Tips and Techniques – Sculpey and Tim Holtz

It’s no secret that I love Tim Holtz. I would have that man’s next baby. Or at least make him some “Muffins”

So when his wonderful Grungeboard came out I thought “hooley dooley!” Just the sort of thing I like to scrap with but I can’t afford to buy every single different type at $15 bucks a pop.


Here is my way of getting more out of your Grungeboard pack. Of course, you could stencil with it, or draw outlines with it, or use it as a temple to cut out more shapes BUT I think that’s a bit predictable, don’t you? lol

For this tip you need to grab yourself some SCULPEY from the craft shop/spotlight and some of your empty Grungeboard templates.

Step One:

Break off a piece of sculpey (about a 10 cent piece size) and mould gently in your fingers until it warms up and becomes pliable and smooth.

Step Two:

Lay your grungeboard onto some spare paper and start pushing the Sculpey into the board with your fingers.

Step Three:

Keep manipulating the Sculpey (treat it a bit like a gap filler) making sure that it is filling the “mould” of the template underneath by being firm and consistent in your pressure.

Step Four:

Once you are sure you have pushed the Sculpey in far enough, turn the grungeboard over and check it from the back. You should see a wonderful shape of Sculpey.

I haven’t got any pics for the next bit (yet) but all you need to do from here is to wait until the Sculpey dries out a bit (I left mine overnight to be safe) and then bake in a warm oven for about 20 minutes to “cure/cook” it. This will make it become hard and then you can trim off any excess with a blade and either paint or decorate as you please.

IF YOU LIKE TO TAKE THIS ANOTHER STEP – you could use your smaller rubber stamps to make an impression on the Sculpey while it is still pliable. Almost like a ready-made “embossing”.

Take care everyone,

Sares xx


5 Responses

  1. Very cool!! Using some of Tim’s stamps to emboss would set it too! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  2. Thank you! I love Tim Holtz too. I recently got their latest release at Christina’s Crafts. My daughter and I are having loads of fun with it. I’ll try out their boards in the coming days.

  3. I have 8 bricks of Sculpy, that are just that,, Bricks.
    any way to make them more pliable???

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