Pestillence is next?

Well, we’ve had Flood, we’ve had Cyclone, we’ve had Fire, we have had even had a plague of locust at the beginning of this year – so what’s next??? I’m starting to wonder!

Poor old Queensland has just been hit with a double whammy of flood and cyclone and I feel for my family and friends up there – it’s awful to watch it all unfold on the television and know you can do nothing to help.

I am very proud, though, of my family and friends up in NOrthern Queensland who have weathered such appalling conditions and still manage to fight on with a smile on their faces and a giggle. Well done guys! Aussies are built tough, let me tell you.

Well, onto brighter things.

I have just finished updating the blog for all lesson plans in the next two weeks, for those members of my saturday classes. If you are having trouble getting to see any of the images, please let me know and I’ll email you directly.

This week, my baby girl started school for the first time and I don’t mind telling you that I was a bit of a basket case. I cried non stop for about three days before and afterwards. I would never have expected it of myself! I felt like an idiot – but then again, she is my baby and I almost lost her at birth so it’s a bit of a gut-wrenching experience to be seeing her walk away from me with a backpack almost as big as she is.

I look at her and I think, now what? for the first day, I walked around in circles not knowing what to do with myself. But don’t worry – that was soon fixed by a bit of scrapping! LOL.

I have managed to finish off some articles for the magazine, some class prep, some organisation of my studio, make a Library Bag, a paint shirt and umpteen muffins and even just scrap for the pure pleasure of it! Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I did that?

I am in the process of taking a whole heap of shots but in the meantime I wanted to show you some of the photos I have taken just in the past week – we have been suffering through a heatwave of over 40degrees celsius every day this week so far – so where do you when it’s that hot? The Beach of course!

At the time I took this photo it was at about 8pm and still 38 degrees C. It was good to be in the water, let me tell you!

Hot Aussie Sunset!

I think this picture says it all about the aussie summer. Sand, water, waves, bare feet, bar-b-ques and sizzling heat, lol.

Have fun and happy scrapping everyone!

Sares x


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  1. I’m interested in your class on Saturday. Can you send me more details? I can only see half of the picture on the right column.

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