Warning: Spoiler Alert!

….well, that got your attention, didn’t it?  🙂

So, how was everyone’s Christmas? We had a ball. My mum hired a house on the beach and we all congregated there for a few days. I got a bit tipsy, a bit silly and a bit happy. Here are some pics from those days:

Ryan post Christmas dinner with his paper hat on – and the start of a bushbashing trek with my brother that practically led to Narnia.

Hannah dunking Ariel in the nearest fountain and Luke in the loft looking far too handsome for a 9 year old.

One tuckered out bubba and two other little ones drying off after a dip 🙂

Xmas lights with a twist and a close up of the garden.

There is something about being near the sea that is very romantic – and I always seem to take these sorts of shots.

There are a ton of other photos but I won’t bore you with the lots of them. Suffice to say that I had a lovely time and I would be back there in an instant. Spending time with my brothers, mother and kidlets always makes me smile from the inside out :).

So, to all of you who are in between the Christmas and New Year parties, go an swallow a Berocca and I’ll meet you on the other side LOL. We are having a neighbourhood New Years’ party tomorrow night, so I’ll be thinking of you all at midnight when I have my champagne.

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to 2010. I wish for all of you a year filled with happy memories to help wipe out any unhappy moments; a year of love, laughter, money, relaxation and, of course, scrapping.

Love to all,

Sares x


4 Responses

  1. Love your pictures. it´s great to sit here and get a glimpse of how your life is. Kids look wonderful.
    happy New Year to you to – Hope life for al of you keeps on the happy trail you found for christmas.

  2. Ohhh looks like you had lots of fun Sares!!! Gorgeous photos as per usual!! Have a great NYE/NYD and may 2010 bring you much happiness Luv Shaz xoxo

  3. Oh My Goodness Sarah…Could it be that you have some very exciting news about a bit of a Competition to tell? Mmmm???

    Very excited scrappin’ fan here is guessing right huh???

    Will wait patiently for the ‘next release’ of news.

    Love the pics…especially tuckered out bubba and the kids on the beach….can almost hear their teeth chattering from here!

    Happy New Year Sarah to you, your family and all the readers.

    Looking forward to a good one!

  4. You might have to come and whisper that little secret in my ear some time – I won’t tell a soul.

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