Hello all!

After a few months, off, I am back.

Where did I go? Nowhere special, just buried under a pile of kids and the usual Christmas hijinks. Phew, what a year!

The Photography business took off like a rocket towards the end of last year and I was literally snowed under with jobs – what a great way to be!

I hope everyone out there had a lovely and joyous Christmas season and a fabulous New Year!

Now that the New Year gas started I can also OFFICIALLY unveil a new project of mine – “SARAH’S SPACE”.

Some of you may remember that, last year I was awarded the position of Scrapbooking Memories Master and I began a year’s worth of work for the magazine over here in Australia.

I know that the mag also gets published and sent around the world, so a big HELLO! to all my girls in America (both North and South), Canada, Asia, the UK and South Africa!

Boy am I glad to see some happy, familiar names and faces amongst you all!

“Sarah’s Space” is an article I will be writing for Scrapbooking Memories magazine once a month. It is going to feature in it everything from new products and new techniques to

fascinating new sites, blogs and things from the scrapping digital world. I am so excited to be bringing it to you! Of course, I have had to keep it a secret for MONTHS, which has nearly driven me bonkers, but if you get a chance to pick up the magazine and see the first article, that would make me smile. The first article is in the current issue – Volume 13 Number 2 and it is on page 71. Woot!

Some other projects that have been published this month are:


This is a LO I created about my son who is a bit of a dreamboat. You can almost hear the cogs whirring around in his head and when he shows you what he has been creating, you literally hold your breath. I drew the background in with felt tip pen to picture what I thought was constantly going on inside his kooky little mind. I then hand coloured it using Watercolour pencils. I love this technique – it’s perfect for those of us who freehand doodle while we are chatting on the phone! lol. For those of you who have the current issue of Scrapbooking Memories magazine, this page is being used for the Technique of the Month (page 41) and there are some close up shots and some tips and techniques for creating this page yourselves.

Another fabbo accomplishment I had over the Christmas holidays was to score the cover of the Scrapbooking Memories magazine for their Christmas issue – woot!

Here it is, with my gorgeous eldest son as the subject:

And here it is on the cover:


So, what else has everyone been up to? For those of you in the southern hemisphere, scrapping while the kids are on holidays? I hope so!

For those of you interested, here are the images from this month’s “Sarah’s Space” article. The article was all about Dry Embossing and using it in ways on your scrapping pages and projects that brings a little “lift” in dimension as well as gets to use your products in ways that are a little “Outside the square” (I hope!).


Two cards using embossed cardstock from the Cuttlebug, plus some Die Cuts from the Quickutz range.

The LO using the same technique – just taking things a step further. This time, after embossing some white cardstock through the Cuttlebug machine, I hand cut out some pieces and then coloured them with small cubes of ink. After they were placed around the window frame and layered, they were spritzed with some Glimmermist. I LOVE this effect. The sky is the limit in terms of how you place everything. You could use a canvas as a base, for example, and cover the entire thing with embossed and cut out sections of cardstock to make it look like an entire GARDEN of 3D scrumptiousness.

Well, I am going to head off now and have a cuppa before bed – this is enough to keep you going for a little while, I hope!

I will be back soon, of course, with more details of techniques, more Photography tips and even more ways of getting your work to look better and better using some of the newest products around.

Have fun and happy scrapping!

Sares x


Some Studio Time…

Before I get into the meat of this post, let me start by saying a big THANKYOU to all those people who emailed or messaged me or left a comment here to congratulate me on winning one of the SM Masters spots. It’s been a fantastic week!

We are still in the school holidays here in Australia and the kids have been a pleasure (most of the time lol). Everyone has behaved themselves. Except for the time Hannah threw all of James’ undies down the stairs. And except for the boys fighting over who has shot down more zombies ono the DS. Oh and don’t forget sticking bubblegum to the underside of the coffeetable. And harrassinig the dog. And the cat. And………..oh, MOVING ON.

I have had a chance to move everything into my studio now and I have been able to take some pics of what it all looks like completed. Here is a collage of them all: (just click on the image for a larger version)

Yes, it’s girly. Yes, it’s moderately organised. Well, I cleaned it up for the photo – you should have seen it afterwards! lol. I LOVE IT. It’s mine. I can shut the door. I can escape. I can play music. I can even run away through the front doors! I am in a happy place. 🙂

I have also managed to do some real scrapping this week, too. I know! It’s been a while since I showed you some. I have been flat out, trust me. Here they are:

Using some left over Halloween papers for some grungy looking boy themed LO’s.

