Tips & Techniques – Tim Holtz Masks & Glitter

The new range of masks available from Tim Holtz and Ranger are a fabbo addition to your scrapbooking stash, particularly if you like using paint or creating a layered effect on your pages.
Their uses are certainly not limited to just scrapbooking – I can see further applications on fabric, leather, home made paper, even sculpture and jewellry!

The masks come in a large size (not quite 30cm but close enough to cover a background).
They come in a range of patterns – some full size masks and some mini size – check out the different patterns on Tim’s site HERE.
For the purpose of this tutorial I am using the Music Notes Mask which cost approx $5.50 AUD.
This tutorial looks at applying Glitter using the mask but the same steps can be used to apply paint or ink.

Step One:
Lay the mask down on the base cardstock. You can use either the positive or the negative portion of the image. The back will be slightly sticky in order to help keep the mask in place.
Paint a generous layer of PVA glue over the top of the mask. DO NOT dilute the glue and please work fairly quickly. Diluting the glue will make it too runny and will leave you with blobs under the edges of the mask – ruining the “clean edges” look.

Step Two:
Carefully peel off the Mask and lay it out to the side. Wipe off the excess glue with a Baby wipe.
While the glue is still wet, sprinkle it with glitter (I used three different colours).

Step Three:
Use a spare piece of cardstock as a “stamper” – place it over the glittered surface and press down in order to set the glitter in place.
Fold a piece of spare paper in half, then open it and lay it out flat on the desk beneath your LO.
Tips up the now glittered LO and gently tap off the excess onto the paper. You can then either put the excess back in the pots or, like me and the glitter was mixed, use it for other projects.

Step Four:
Leave your LO to dry for at least one hour before scrapping on top of it – just to allow the glue to set.


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  2. What a cool idea!! I love it!

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