’s day with some Uplifting news…

Hello and a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there!!

I hope that, as a mum – wherever you are in the world – you have a fabulous day being spoiled by the people you love. You deserve it!

I wanted to also pass on some news of this wonderful project called UPLIFT.

One of the ladies that helped in the Memory Gifts appeal last year has asked me to help by listing this cause on my Blog and after reading all about it, I can’t think of a better way to help some people. Here’s a bit of info about it:

“I volunteer for Uplift – a small Melbourne community based organisation which sends bras overseas to women who cannot afford them (always free). I became involved because I wanted to give something back but because I have a huge job I needed something I could coordinate rather than give time to……. I also was a nurse and thought that helping these women was a great idea, practical and very much needed

Over the years we have sent hundreds of thousands of bras to overseas countries and we also gave thousands to the women of the Victorian bushfires who lost everything.

Here is what I wrote on a couple of scrapping sites today (Scrap Therapy, LSBS, Chook Scraps)

Hi everyone

We are needing bras to send to Fiji we only need 32000!!!!! I am the representative for Uplift which sends bras to developing countries…… we have finally got sponsorship for a shipping container to go to Fiji!

The women in Fiji cannot afford bras and because of the heat and humidity this causes infections and abscesses on the chest wall.

One bra in Fiji is worth around 6 weeks of a full time wage – hopeless money to find for these women

We really appreciate your support please pass it around….collect from work, childcare etc – if you feel so inclined.

All sizes and any condition…. but big sizes and maternity bras would be very excellent. If you have smaller bras though these are used for teenagers ….so send them too!!

Please send to
c/o Liz Baker
9 Steven Street
Hurstbridge VIC 3099

Thanks girls time to clean out your bra closet (and those of your daughters!) and send them on.
Thanks Carol Mead”

I am going to be adding a little to the collection – I certainly have a few extra bras floating around that could be used. If you feel like you can give your support, that would be wonderful and thankyou!

Happy Mother’s Day again peeps! Have a chardonnay on me 😉

Love to all,

Sares x

Hi Ho Hi Ho…

…it’s off to SIA I go!

What a month! I have been practically nonexistent on here, for which I deeply apologise. It’s been bedlam, believe me.

I think we are long overdue for some serious scrapping tips – so here we go!

Tip: Tightly cropping photos can help you keep the focus on the “occasion” rather than the unneccessary details. It’s also good for getting the best out of some ordinary pics – even blurry or overexposed shots look oko when they are cropped.

TIP: Boy themed LO’s don’t need to be without little things like hearts and flowers – keeping the colours bright can help make the “look” a bit more masculine. If your son still complains, tell him “too bad” – you are doing these LO’s for you (at this stage) not him and I can bet he’ll be grateful for them later. Ok, much later, but still grateful! lol.

New Webster’s Pages papers – need I say more? LOVE THEM.

TIP: the new paper ranges out that have such incredible designs on them hardly need to be scrapped, let alone embellished. You could be forgiven for simply plonking your photo on the page and walking away. As you can see, I can’t do that. I would disintegrate into ash. Too hard! But this one is just kept to a minimum to allow the photo to shine.

I’m loving working with acetate at the moment. This page is clear with a Prima Mulberry paper cut out and laid around the outside edges.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to invest in an expensive paper and then chop it up. Reason 1: You only live once – why wait? Reason 2: You will always use the remainder of the paper on something else.

New papers from Scrap Within Reach. PERFECT for boy pages.

TIP: Cut out three large circles from co-ordinating papers and stick them to your cardstock base. Overstitch the edges with your sewing machine and then lift up some edges for a textured look.

First of all, can I say how much I LOVE the “Sylvester” range of papers from Rouge de Garance? Gorgeous quality, gorgeous colours and co-ordinate perfectly together.

