Busy Busy Busy and more Busy

I don’t think I know of any other way to live, LOL.

Some good news – little Oscar is doing very well and will soon be out of hospital – we are counting down the days until he can be home with his mum, dad and big sister. Yay!

I have been stuck in one of those – “Gotta get those blimmin projects finished or else” kind of moods this week. I started the ball rolling for my new Studio (thanks so much Caz!) and it looks like it will be going ahead. Why does that freak me out? Because it means that every bit of jumk I have accumulated in this studio in the last 5 years will have to be moved out. EEEEEEEEK!

Get ready for a massive cleanout people – there is stuff in here I had forgotten I even owned. On the plus side, though – new Studio! Yay!

In honour of all things “new” I also decided to re-upholster a chair that has been in my studio for about a year.

Here are the before, during and after shots:


The chair before I tore the stuffing out of it.


The chair after I stripped it and pulled out a BAZILLION staples.


The chair as it now sits in our front lounge room.

DH’s grandfather made that chair, so it wasn’t going to be dumped in some antique shop. It needed a new life – and I love love love it now. Except no-one is allowed to sit on it. You hear me, kids?

On to the fun stuff – the kids had a Halloween Disco at school which was great fun – who doesn’t like dressing up and painting faces all night? lol



Everyone had a great time and the kids slept like logs well past 8am the next morning 🙂

Now for the scrapping stuff:


Life is Full of Possibilities”

TIP – use your kid’s clothing labels as part of your LO.

TIP – paint over areas in the background to make the whole foreground “pop”.


“A Hug From You”

TIP – cut out some leaf shapes from scraps with a pair of fancy-edged scissors, ink them and layer them.


“Christmas Angel”

TIP – paint some extended star shapes in the background of your LO – especially if it is a Christmas theme.



TIP – Paint a frame around the base of the photo (without the photo on the page, of course), and then flick the paint around the top left and bottom right corners to make it look like it is “spraying” into the LO.

TIP – Once you have done the painted frame, stitch over the top in a contrasting coloured thread and paint within that frame.

OK, that’s all from me for the moment – I need to go back to sorting out this studio 🙂

Take care all!

Sares x




4 Responses

  1. WOW Sares…You are so creative!!! Love all your LO’s and well that chair…You did that…how did you know how to do that??
    See I told you, you are creative!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

  2. Hi Sares, long time no comment (from me). I love what you have done with that chiar. Can I send you some of mine ? hehehehe
    Your layouts always inspire me, I especially love the last two. I need to use my paint brush more often. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Irene 🙂

  3. you’re a bloody upholsterer too????!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Loving that chair, it’s just gorgeous. What a special family item to have, esp in your NEW studio. Exciting.
    And those LO’s with the painted backgrounds? WOW they’re wonderful, what a great technique. Must remember that one.

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