Tips & Techniques: Using Belts as a Stamp

So! Here’s the next Tip for you all. I am putting it up a wee bit early as we are heading off to Dubbo tomorrow and won’t be back until Monday night.

This week’s Tip is all about a piece of clothing being used in our scrapping – OUR BELTS!

Yes, you read that right. Our belts. Have you ever noticed the cool patterns and shapes you see on a belt? Well on a shopping trip a few weeks back I happened upon a belt being sold at target for $1.96 and I thought, “wouldn’t that make a great pattern?!”. I painted the belt and used it like a stamp on the base cardstock of my LO and VOILA! A new type of texture has been born.

So here is what you need to get started:

Acrylic paint (I use Making Memories)
Foam brush
a belt – leather ones are great because they don’t soak up the paint.

If the belt is old enough you could cut it to size, but if you don’t want to cut it, then the paint should wash off the leather later.

Step One:
Paint your belt with the flat foam brush so that there is a GENEROUS even coating of paint over a 35cm length of the belt.

Step Two:
Place your belt face down on the cardstock and press firmly without moving it. I gave mine a hardy thump or two to make sure it had contact with the card.

Step Three:
Carefully roll back to belt and remove from the card if you are happy with the amount of pattern.

Step Four:
For additional texture, give your belt another coat of paint in a complementary colour and re-stamp it in a different spot.

Here is another belt that I used to show you the difference in texture that you can get from different belts:

…and here is the base card after I have finished stamping with the belt:

Here is the sample that I have finished after using the belt stamping across the base card:

Hope you have fun with this technique girls!!!


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