School Holiday Projects!

Hi there all,

We have just started our Winter school holidays (a much needed break, let me tell you) and already I have the kids knocking down my door for some crafty things to do to keep them occupied.

I was looking through my bag of tricks and I thought I’d compile a list of things you can do with your kids these holidays with your scrapping and/or crafting equipment…..

Idea #1:

Make some Fuzzy Felt animal shapes to cut out and use on the front ofyour child’s tee shirts, kindy bag, pillowcases or pencilcase.

Idea #2:

If ou are anything like me and you accumulate a bazillion paper scraps, bring them out for the kids and make some cute little birdies to use on the front of birthday cards, on a custom made canvas to hang in your child’s room, or even make one using fabric scraps and sew it to the front of a tee shirt.

Idea #3:

Use some left over sculpey, fimo,or even bread dough to make some cute little figures for your child to paint.

Idea #4:

Create a little “Time Capsule” for your little ones using left over boxes that contained your scrap supplies. Get them to collect little items to include in their time capsule, hide away and open later!

All  of these tips and idea can be found in my side menu with detailed instructions and pictures to follow. I hope the school holidays aren’t too painful for everyone and have fun!

Sares x


2 Responses

  1. Thank you – we are in the early end of a 8 week summer break – much appreciated new ideas.

  2. Thanks Sarah – I’m always on the lookout for some crafty ideas for kids!

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