One of the Stamp sets I received as part of the Masters prize pack was Fancy Pants “On a Whimsy”. This is just my first attempt at having a little play with them.

Of course, there is probably a flood of Christmas pages around the forums and galleries at the moment. Here is one more LOL.

“Cherry Bomb” is a LO created t the end of a tutorial. If you’d like to create this page, or at least learn about the technique I used, click HERE.

Playing with my new camera and some light setting scored me this shot of Hannah in silhouette. I knew I had to scrap it immediately!

This LO was created using large sheets of rubber stanps from Darkroom Door. If you’d like to create this LO, or learn about the techniques I used to create it, click HERE.

For another lesson using my Tips and Techniques – Using GLIMMERMIST to Create Custom coloured flowers, click HERE.

The last thing to show you is this – the new Floating Frame from Twiddleybitz. I went down to Sydney to have a go at creating one with Sherry Mendoza and her class. Love it! Very easy and quick to put together – I did this in 1.5 hours.

I’m going to leave it there for now while I go sort out some more stuff in the studio. Apologies to those on dial up for this picture-rich Blog post but it had to be done! lol.

Right – I am back to creating and making a mess – that studio looks far too clean and it needs to be DIRTY. 😉

Love to all and please keep safe on the roads these holidays!

Sares x


And the Masters News is Out….


…..that I have been honoured with the position of



Can you tell I am a little bit excited?

I apologise to anyone I have had to be “cagy” with for the past 5 weeks – it has practically KILLED me not to be able to say anything I can tell you! I am so glad to finally be able to make this public and share it with the world.

For those of you who are not Aussie residents, Scrapbooking Memories  (alternate link HERE) is the name of one of the major scrapping magazines here is Australia. Each year, they offer a competition to choose who they consider to be the 10 best scrappers in Australia. You win a yearly contract with the magazine, plus a whole heap of prizes ($3000) worth, and the chance to work alongside some of the best scrapping artists and manufacturers in the industry.

I am THRILLED to be given the position of Master this year along side these wonferful, talented ladies:

  • Bernie Dodd
  • Christine Rumley
  • Ebony Van Der Starre
  • Georgia Keays
  • Hetty Hall
  • Karen Watson
  • Kellie Lusted
  • Kim Arnold
  • Leanne Stamatellos
  • Some of these ladies I have known and admired for years and others I have yet to meet. I will be a fantastic experience to meet some new scrapping buddies and share our obsession, LOL.

    So there you go – my news is finally out and I am going to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief and sit down with a big grin on my face and a champagne to celebrate! Those of you who subscribe to the magazine will have seen it by now – those of you who don’t may have to wait a few more days yet.

    When I know it’s OK to do so, I’ll post some pics up here of all my Master’s entry work (particularly for those of you overseas who wouldn’t get to see it normally).

    And finally (gosh this feels like a bad Awards speech – bugger off Kanye!) I have to say a big thankyou to everyone who has either popped in to say “hi” here or on Facebook – I really do appreciate every comment you leave and take the time to write – you guys rock!

    Lots of love to you all (squeal!),

    Sares x

    Busy Busy Busy and more Busy

    I don’t think I know of any other way to live, LOL.

    Some good news – little Oscar is doing very well and will soon be out of hospital – we are counting down the days until he can be home with his mum, dad and big sister. Yay!

    I have been stuck in one of those – “Gotta get those blimmin projects finished or else” kind of moods this week. I started the ball rolling for my new Studio (thanks so much Caz!) and it looks like it will be going ahead. Why does that freak me out? Because it means that every bit of jumk I have accumulated in this studio in the last 5 years will have to be moved out. EEEEEEEEK!

    Get ready for a massive cleanout people – there is stuff in here I had forgotten I even owned. On the plus side, though – new Studio! Yay!

    In honour of all things “new” I also decided to re-upholster a chair that has been in my studio for about a year.

    Here are the before, during and after shots:


    The chair before I tore the stuffing out of it.


    The chair after I stripped it and pulled out a BAZILLION staples.


    The chair as it now sits in our front lounge room.

    DH’s grandfather made that chair, so it wasn’t going to be dumped in some antique shop. It needed a new life – and I love love love it now. Except no-one is allowed to sit on it. You hear me, kids?

