Hello all!

After a few months, off, I am back.

Where did I go? Nowhere special, just buried under a pile of kids and the usual Christmas hijinks. Phew, what a year!

The Photography business took off like a rocket towards the end of last year and I was literally snowed under with jobs – what a great way to be!

I hope everyone out there had a lovely and joyous Christmas season and a fabulous New Year!

Now that the New Year gas started I can also OFFICIALLY unveil a new project of mine – “SARAH’S SPACE”.

Some of you may remember that, last year I was awarded the position of Scrapbooking Memories Master and I began a year’s worth of work for the magazine over here in Australia.

I know that the mag also gets published and sent around the world, so a big HELLO! to all my girls in America (both North and South), Canada, Asia, the UK and South Africa!

Boy am I glad to see some happy, familiar names and faces amongst you all!

“Sarah’s Space” is an article I will be writing for Scrapbooking Memories magazine once a month. It is going to feature in it everything from new products and new techniques to

fascinating new sites, blogs and things from the scrapping digital world. I am so excited to be bringing it to you! Of course, I have had to keep it a secret for MONTHS, which has nearly driven me bonkers, but if you get a chance to pick up the magazine and see the first article, that would make me smile. The first article is in the current issue – Volume 13 Number 2 and it is on page 71. Woot!

Some other projects that have been published this month are:


This is a LO I created about my son who is a bit of a dreamboat. You can almost hear the cogs whirring around in his head and when he shows you what he has been creating, you literally hold your breath. I drew the background in with felt tip pen to picture what I thought was constantly going on inside his kooky little mind. I then hand coloured it using Watercolour pencils. I love this technique – it’s perfect for those of us who freehand doodle while we are chatting on the phone! lol. For those of you who have the current issue of Scrapbooking Memories magazine, this page is being used for the Technique of the Month (page 41) and there are some close up shots and some tips and techniques for creating this page yourselves.

Another fabbo accomplishment I had over the Christmas holidays was to score the cover of the Scrapbooking Memories magazine for their Christmas issue – woot!

Here it is, with my gorgeous eldest son as the subject:

And here it is on the cover:


So, what else has everyone been up to? For those of you in the southern hemisphere, scrapping while the kids are on holidays? I hope so!

For those of you interested, here are the images from this month’s “Sarah’s Space” article. The article was all about Dry Embossing and using it in ways on your scrapping pages and projects that brings a little “lift” in dimension as well as gets to use your products in ways that are a little “Outside the square” (I hope!).


Two cards using embossed cardstock from the Cuttlebug, plus some Die Cuts from the Quickutz range.

The LO using the same technique – just taking things a step further. This time, after embossing some white cardstock through the Cuttlebug machine, I hand cut out some pieces and then coloured them with small cubes of ink. After they were placed around the window frame and layered, they were spritzed with some Glimmermist. I LOVE this effect. The sky is the limit in terms of how you place everything. You could use a canvas as a base, for example, and cover the entire thing with embossed and cut out sections of cardstock to make it look like an entire GARDEN of 3D scrumptiousness.

Well, I am going to head off now and have a cuppa before bed – this is enough to keep you going for a little while, I hope!

I will be back soon, of course, with more details of techniques, more Photography tips and even more ways of getting your work to look better and better using some of the newest products around.

Have fun and happy scrapping!

Sares x


Now I can Show you…

…..some of the projects that I completed in preparation for SIA last week.

It was wonderful to be able to play with papers and embellishments from the following companies:

* Prima

*Upsy Daisy Designs

* Scrap Within Reach

* Rouge de Garance

* Harmonie

Scrap Within Reach “Paper Boy” range.

Rouoge de Garance “Sylvestre” range.

Prima Mulberry papers.

Upsy Daisy Designs “Blossom” and “Alligator” ranges.

Prima Clear Acrylic stamps.

