Back to Reality!

LOL there is nothing better than your own bed, is there? Well, there is one thing better – a hotel bed ALL TO YOURSELF and the chance of sleeping in it without being woken at 5am by a kidlet. I stayed two nights down in Sydney and – even though there was not much of a sleep in on both days, it was BLISS to have some peace after a gorgeous meal and good company 😉

The Craft Show went really well – hectic, which was to be expected – but a lot of fun. I taught three classes each day and got to meet some wonderful ladies along the way who had to put up with my awful attempts at both jokes and singing. By the end of the last day, I was being quite embarrassing, really! lol

At 10am each morning of the show, the management played this silly song to try and get everyone’s blood pressure pumping. All it seemed to do to me was inspire some very bad “Beyonce style” booty shaking and a lot of laughter from everyone around me. Which reminds me – Hi there! to the girls from “Scrapapple”  (here is their Blog, too)who had to put up with the sight of me shaking my booty each day. It was lovely to meet you girls!

I also had a heap of fun with Cassie, Marianne, Kristy and Emily from the Scrapbooking Memories and Cardmaking magazines for Also thanks to Sherry Mendoza for making the last day such fun – you can check out some pics from the show and Sherry’s Blog here.

So I am planning on a fairly quiet week as I am shattered, really. I must be getting old or something LOL. It’s been a big year for me – not that it’s ever really quiet but some years seem to be bigger than others, if you know what I mean. I tried to make a pact this year that I would not just “react” to life but plan ahead for it. Ha! What a joke. I should just buy a lottery ticket and cross my fingers- it would work better, lol.

I’ll post some pics of last week soon, I promise. But for now – bed calls!

Take care all,

Sares x

4 Responses

  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun Sares. I have NEVER been to a Craft Show. Should put in on my “Bucket List”. lol
    Cheers, Irene xx

  2. wooohoo Sares… I had a blast! so much fun 🙂 xx

  3. Hey Darlin’…you have had quite the year!
    AND SO WELL DESERVED TOO…take care, and plan the next trip to Canada, okay 🙂

  4. The photos look every bit as good as the flowers in the flesh Sares.


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