Tips & Techniques: Inspired by Mass Media

We all seem to use our papers and design for scrapping LO’s about our kids, families, pets, etc – and while I agree that there are some SUPER paper designs out there, there are times when I just feel like being PUSHED, you know what I mean?

That’s when I turn to everything around me that is NOT scrapping related – magazines, advertisements, Tattoo parlours, art galleries, patterns on t-shirts, jewellry designs, CD covers, patterns in Nature, Photography special effects,
Office supplies, the works!

So this week’s Tip is to OBTAIN INSPIRATION FROM THE WORLD AROUND YOU. More specifically, I want you to go to the Newsagency and grab a Magazine that has a cover on it that really grabs you. NOT a scrapping mag, just anything else. Other things you could use to inspire you are:

1. Old LP Record covers.

2. Vintage Sewing patterns.

3. Old advertisements – or even new ones.

4. Some of your favourite clothing – some of the embroidery can be awesome!

5. Your kid’s drawings.

6. Food labels in the supermarket.
So here is my sample – the cover of “CHIK” magazine which is a fab magazine for teenage girls, by the way. I love the gorgeous colour combo and the photo, as well as the metallic elements in there – plenty of possibilities for a LO!

 Gwen     Hope

and next to it is my interpretation of the ad.

Go out and play!


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