And of course, the Mini Book that was created using Rouge de Garance “Marie Antoinette” papers and embellishments, as well as Prima embies and stamps:

I hope something in there inspires you! I certainly had a great time creating with them all. Every single line of paper used is excellent in design and quality – and I LOVE how Addicted to Craft chooses to sponsor and sell the smaller, less mainstream scrapbook companies. It means that we always get to use products that are different, exciting and unique!

To see some of the other wonderful work created by the Addicted To Craft Design team, visit our Blog HERE – you will be blown away by our talented ladies!

Love to all and take care,

Sares x

Hi Ho Hi Ho…

…it’s off to SIA I go!

What a month! I have been practically nonexistent on here, for which I deeply apologise. It’s been bedlam, believe me.

I think we are long overdue for some serious scrapping tips – so here we go!

Tip: Tightly cropping photos can help you keep the focus on the “occasion” rather than the unneccessary details. It’s also good for getting the best out of some ordinary pics – even blurry or overexposed shots look oko when they are cropped.

TIP: Boy themed LO’s don’t need to be without little things like hearts and flowers – keeping the colours bright can help make the “look” a bit more masculine. If your son still complains, tell him “too bad” – you are doing these LO’s for you (at this stage) not him and I can bet he’ll be grateful for them later. Ok, much later, but still grateful! lol.

New Webster’s Pages papers – need I say more? LOVE THEM.

TIP: the new paper ranges out that have such incredible designs on them hardly need to be scrapped, let alone embellished. You could be forgiven for simply plonking your photo on the page and walking away. As you can see, I can’t do that. I would disintegrate into ash. Too hard! But this one is just kept to a minimum to allow the photo to shine.

I’m loving working with acetate at the moment. This page is clear with a Prima Mulberry paper cut out and laid around the outside edges.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to invest in an expensive paper and then chop it up. Reason 1: You only live once – why wait? Reason 2: You will always use the remainder of the paper on something else.

New papers from Scrap Within Reach. PERFECT for boy pages.

TIP: Cut out three large circles from co-ordinating papers and stick them to your cardstock base. Overstitch the edges with your sewing machine and then lift up some edges for a textured look.

First of all, can I say how much I LOVE the “Sylvester” range of papers from Rouge de Garance? Gorgeous quality, gorgeous colours and co-ordinate perfectly together.

TIP:  Try to mix up your LO shapes by introducing circles, ovals, triangles etc. I layered a transparency over the top of the circle in the background of this page, then stitched it into place. I also hand made the “Fir Tree” branch embellies – I couldn’t find any that didn’t look poxy, so I draw them on card with clear embossing pen, then covered in white embossing powder and heat gunned the lot. LOVE the effect.

Finally, this one for Mother’s Day:

This is the simplest card EVER. The new ranges of Prima stamps are fantastic to use as hand made embellishments.

TIP: For this card, I pulled out some co-ordinating Versacolour Ink blocks and double inked those Prima paisley shapes onto white cardstock. Then I simply cut them out and arranged them with some flowers on the front of the card. A few scraps of card later (with some bling of course) and VOILA! Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.

OK, that will hopefully give you all something to think about until I post again, which won’t be until after I return from SIA. I’ll hopefully have some happy snaps of some great girls and new friends made while I am there. I pomise I’ll only publish the nice ones, ladies! What is Photoshop for, anyway? 😉

I’ll leave you with a few pics of my gorgeous tribe, taken while we were out for a drive last week. Let me say this about that drive – GPS DOES have it’s limitations, it seems. I found myself at the bottom of a mountain, on a dirt road surrounded by wild mushies and wallabies. LOL. On the plus side, I would never have seen this:

Clear, ice cold mountain stream. Complete with turtles and fishies. The kids went wild. And speaking of kids, the kidlets (aka “the 4 amigos”) let me take some pics of them during the day – LOVE these:

LOL, I love you, my four amigos. You light up my days.

Take care, everyone and I’ll see you when I getback!

