Tips and Techniques – Create your Own Wax Seal

I saw this technique on another site somewhere and I have fine tuned it a bit with some intructions and step by step piccies.

A wax seal used to be used by Royalty in Medieval times to seal a paper scroll or evelope, and I have always liked that way they look.

This technique is perfect for getting out those older style stamps and your neglected Glue Gun.

You Need:

Hot Glue Gun and plenty of spare glue sticks.

Small sized rubber or acrylic stamps

Acrylic paint

Small ink pads.

Wax paper.


Step One:
Wait until your glue gun gets quite hot and the glue quite runny.
Spread out some wax paper and squirt a blob of the hot glue onto it. The blob should be about the size of a 10cent piece (approx 1.5cms across). You can squirt a few blobs at a time – they won’t solidify too quickly.

Push your stamp into the blob of glue BUT not right through to the bottom. The glue will push out from underneath – that’s ok. LEAVE the stamp in the glue – don’t worry, it won’t get stuck in it.

Step Two:

Leave the stamps in the glue until the glue starts to solidify. When the glue feels “tacky” and looks cloudy, it is safe to pull the stamps off. What you should have now is an impression of the stamp in the glue blob.

Step Three:

Paint the cool glue seals with an acrylic paint (use a thick one so you only have to do one coat).
Once the paint is dry, use your small ink pad to rub over the seal – the ink with only catch the raised areas and TA DA, you have a wax seal embellishment.


Final images of the seals used on a Lo to follow!


10 Responses

  1. (Re creating wax seal)

    thanks for the idea. simple and effective. lots of fun.

    best regards,

    sj martin

  2. Hello Sarah,
    What a wonderful thing to find! I have been looking for wholesale sealing stamps and wax and came across your site. Thank you for sharing. I have put your site on my desktop and the address also in my webaddress document in word, where I keep sites I want to have becauuse they are so great for one or more reasons. I am not at all crafty, I may think of something how I want it to look, but between my brain and fingers it is lost in some Twilight Zone area never to be again seen..

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  6. […] Create your Own Wax Seal Hint: I spray opaque flexible plastic cutting board sheets as used for cooking with cooking spray. […]

  7. Why not just use wax and a seal? The extra step of painting it makes it so much more complicated than doing it the traditional way. You can get the metal seals as low as $6, and its an authentic wax seal. this method looks cheap and cheesy.

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