My most recent work will always go into this file folder – so that you are about to see the changes that I have made or the difference in techniques that I have adopted.

Recently, my work has taken on a more “spiritual” turn – and by spiritual I don’t mean “religious” – I just mean more connected to me, my family and my beliefs about life in general. I realised that I was scrapping to suit the general crowd and the magazines, and not scrapping for myself.

Life is too short to do that – just be who you are because it is such a huge effort to be someone else.

    ryan-wings-lo     Hopelessly-Devoted-UDDdream

   img_1063      imagine  Waiting

             Lolly   endless-questions 

                   grandmas-book    hannah-roses





  I Did It Myself! LO by Sarah Gladman       passion-for-fashion   full-of-joy

UL Mini Book by Sarah Gladman  indian-summer   scrapaddix-just-plain-cute       

   antheas-lo.jpg   cheeky-grin     snuggle  

   Far East  celebratelife.jpg     lost-in-your-eyes

Pout     Infinity  Better than  


   Dreams  the-only-wau-is-up    the-door

  Grunge and Dreadlocks              


Family    Honorary-Grandad                     



12 Responses

  1. love the work….i really like this style….

  2. Love the sunshine page!!!

  3. Sarah I can always trust your gallery will solve any scrappers block I might have….thanks for such awesome inspiration!

  4. On your note to self page is that a mask that you have put onto a transparency?

  5. Sares….you are such an inspiration…just wanted to pop by and see your new work…you never cease to amaze me!!!! You Rock Chook!!!!

  6. I keep coming back. For inspiration and “eye-godies”. Thank u so much!

  7. your work is ALWAYS an inspiration! BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Hello from Toronto,

    You are so very talented, love your designs!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. Sarah; you have a gr8 style. Beautiful LOs!

  10. Sarah; your work is beautiful. You have a fabulous style.

  11. Love the pages Chook…you always inspire me.

  12. I love the layouts in your gallery. I don’t know what style you used before but these are fabulous. I can not imagine anyone not likeing these creations, your did a fabulous job. Thank you for your freebies, seeing those and your gallery have inspired me to start creating again. I learned how to use Photoshop, made a few layouts and then I stopped for over a year and a half. I hope you don’t mind me lifting a few. Thanks again.

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