Sares x

A Busy month…

I sat down and started writing  out my calendar today – just for the next few months. Before I had a heart attack I stopped and took a few deep breaths into a brown paper bag – sheesh!

It seems like every minute of every day is accounted for but I know that’s not true. In fact, as I get older, the less I stress about this stuff because it always happens that you have more time to do things than you think.

Having said that – could someone please send me the Tardis from Doctor Who?  Failing that, that Time Turner thingy that Hermione wore in Harry Potter? I need more hours in the day!

So, you might ask yourself, if you are so time poor, how do you manage to get LO’s done? Hmmmm?

Well, smarty pants, I work late, ok? 😉 I also work early and somewhere in the middle as well. I don’t eat. I don’t sleep. I don’t play. OK maybe I eat, because James told me tonight that I was “a little bit fat”. Noice. Thanks babe. Love you too. lol.

So here we go – layouts to share!

Yes, I know – all Hannah Banana LO’s. I am trying to catch up on some holiday pages, that’s all. Believe me, there are a ton of boy pages in here, too!

And one OTP as well:

I have been a productive little chook, haven’t I?

For those of you in my classes that are held here, at my studio, have a sticky at the side widgets for dates and materials lists for classes – they have been updated until April so I hope that helps.

For those of you who are in Sydney for the mid March CRAFT EXPO at Homebush, I will be teaching there on behalf of Scrapbooking Memories magazine! Three classes per day on March 11, 12, 13 and 14 – just come and see me at the Express Publications stand and I will be thrilled to catch up with anyone of you. Woot!

So it’s going to be a very busy year. Who am I kidding, it’s going to be hectic. But that’s pretty normal for me. You are a long time dead hey?

Take care all!

Sares xx

And the Masters News is Out….


…..that I have been honoured with the position of



Can you tell I am a little bit excited?

I apologise to anyone I have had to be “cagy” with for the past 5 weeks – it has practically KILLED me not to be able to say anything I can tell you! I am so glad to finally be able to make this public and share it with the world.

For those of you who are not Aussie residents, Scrapbooking Memories  (alternate link HERE) is the name of one of the major scrapping magazines here is Australia. Each year, they offer a competition to choose who they consider to be the 10 best scrappers in Australia. You win a yearly contract with the magazine, plus a whole heap of prizes ($3000) worth, and the chance to work alongside some of the best scrapping artists and manufacturers in the industry.

I am THRILLED to be given the position of Master this year along side these wonferful, talented ladies:

  • Bernie Dodd
  • Christine Rumley
  • Ebony Van Der Starre
  • Georgia Keays
  • Hetty Hall
  • Karen Watson
  • Kellie Lusted
  • Kim Arnold
  • Leanne Stamatellos
  • Some of these ladies I have known and admired for years and others I have yet to meet. I will be a fantastic experience to meet some new scrapping buddies and share our obsession, LOL.

    So there you go – my news is finally out and I am going to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief and sit down with a big grin on my face and a champagne to celebrate! Those of you who subscribe to the magazine will have seen it by now – those of you who don’t may have to wait a few more days yet.

    When I know it’s OK to do so, I’ll post some pics up here of all my Master’s entry work (particularly for those of you overseas who wouldn’t get to see it normally).

    And finally (gosh this feels like a bad Awards speech – bugger off Kanye!) I have to say a big thankyou to everyone who has either popped in to say “hi” here or on Facebook – I really do appreciate every comment you leave and take the time to write – you guys rock!

    Lots of love to you all (squeal!),

    Sares x

    Busy Busy Busy and more Busy

    I don’t think I know of any other way to live, LOL.

    Some good news – little Oscar is doing very well and will soon be out of hospital – we are counting down the days until he can be home with his mum, dad and big sister. Yay!

