I’m not ready!

Christmas is coming waaaaaaay too fast this year and I, for one, am not ready. Presents? Not done. Not enough,anyway. Decorations? Half the blimmin’ street has theirs up already! Stop it people! You make me look slow.

It’s a good thing I live across the road from the world’s biggest Scrooge. Our neighbour refuses to do anything Christmas related to his house, inside or out. So as slow as I am getting the decs up, he looks worse! LOL.

One thing I will say, in my defence, is that I have been neck deep in preparations for this studio to be remodelled. Yes it’s finally happening! After nearly 6 years of waiting, I will soon have a whole new studio. I’ll keeo you posted with pics, ok?

Despite the schedule that I have set myself leading up to Christmas (crazy idiot), I had a chance to play in the studio last week and came up with these:

They are the presents for the ki’ds teachers at school. They are supposed to be Pencil Cases but I think I might put choccies in them, instead. God knows, they have enough pens and pencils already in their stash, don’t they?  Primary school teachers, help me out here! lol.

I actually managed to do some scrapping as well – miracle of miracles. These are the newest LO’s to add to the family albums:

TIP: One large photo can often set the “theme” or “scene” for the LO. It doesn’t have to be the usual portrait.

My first LO of little Oscar while he will still in the NICU. I wanted to celebrate his birth like you would every other baby, even though it was a rough start.

I found these Peter Rabbit stamps in Spotlight the other day, so I had to give them a go.

TIP: If you are too scared to stamp directly onto your LO, stamp onto spare paper or cardstock, then cut it out and use it as an embellishment.

TIP: Watercolour paints need not be so daunting. The better ones come in “cake” form, which means you are in control of the lightness or strength of the colours. The above border was painted with a lot of water and some Windsor and Newton’s Watercolours and a very small Taklon brush.

The LO below is definitely my favourite of the week:

I’ve been mucking about with Low Light photography and my kids are so trained now that they just sit still in front of the camera, hence this shot. And I have to admit to liking the “girly girl” appeal of the Pink, White and Black colour scheme with some bling added on.

What else has been going on around here? Not much else except I smashed my car first thing Monday morning while taking the kids to school. Argh! I am now unable to go further than the local shops for three weeks – I am going to go stark raving blimmin’ mad I tell you! On the plus side, my house has never looked so clean ;).

Well, I am off to do some more sorting of the Studio – I am having a big “cleanout” while I go through everything but I can’t say much scrapping stuff is being chucked – why on earth would I do that???? However, I AM very happy to get rid of the cockroaches, dust bunnies and 4789 Daddy Long Legs spiders that live in here (it’s half the garage). Find another house, bugs!

Have a great week everyone,

Sares x


4 Responses

  1. Wonderful work as always Sarah. I esp liked the one w Oscar. The balance is perfect – rough start/intubated baby vs Beatrix Potter, holding hand/unconditional love. It is simply that confusing, hard and wonderful to have a baby born this ill and yet alive and there and the most wonderful gift and miracle life can bring.

  2. Whether under pressure or not you always produce the most amazing creations Sares. Love your work.
    Cheers, Irene 🙂

  3. Fantastic layouts! I love your layout of Oscar, it’s gorgeous – love the Peter Rabbit theme! The pencil boxes are a fantastic idea. My sister’s a teacher and no-one ever gives pencils, she gets heaps choccies, but they never go astray! It’s a 2 in 1 pressie, eat the choccies and then use the box later. Great Idea. I’ve just found your blog, but definitely coming back!

  4. Fantastic, I didn’t heard about that until now. Thanks.

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