Update and a new Week


The boxes of LO’s have been slowly trickling in and the pile of both LO\’s and albums is getting bigger and bigger.

Can I gently remind everyone that the deadline for your wonderful contributions is coming up soon. Those of you who are dropping off to shops, the deadline is this weekend (the 15th) and those of you who are mailing them directly to me the deadline is the 20th – next Friday week.

THANKYOU to all of you who have donated so far – it has allowed me to get a jump start on collating the albums together and this means it won’t be quite so frantic when the time comes to put all the new Lo’s in albums.

At this stage I have got a plan of action in place with the Department of Education in Victoria and the head of their Restoration and Planning Division for the distribution of all the albums through all the schools, day care centres and hospitals affected. We are on our way! Woohoo!

Onto other things:

My plan for the month of March is to pay a visit to the SIA Trade show in Sydney to help represent Upsy Daisy Designs. Unfortunately I can’t show you the LO’s that I have made to enter into the SIA Designer Awards as yet – but fingers crossed we will have some success as a team – I have no doubt that we have the combined talent for it:)

I am also going to be spending some time this weekend doing Face Painting for a fundraiser afternoon at Cypress lakes Resort here in the Hunter. Should be fun! We also have one of those weekends where the kids need to be in several different places all at the one time – birthday parties everywhere!


To explain this Lo I need to tell you that we visited the Maitland Show for the first time this year. Phew! A photographer’s dream – I spent most of the night clicking away and the fireworks display at the end was a great opportunity to snatch some decent shots.

I have also completed some new projects for Upsy Daisy this month – I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the “TWEET” range of papers and I al about to put up a little paper piecing tutorial HERE for those of you who would like to create their own little birdie as seen in my LO and OTP.



I have also competed another tutorial for you to have a play with this week – it’s all about using Tim Holtz Masks and Glitter on your LO.
Check it out HERE.
Sares x

15 Responses

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Can you please email me your postal address, so I can post the layouts for the Memory Gifts to you? Thanks,

  2. Hi Sarah
    Just letting you know that i have sent you an email (hoping that it doesnt go astray)…..

  3. Oh Sares, I hope that you get back on your feet very quickly. I for one am getting excited just thinking how the families who have lost so much will feel when they receive their albums. Now that the media has backed off, they (the families) have been left to get on with the heartbreak slog and I am sure that these albums are going to give them a huge lift.
    I have posted my layouts as they have been completed on my blog if you want to have a peek.
    Cheers, Irene 🙂

  4. Heya Sares,

    Just wanted to let you know i have a couple of layouts almost completed for the Memory Gifts. I think this is a wonderful thing that you have done. Take care of yourself & I hope the rest of the family are well.


  5. Hi Sara,
    This has been the most magnificent project, thanks for the opportunity to help out all those affected by the Victorian fires. Our hearts go out to all of them.
    Our little group of 3 has managed 60 LOs which will be on their way to you as soon as I drop them off at our closest drop off point this weekend

  6. Hi Sarah,
    Just wanted to thank you again for organising the memories project. Our Stampin’ Up! group has made 102 layouts to donate! I will be dropping them into shop n crop tomorrow.
    I am expecting a couple of late ones – can you please send me your postal address too.
    Thanks again

  7. Hey Sares, love the projects, lol, I’m getting my A into G and getting some LO’s for you.

    hope you are well.


  8. Hi Sares,
    I have made 8 layouts and dropped them into my local drop-off point. Thankyou for organising this wildly successful project – sounds like there has been a mountain of goodies to deal with, so thanks again for all the time and effort you have put in. Wendy XO

  9. Hi Sares

    Just letting you know that I dropped my layouts into my local drop-off point on Wednesday (Petrina is posting them). Thanks for stepping up and offering to handle such a huge job!


  10. Hi Sarah,
    Just letting you know that I dropped off 3 albums complete with layouts at Shepparton Photo Express today.
    You are doing a fantastic job, thanks so much, best of luck with organising and distributing the albums.

  11. Hi Sarah, I’m nearly finished 20 layouts for the albums. I’d also like to donate an album as well – can I buy one myself or is it easier to send money? Can you send me your address please so I can get them in the post on Monday



  12. Hi there

    My 20 LO’s will be in the mail on Monday!! I took a photo of them and put them on my blog so you can get a sneaky peek (if you have the time).

    Well done on thinking of such a practical way for us scrappers to help!


  13. Hello Sarah,

    Firstly l would like to congratulate you on a wonderful idea. I personally know families affected by the Black Saturday fires and live in a neighbouring community. It is wonderful to think that families will be able to build wonderful memories about the journey ahead using the albums. It is a gift of hope, that is filled with the promise of a future. Thank you. I have some layouts to send to you. Could you please send your postal address so l can send them ASAP.
    Once agian thank you for your generousity in organising this project.
    Kylie Anne

  14. Hi Sarah, sorry can i have your address again to post off some layouts

    Thanks Alison

  15. Hi Sares, I also wanted to say thanks for providing us with the opportunity to help you in this wonderful cause!!
    Aga xx
    PS. could you let me know if mine have reached you?

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