    On to the fun stuff – the kids had a Halloween Disco at school which was great fun – who doesn’t like dressing up and painting faces all night? lol



    Everyone had a great time and the kids slept like logs well past 8am the next morning 🙂

    Now for the scrapping stuff:


    Life is Full of Possibilities”

    TIP – use your kid’s clothing labels as part of your LO.

    TIP – paint over areas in the background to make the whole foreground “pop”.


    “A Hug From You”

    TIP – cut out some leaf shapes from scraps with a pair of fancy-edged scissors, ink them and layer them.


    “Christmas Angel”

    TIP – paint some extended star shapes in the background of your LO – especially if it is a Christmas theme.



    TIP – Paint a frame around the base of the photo (without the photo on the page, of course), and then flick the paint around the top left and bottom right corners to make it look like it is “spraying” into the LO.

    TIP – Once you have done the painted frame, stitch over the top in a contrasting coloured thread and paint within that frame.

    OK, that’s all from me for the moment – I need to go back to sorting out this studio 🙂

    Take care all!

    Sares x



    Where did the week go?

    I am positive that time flies faster in this house. One minute I am sitting down writing a blog post and the next (it seems) it’s a fortnight later and I am trying to put something witty together for my next entry.

    We are nearing the end of Term 3 here in Australia and we are really looking forward to some holidays. It’s been three of the longest terms of my life. (Just ignore that – I say it every year). But seriously, aren’t things supposed to be getting easier as the kids get older? LOL.

    One thing I have had time for this week has been a whole lot of scrapping – the mojo hit and when the mojo hits you go create! If I don’t create I expode in a fit of cleaning and fall in an exhausted heap after vacuuming the ceiling in the garage (seriously).

    One of the things I’ve been dying to do is use the latest in Graphic 45 and Webster’s Pages  papers to hit the Aussie shores. I don’t know whether to frame them or scrap with them. But – as I say to my classes all the time – it’s only a bit of paper and you could be dead tomorrow so bring out the scissors baby!

    This is a photo of me with my darling younger brother in – you guessed it – 1979. Check out the pigtails and the home made overalls!

    A gorgeous old photo (which I have scrapped vefore but I can’t get enough of) of my grandmother and great grandmother in 1923. The gorgeous Webster’s Pages papers set it off beautifully.


    One of my fave colour combinations – red, white and blue – with a die cut sheet of cardstock as background and some hand cut cherries as embies.

    Some of my newest work with the MAN ABOUT TOWN range of papers from Upsy Daisy :


    I love this range. Perfect for a whole lot of themes. You can buy Upsy Daisy Papers directly from the company by following the above link, or, if you are in Australia you can get it from Addicted To Craft (wholesale) or Scrapbook Supplies Online (retail).

    So that’s all from me for the moment – keep checking back on my Blog for little hints about my BIG suprise – I’ll give you a clue – there are a lot of birds involved (and a whole lot of prizes – sssh!).

    Take care everyone – next tutorial will be uploaded in a few days – all about using Stamps with Masking Fluid!

    Sares x

    Spring Cleaning

    ….has got to be the most exhausting yet gratitfying job throughout the year, don’t you think?

    I have spent the week washing curtains, wiping down blinds, weeding the gardens and making my DH do horrible things like MOW THE LAWN for crying out loud! Sheesh, I was starting to lose the kids in the weeds. Another problem has developed from my cleanliness – the curtains are off the windows and the dog can see in. That means as soon as our butts are off the couch late at night she is crying and scratching at the door to be let in. Before, with the curtains up we could sneak out and pretend we hadn’t seen her.  Not so this time – “I can see you! I know you’re in there! Ha!”God help me.

    The rest of the week has been flat out (is there ever a week that isn’t?) with preparations for James’ birthday party on tomorrow, photo shoots, classes and canteen duty. I will NEVER get tired of a little 5 year old looking up at me with big eyes and a handful of one cent pieces that he found in the bottom of Dad’s sock draw and asking, “What can I get for this money?” Mate, you’re breaking my heart! My last canteen bill was over $25 because I had subsidised most of Kindergarten’s ice creams for the day. Sucker 🙂

    Well, onto scrapping things – this week we have uploaded the Prima Sketch Challenge onto the Addicted to Craft Blog. I can’t get over how many different approaches there are to the same sketch – each one is brilliant so well done girls!