TIP:  Try to mix up your LO shapes by introducing circles, ovals, triangles etc. I layered a transparency over the top of the circle in the background of this page, then stitched it into place. I also hand made the “Fir Tree” branch embellies – I couldn’t find any that didn’t look poxy, so I draw them on card with clear embossing pen, then covered in white embossing powder and heat gunned the lot. LOVE the effect.

Finally, this one for Mother’s Day:

This is the simplest card EVER. The new ranges of Prima stamps are fantastic to use as hand made embellishments.

TIP: For this card, I pulled out some co-ordinating Versacolour Ink blocks and double inked those Prima paisley shapes onto white cardstock. Then I simply cut them out and arranged them with some flowers on the front of the card. A few scraps of card later (with some bling of course) and VOILA! Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.

OK, that will hopefully give you all something to think about until I post again, which won’t be until after I return from SIA. I’ll hopefully have some happy snaps of some great girls and new friends made while I am there. I pomise I’ll only publish the nice ones, ladies! What is Photoshop for, anyway? 😉

I’ll leave you with a few pics of my gorgeous tribe, taken while we were out for a drive last week. Let me say this about that drive – GPS DOES have it’s limitations, it seems. I found myself at the bottom of a mountain, on a dirt road surrounded by wild mushies and wallabies. LOL. On the plus side, I would never have seen this:

Clear, ice cold mountain stream. Complete with turtles and fishies. The kids went wild. And speaking of kids, the kidlets (aka “the 4 amigos”) let me take some pics of them during the day – LOVE these:

LOL, I love you, my four amigos. You light up my days.

Take care, everyone and I’ll see you when I getback!

Sares x

Bless the school holidays…

….for they are finally over LOL. I have played umpteen games of Wii, tether tennis, cricket, and scrabble. I’ve baked, cooked, cleaned and sorted until I was ready to fall down – but I had better not (fall) or the kids would think it was an invitation to play “Stacks On”, lol.

I apologise for not updating this Blog recently – I have to say it’s been bedlam around here. Notwithstanding the holiday highjinks, I have also been finalising the preparations for both SIA and the Scrapbook and Papercraft Convention in Brisbane in June. For those of you who are keen to get to the Brissy show, here is a link to the TIMETABLE OF CLASSES. I am teaching alongside such other lovely ladies as Jill Geraghty-Groves, Ngaire Bartlam and Petrina Macdonald – omg I am going to hug the stuffing out of all three ladies. We have been “online” buddies for a while now and I am looking forward to getting a chance to let our combined hair down and chillax a bit.

For those of you keen to do my “A Touch of Rouge” Class – sign up NOW as spaces are filling up fast. You will definitely NOT be disappointed by the cool new products we are using PLUS the amount of gimme’s in your Kits – you are getting almost DOUBLE the Kit value!

So, what else is new with everyone? Aside from the general “cheer” I heard when all the kids went back to school today, I think everyone has been just as busy as I have.

The SIA Kits are all packaged up and ready for the beginning of May – look out retailers!! Here are a few sneak peeks (above) of what you will see me doing or displaying at the SIA show.

So, what else have I been up to? Quite a few Photography jobs – the list of editing keeps getting longer, lol. I also have to say a belated Congratulations to my friends Tim and Mel on the arrival of baby Sophia – this little bundle is part of the reason why I have been so busy this month – isn’t she beautiful?

She had a sleepover with me the other night and we both had a lovely time. She managed to sleep over 5 hours between feeds late that night so I wasn’t even all that sleep deprived! Mind you, I only had to do it for one night and I was very glad to have a last cuddle and then hand her back, lol. As gorgeous as she is, after 4 of my own, I am a little bit past the baby stage and once you get some freedom back you don’t want to let it go! lol.

Another photo shoot down by the River for Ashleigh and Nick was this week’s project. The light was just divine but gee, without daylight saving it doesn’t take long for that sun to set, does it?

That’s all from me for now – I’m am going to hopefully sit down for 5 minutes with a cuppa before it’s time for the bath/tea/bed routine.

Don’t forget to book yourselves into the Brissy show classes!

Take care everyone,

Sares x

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