A Happy Mother’s day with some Uplifting news…

Hello and a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there!!

I hope that, as a mum – wherever you are in the world – you have a fabulous day being spoiled by the people you love. You deserve it!

I wanted to also pass on some news of this wonderful project called UPLIFT.

One of the ladies that helped in the Memory Gifts appeal last year has asked me to help by listing this cause on my Blog and after reading all about it, I can’t think of a better way to help some people. Here’s a bit of info about it:

“I volunteer for Uplift – a small Melbourne community based organisation which sends bras overseas to women who cannot afford them (always free). I became involved because I wanted to give something back but because I have a huge job I needed something I could coordinate rather than give time to……. I also was a nurse and thought that helping these women was a great idea, practical and very much needed

Over the years we have sent hundreds of thousands of bras to overseas countries and we also gave thousands to the women of the Victorian bushfires who lost everything.

Here is what I wrote on a couple of scrapping sites today (Scrap Therapy, LSBS, Chook Scraps)

Hi everyone

We are needing bras to send to Fiji we only need 32000!!!!! I am the representative for Uplift which sends bras to developing countries…… we have finally got sponsorship for a shipping container to go to Fiji!

The women in Fiji cannot afford bras and because of the heat and humidity this causes infections and abscesses on the chest wall.

One bra in Fiji is worth around 6 weeks of a full time wage – hopeless money to find for these women

We really appreciate your support please pass it around….collect from work, childcare etc – if you feel so inclined.

All sizes and any condition…. but big sizes and maternity bras would be very excellent. If you have smaller bras though these are used for teenagers ….so send them too!!

Please send to
c/o Liz Baker
9 Steven Street
Hurstbridge VIC 3099

Thanks girls time to clean out your bra closet (and those of your daughters!) and send them on.
Thanks Carol Mead”

I am going to be adding a little to the collection – I certainly have a few extra bras floating around that could be used. If you feel like you can give your support, that would be wonderful and thankyou!

Happy Mother’s Day again peeps! Have a chardonnay on me 😉

Love to all,

Sares x

2 Responses

  1. Thanks so much Sarah

    We really appreciate your support in helping Uplift though your blog

    It is wonderful that we can give to women in developing countries something so useful and important for their comfort and health.

    Regards (and thanks)
    Carol Mead

  2. I blush by the fact I never thought about this problem. So much strength and power in people coming together to help one and other. Thank you for sharing your blog for this Sarah

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