    Here’s my effort:


    Colourful, eh? Those flowers on the left were created using the same Prima papers and the Spellbinders Nestabilities Flower Dies.

    My fave LO for this week is this one:


    Using My Mind’s Eye “Breaking Free” – which is quite a surfie line but I tried to make it a bit more grungy and boyish. Love it!

    Last weekend saw me completing a weekend Photograohy course with Janine Kaye. Woah! The woman is a genius. My brain all of a sudden went, “Oooohhhhhhh, so that’s what that button means…”. I realised that my photos were turning out before mostly due to dumb luck. I wasn’t using half the setting on my camera and the posing and composition were little more than happy snaps – thankyou Janine for making me better 🙂

    Here’s an example of one of my photos BEFORE:

    IMG_0685 edit small


    Problems: Cropped too far, one kid out of focus, background still too clear, facial lighting too bright and washed out – I could go on.

    This is one of my photo shoots from two days ago – AFTER:

    _MG_6065 edit small

    _MG_6072 edit small

    _MG_6079 edit small

    _MG_6100 edit small

    Yay! Still, while no means brilliant they are much better shots than the previous ones. Composition, check. Lighting, check. Depth, check. Facial expressions, check. Yay again!

    I had another photo shoot that same day with a little guy by the name of Olly. Omg he was gorgeous – I could not take a bad photo of him at all 🙂

    _MG_5990 edit small_MG_6000 edit small

    Don’t you just want to get in there and cover him in smooches?

    Well, I’m going to head for bedfordshire to get myself some beauty sleep before the mayhem of 25 six year olds having a party. Am I mad? Somebody slap me!

    Have a great week, everyone 🙂

    Sares x

    Sneak Peek…

    …of something new that I have in the planning stages at the moment.

    I’ll give you a clue – it’s to do with scrapbooking. It also has something to do with the Spring Carnival. I’m going to give you a letter each post so that you can start putting two and two together about my next exciting project, ok?

    Girls in my classes – sssh! Pretend you don’t know, ok?

    Here’s your first sneak peek:


    And your first letter clue is…………..B.

    Stay tuned for some more exciting sneak peeks!

    We’ve had a bit of a mixed week – all of those usual mundane, humdrum things going on like birthday parties (not ours), flat batteries, grocery kamikaze shopping – you know the drill.

    You don’t know what kamikaze shopping is? Picture this:

    About 20 harrassed looking mothers in sweaty gym clothes on a Monday morning outside Woolworths. They each have an empty shopping trolley in front of them, a shopping list and they are winding up their proverbial motors to get started on the weekly grocery spin around the aisles.

    (In the voice of the horse racing commentator….)

    “And they’re off! Number 12 takes the lead with a tricky manouevre around number 7, elbowing her out of the way between the bananas and the toffee apples, look out! number 7 is retaliating with a quick upper jab of the trolley bar into the back of number 12, number 3 is heading straight for the discounted roasts in the meat section, oh dear, number 5 has spilled a bag of pasta and there are Dolmio elbows all over the place! Check out number two who has picked up a jumbo size loo roll packet – it’s so big she can’t see where she’s going! CRASH! Clean up in Aisle 4!”

    Seriously, aside from the loo roll incident that pretty much sums up my Monday mornings. No wonder I need a drink and a lie down by lunch time 🙂

    As most of you know, I a very big fan of Lolcats (“I can haz cheezburger”) and so I just had to share with you one of the pics from last week – check this out:


    CHUCKLE. Hah, gets me every time, I tell ya 🙂

    Spent a bit of time playing with my camera in the backyard today – wasn’t the weather just divine? Here’s the results:

    IMG_5276 small

    IMG_5283 smallIMG_5292 smallIMG_5288 smallIMG_5287small

    I am going to have to wait until tomorrow to show you the LO’s I did during the week because they have to go up on the Addicted to Craft Blog first.  They are due up tonight and so I will update this post again tomorrow to show show you the pages – I quite liked them 🙂

    Well, everyone, I am off to go collect kiddies from parties and hopefully steal some time lazing out in the backyard before it’s time to get back into the swing of things tonight. I have a whole new stash of Prima to play with – OH MY HEAVENS I love that stuff. The new flower ranges are too beautiful – I can hardly bring myself to use them (but I will, watch me).

    Love to all and take care for now,

    Sares x

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