Some Sincere Thanks

As we speak I am printing out all the Thankyou notes for all of the individuals and retailers/wholesalers that got on board the Memory Gifts Project – all 600 of them! lol

There are certainly too many contributors to mention here in one place, so look out for the postie in the next few weeks while i get this job finished and please forgive me if I don’t get to you – I’ll get there at some stage, I promise!

There are a few of you who have asked how the Memory Gifts have been received and I can say that there have been quite a few “thankyou’s” from the recipients so far but I have to assume that people are still rebuilding their lives and find it difficult to even look at an album, let alone send a thankyou. That day may come – it may not and I don’t care. It wasn’t what we did it for, was it?

There are a few passages from people’s emails and letters that I would like to share with you, however:

“Our family would like to express its delight at receiving this lovely album.   You should be congratulated for the tremendous effort that has gone into creating and organising such a massive project.  The delight I have been seeing on families’ faces when they were presented with this wonderful gift brought tears to my eyes.  Their first new photos now have somewhere special to reside.  I visited your wonderful website and read all about you and was wondering if you could please convey our gratitude to all the amazing people that helped make these albums possible.
I am an avid card maker but have never tried scrapbooking.  While things are still very hectic at the moment your album has inspired me to give scrapbooking a go.  It is heart warming to know there are so many wonderful people out there who have helped support us through this difficult time.  Thank you again.”
“To Sarah
I have received one of the thousands of Scrapbooks that you have contributed. I am in grade 6 and love sport.I love it and will have so many good memory’s in there because of you, my sister has also got one and treasures it more than i can say.I am very touched by the way you have lighted up our days and so many people will be smiling because of what you have done and this is not like any other donation it is more and i am so very happy to get it. Thank-you a thousand times and more.”
 “I must admit that it was quite emotional receiving my albums, remembering the two I had as an ongoing project for my two children.  After losing all my photos in the fire I didnt know where to start.  You kind of push it to the back of your mind because day to day sometimes is an effort in itself.  This is the incentive I needed to start tracking down some copies of the ones that i had. For this I have to say thank you because I have located some wonderful photos from family and friends…ones that I had forgotten that I had given them. 
My husband and I are so very grateful for the time and effort put into these beautiful albums and I am excited to start putting them together along with the new photos we have started to take. Memories will always remain with us even though we lost everything in the fire. These memories we made in the past will forever remain in our hearts and now we can make new ones.  Its the generosity from people like yourself that is so overwhelming.”


Give yourselves a pat on the back everyone.

If I had to do this whole project all over again, I would, based on what I read in the above letters. Cheers girls xxxx.
The only other thing to tell you from this week has been the very exciting arrival of my new little nephew Oscar :). I have to say, he hasn’t had the easiest delivery or first week of life, but he’s getting there and we are all doing our best to help. Little man, pull up those socks – it’s time to go home with mum and start your little life, ok?
I wont show you the rest of the pics I took of him – too distressing. I was lucky to get these. But he’s gorgeous – he takes his good looks from his aunty, of course 🙂
And then of course, we had a full weekend of family stuff. This is what we decided to do this afternoon:
What coud be better than a Sunday afternooon at the local down at Salamander bay? Glass of champers, beach, steak, awesome live music and taking photos. Didn’t matter about the crappy weather. James (after promising he would NOT get wet) did a face plant into the water about 2 minutesafter these pics were taken. Picture a dripping wet, screaming kid being dragged out of the water. Not screaming because he was wet, but beause he didn’t want to get OUT. God help me.
One last thing I managed to complete was some wedding ring demo shots – I needed a few more for my website – here’s a few shares:
Happy with that last shot, especially. DH was having a heart attack because he thought we were going to lose both rings and spend the afternoon snorkelling to find them 🙂
That’s all for me folks – lots more scrapping happening this week so there will be heaps to show you next post – stay tuned!
Love to all
Sares xx


4 Responses

  1. Sares thank you so much for sharing those letters with us. You are right – it definitely makes it all worthwhile to even just think that those people are getting a little glimmer of happiness from the albums you spent so long compiling. To read their words of thanks makes it even better. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to lose any of my albums let alone my home and other belongings. You have done a wonderful wonderful thing. Truly inspirational 🙂 Thank you for letting me be a teeny tiny part of it.

  2. Thank you for sharing those letters Sarah, and well done for all you did 😉

  3. WOW!! This is amazing…Thanks for sharing those letter with us Sarah. I know that the girls here enjoyed doing the albums that we put together for you to distrubute….I’m so glad that they are bringing such joy to the people who have lost so much….you are right we didn’t do it for the thanks but as a way of blessing these people and maybe helping in the healing process in some way…..that is all the thanks we need!!
    Bless you Sarah
    Kathie (

  4. Oh Sarah that makes the albums that we made here at Scraphappykats so worth it!!! Just to read some of these comments from people who recieved our gift to them……that is special!! It has made us, more so, a part of these peoples lives and for that the girls here are extremely happy… have done such a wonderful job and you need to be congratulated. Thank you Sarah for allowing us to be part of this special journey…..I truly pray that our (collectively) albums will help with the healing process for the recipents……Its been a long hard year for most of them and the process continues for many
    With love
    Kathie Andriessen
    Seymour Victoria

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