Tips & Techniques – Foil Dry Embossing

There is a very simple way to get a great title for your LO – have you ever tried Foil Embossing?


All you need for this simple tip is:

Embossing Foil (kitchen foil can do the same thing if you’re desperate – otherwise try Spotlight)

Embossing tool

acrylic paint and paintbrush

baby wipes or tissues

old mouse pad


Step One:

Choose a large, clear image to stamp and mount it on your acrylic or timber stamping block.

Stamp the image onto a strip of the embossing foil.

 Take the stamp off and then allow a little while for the ink to dry – I usually leave at least 10 mintues – sometimes more if it’s a cool day.

Once the ink is semi dry, you can lie the foil on top of the old mouse pad and then start going over the lines of the stamped image with the fat end of your embossing tool. Use LIGHT EVEN pressure – not too much as we don’t want a hole right through the foil.

This method is called Dry Reverse embossing.

 Once you are happy with the level and depth of your embossing, put a little bit of paint on the foil – about 5cm worth – and spread it all over the foil with your paintbrush. Again, only use very light pressure as we don’t want to destroy the embossed ridges of the area.

Once it’s covered in paint, leave it for about 5 – 10 minutes to dry and then carefully wipe off the excess paint with a tissue or baby wipe. The aim os to leave the paint in the deeper crevices formed by the embossing tool, so don’t wipe too much off. 

 What you should be left with is a large embossed word highlighted with paint in the deeper sections of the embossing.


Most foil comes with a peel off adhesive on the back, so you can just trim it to size and then adhere it to your LO for a fancy title – VOILA!


Have fun and enjoy everyone!

Sares xx


4 Responses

  1. cool technique Sarah!

  2. After reading this article, I just feel that I need more information on the topic. Could you suggest some more resources please?

  3. I’m still not clear on how to get the foil off – and do you have a pic of the final product?

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