Tips & Techniques – Negative Stamping

A great method to use in your stamping is called “Negative” stamping – where we are using the different properties of inks to work WITH each other. In this case, we are using both alcohol inks and archival inks.

This technique is very effective and works beautifully on clear ACETATE shapes and letters. It’s very effective if you combine several different colours of alcohol inks as well – alas, I only had one colour, but you’ll see the idea anyway. 😉

You Need:

Alcohol Inks (I used Tim Holtz by Ranger in Denim Blue)

Alcohol ink applicator. (This is handy, but you can use cotton wool make up remover pads or folded tissues as well)

Archival ink – I used ColourBox Chalk Inkpad in Prussian Blue (the colour doesn’t really matter).


Some acetate shapes and/or letters. (If you don’t have any, cut up some of the clear plastic packaging that your scrap supplies come in)

Some acrylic stampd with medium/fine designs on them. (I used Autumn Leaves “Love” word)

Stamp cleaning stuff such as baby wipes and an old mouse pad.



Step One:

Assemble everything in front of you because we need to work quickly.

PLace a few drops of the alcohol ink(s) onto your inks dabber or cotton wool pad. Dab at the acetate shape with the ink until you have a fine, even coating all over the shape. It’s a good idea to do several shapes at a time to save time later on and make sure the ink doesn’t dry on the dabber.


Step Two:

Set aside the acetate shapes to dry for a while and get out your other acrylic stamp and your archival ink.

Ink up the stamp using the archival ink and press the stamp onto the acetate shape (the side with the alcohol ink on it).


Step Three:
WORKING QUICKLY – as soon as you take off the stamp from the surface of the acetate shape, you need to RUB OFF the stamped image with the tissue. The archival ink takes off the alcohol ink, leaving you with the negative of the stamped image. VOILA!


Pretty soon you’ll be trying this technique with any kind of stamp and you’ll see what I’m talking about – it’s addictive!



2 Responses

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  2. It is six thirty a.m. and I am going to go try this right now. I am going to use alcohol ink on squares and stamp a solid nativity stamp on it. Wish me luck

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