Tips and Techniques – Painting on a Layout

I have been using some paint over the past few layouts because of my inspiration from Somerset Memories. It’s so versatile!!

 So, which paints to get?

Definitely steer away from oil paints as they have to be mixed with turps and the oil will leach into your page as the paper is absorbent.

So go for water based paints such as Watercolours, Gouache, Acrylic and Poster Paints.

Watercolours are good for adding final touches to the end of a Layout, as well as hand colouring vintage photos.

Gouache and Poster paints are very good for painting embellishments that you have created and you want a solid BRIGHT colour. They have a matte finish and have the advantage of drying very quickly and can be mixed well with other colours.

Acrylic paints are good for painting chipboard letters and shapes, adding a painted border, dry brushing, scumbling and stamping large letters for a title.

Here’s a few examples for you to have a look at:

Free detail - painted journalling spot

Dry Brushing across the back of a Photo

watercolour wash around a paper border


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  1. Can you define the meaning of scumbling????

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