    I have been stuck in one of those – “Gotta get those blimmin projects finished or else” kind of moods this week. I started the ball rolling for my new Studio (thanks so much Caz!) and it looks like it will be going ahead. Why does that freak me out? Because it means that every bit of jumk I have accumulated in this studio in the last 5 years will have to be moved out. EEEEEEEEK!

    Get ready for a massive cleanout people – there is stuff in here I had forgotten I even owned. On the plus side, though – new Studio! Yay!

    In honour of all things “new” I also decided to re-upholster a chair that has been in my studio for about a year.

    Here are the before, during and after shots:


    The chair before I tore the stuffing out of it.


    The chair after I stripped it and pulled out a BAZILLION staples.


    The chair as it now sits in our front lounge room.

    DH’s grandfather made that chair, so it wasn’t going to be dumped in some antique shop. It needed a new life – and I love love love it now. Except no-one is allowed to sit on it. You hear me, kids?

    On to the fun stuff – the kids had a Halloween Disco at school which was great fun – who doesn’t like dressing up and painting faces all night? lol



    Everyone had a great time and the kids slept like logs well past 8am the next morning 🙂

    Now for the scrapping stuff:


    Life is Full of Possibilities”

    TIP – use your kid’s clothing labels as part of your LO.

    TIP – paint over areas in the background to make the whole foreground “pop”.


    “A Hug From You”

    TIP – cut out some leaf shapes from scraps with a pair of fancy-edged scissors, ink them and layer them.


    “Christmas Angel”

    TIP – paint some extended star shapes in the background of your LO – especially if it is a Christmas theme.



    TIP – Paint a frame around the base of the photo (without the photo on the page, of course), and then flick the paint around the top left and bottom right corners to make it look like it is “spraying” into the LO.

    TIP – Once you have done the painted frame, stitch over the top in a contrasting coloured thread and paint within that frame.

    OK, that’s all from me for the moment – I need to go back to sorting out this studio 🙂

    Take care all!

    Sares x




    … to little Piper. Here’s a small pic of this gorgeous little ray of sunshine:


    A huge thankyou to Nene for allowing me to use bubby for a photoshoot – newborn babies don’t pop up very often around here :). Isn’t she just divine? It was all I could do not to climb in the basket with her and have a snuggle.

    While I was editing the photos I was struck by how fast the time goes when babies are small – one minute they are completely dependent on you and the next – poof! Applying for their drivers’ licence. As a matter of fact – DH, if you read this, I refuse to be the one to teach our kids to drive ok? I have more than enough grey hairs already 🙂

    Another new addition around here has been this:


    My latest baby – an antique temple ceiling panel from Goa, India. HUMUNGOUS. Weighs a ton and I love love love it. I can smell the candle smoke and wax on it. Every single bit of it hand carved and painted over 100 years ago – amazing, right?

    I’ve done a heap of scrapping this week but I can’t share any of it with you yet as it’s either going into the mag for pubbing or it’s due up on the ATC site.

    HEY! Speaking of Addicted to Craft, I dropped a hint last post about something exciting happening there. Well, we are almost ready to start the ball rolling! I’m so excited! Woot!

    My last hint was BIRDS. My next hint is………..12. Keep guessing!

    Some ideas that I would like you all to try in your scrapping or craft this week are:

    1. Use multiple photos in different sizes. Crop them or print them that way. Offset one of the photos to make the LO have more flow.


    (By the way, these photos were taken the first time we tried out the pool this year. Notice I wasn’t in the pool. That’s because my children are INSANE.)

    2. Don’t be afraid to use strong colours – black and hot pink are an awesome combination, especially for little girls.


    3. Don’t be afraid to give your camera to one of the kids and let them take shots of the things surrounding them. I always have a good laugh at the result (and I get a lot of “nostril” shots 🙂 ) but it gives the kids a huge thrill and you get a little insight into their heads and what makes them tick.

    james pov

    That’s all for me for now, me hearties 🙂 I am off to listen to some music and chill before a glass of room temp red and a warm TV.

    Take care all,

    Sares x

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