Tips & Techniques – Watercolours and Stamps

There are several ways you can use watercolour paints and stamps.

One way is to paint your surface with watercolour paints first, wait for it to dry and then stamp over the top of it.

The other way is to stamp the image of your choice onto your surface and then colour it with watercolour paint and a very small brush.

I used the first technique to create the border on the LO below, and these are the steps you need to go through in order to create one just like it:

You Need:

Set of Watercolour Paints ( I use Windsor and Newton).

Watercolour paper or a very thick piece of cardstock

Masking Tape.

Several small brushes with fine bristles.

coarse salt. (optional)

Container of clear water.


Step One:

Use some tape to secure your cardstock to the desk so that the water doesn’t warp it too much.

Pre Mix some of your watercolour paints and have them ready to go (watercolour paints are designed to be very thinned out so you need to mix them with a little bit of water in a palette).

Liberally swipe across the bottom 10cm of the cardstock with plain water. Be generous but not so that the water is running off – just very wet to touch.


Step Two:

Start dropping little bits of your watercolour paints into the watered border. You will see the water pick  up the colour and start to spread it.


Step Three:

Repeat this process with other colours – I have chosen a very bright colour scheme, but you could do any colour scheme and it would all mix well.


Once you are happy with the amount of colour and the spread of it, sprinkle the watercolour painted area with some granules of salt. This is optional, but it gives a great, slightly spotty and textured effect to your border.



Step Four:

Once you are happy with the colours, leave the cardstock to dry (preferably overnight) and avoid using heating tools on it to speed the process as they will further warp the cardstock.

Step Five:

Using a flower stamp that is fairly simple and clear, I stamped along the bottom edge of the cardstock and made it look like a colourful garden (I hope 🙂 ).

Here is the final product:


…and here’s a close up…


Have fun everyone and happy scrapping!

Sares x


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