Tips & Techniques – Label Sticker Flowers

Using Office Supplies in your scrapbooking is not a new thing, but sometimes they looks too…..”officey”, you know? They look like they have been taken from the desk and plopped on a page, but that’s it.

These Label Flowers were created when I was given a challenge by Scrapbook Creations magazine and Lusi Austin to create a page using entirely office supplies. I felt lost until I transformed these stickers into “my kind of flower”.

You Need:

A packet of long, rectangular labels from your local stationery supplier.

A few different coloured paints – I used gold, red and a bit of teal and black.

1 large or several smaller stamps.

Embossing powder and Heat Gun

Pigment or Watermark Ink


Step One:

Use your paint in a think “wash” to coat the entire sheet of label stickers in one colour of paint.


Step Two:

Use another colour (I used a bit of teal and then black) to add higlights and scratchy bits all over the first colour. There is no right nor wrong in this – just whack it on and then walk away and leave it to dry.


Step Three:

Grab your ink and your stamp(s) and ink up the stamp. Place the stamp on top of the sheet of label stickers. If you are using Pigment Ink, it doesn’t really matter what colour as long as the embossing powder sticks to it. If you are using smaller stamps, cover the sheet of stickers with several designs without leaving too many gaps.




Step Four:

Sprinkle your embossing powder all over the stamped sheet of label stickers. Don’t forget to fold a black piece of paper underneath to make it easier to pour the powder back in to the jar.


Step Five:

Tap off the  excess embossing powder and pour it back in to the jar.


Heat set your embossing powder as usual. You will need a heat gun to do it – a toaster will melt the labels and cause the sticky backs of them to dry out.


Step Six:

Peel off the stickers and stick them down on to a spare piece of cardstock in a 5 or 6 point star shape.

Once you have stuck them down, cut around the outer edges of the labels leaving a 2mm border. Ink these outside edges.


VOILA! You now have several Label Sticker Flowers to use as embellishments in your scrapping.

Here’s my example:


Every single thing in this LO is an office supply of some sort. See if you can work them all out!

Have fun and happy scrapping!

Sares x


4 Responses

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  2. You are a clever little vegemite. What a great idea.
    Layout looks fabulous but hen I would expect nothing else from you’ Oh Talented One’

  3. Love the look of this. Will definitely be giving it a go. Thanks

  4. I follow your blog for quite a long time and must tell you that your posts are always valuable to readers.

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