What happened?

One minute we were staring down the mouth of Christmas and the next I am planning the Easter break and getting the kids ready for soccer practice!

I am sorry but the year just goes far too quickly for my liking and I would like it to STOP, thankyou very much. Just for a bit. Just for enough time so that I can get my washing done and make sure I don’t miss the kids graduating from Uni. Good grief!

I don’t know about anyone else, but the “Back to School” thing over here was slightly traumatic for all involved. I do know one thing. I will NEVER, as long as I live, take all four kids school supplies shopping ever again. Remind me again next year when I make that promise. And I should have remembered it from last year too. Talk about drama! By the time I had sorted out my 9 -going-on-19-year-old and his desperate need for “surfer” labels, I was in the middle of serious negotiations with the other three about bags, pencil cases, who wanted Transformer or Star Wars labels, the right type of pencil sharpener and NO JAMES YOU CANNOT HAVE A DONUT.

Next year I am asking for a chunck of “Hardship Pay” for doing that again. I’m sure I walked out of the shop with an extra one of everything but by that stage I didn’t care a jot about anything. All I wanted was to get home and perferably drown them all out by self-medicating with some AC/DC and a Pina Colada.

Having got through all that, though, the start to the school year has been relatively smooth and pain free. I didn’t even get a kiss goodbye on the first day! “Bye my darlings, have a good d-…..” and they were gone. Sniff. I was upset for about 2 seconds. Then I was making a fool of myself by dancing a Highland Jig, “Riverdance” style, all the way out to the carpark. Dee diddly diddly diddly dee! Woohoo!

OK, so onto other things – enough faffing from me!

I’ve been playing a bit with the newest bits and pieces of product from Twiddleybitz. I was never all that keen on using Die Cut shapes – it seemed to me to be just “plonked” on the page and stuck out like a sore thumb. But I like these. They integrate with your own themes really nicely – like this one, for instance:

In “Halloween Disco” I used the Lamp Post as a “mask” at first on the background, then spritzed the actual chippy piece as well.

These decorative corner pieces just finish off a LO nicely – and very easily too, I might add. Once they were stuck on I just filled in the gaps with some metallic coloured glitters – too easy!

Ah, the chandeliers. I love them but I am never sure what tp do with them. This was the quickest LO ever, though. I punched out some circles and lay them on the background card, then spritzed with Pink Taffy Glimmermist. Here’s a detailed view for you:

These bare trees from TBZ are awesome – I love them! Again, I used them as a mask for the background and then painted the top of them with Tim Holtz white crackle paint. Love the “cool” feeling to this page.

Last but not least is a page I completed of the gorgeous Renee Dowling. We had a photo swap on the Addicted to Craft DT and I got the lovely Renee. Here is my take on the sketch challenge we completed using the new Harmonie Chic and Glamour Range.

Well, that’s got to be it from me until next time. I have a photoshoot this evening and the rest of the week is the usual school hectic program. I already need a holiday! LOL.

Love to all and please take care,

Sares xx


2 Responses

  1. So many gorgeous LO’s!
    I had a bit of a chuckle about your “Shopping for back to school supplies” story…. it’s a good thing that it only needs to be done once per year…lol

  2. Oh I do like your layouts Sars. You have a wonderful knack of getting the right feel that matches your photos. If I could pick one, it would be “Winter”. I got a giggle reading the part about the beginning of school. Very brave of you to take 4 kids for supply shopping. Up here in Rocky, we have newsagents that will fill your order AND give you a discount. All you need to buy are those “must have” labels LOL.

    Hugs, Irene xx

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