Sneak Peek…

…of something new that I have in the planning stages at the moment.

I’ll give you a clue – it’s to do with scrapbooking. It also has something to do with the Spring Carnival. I’m going to give you a letter each post so that you can start putting two and two together about my next exciting project, ok?

Girls in my classes – sssh! Pretend you don’t know, ok?

Here’s your first sneak peek:


And your first letter clue is…………..B.

Stay tuned for some more exciting sneak peeks!

We’ve had a bit of a mixed week – all of those usual mundane, humdrum things going on like birthday parties (not ours), flat batteries, grocery kamikaze shopping – you know the drill.

You don’t know what kamikaze shopping is? Picture this:

About 20 harrassed looking mothers in sweaty gym clothes on a Monday morning outside Woolworths. They each have an empty shopping trolley in front of them, a shopping list and they are winding up their proverbial motors to get started on the weekly grocery spin around the aisles.

(In the voice of the horse racing commentator….)

“And they’re off! Number 12 takes the lead with a tricky manouevre around number 7, elbowing her out of the way between the bananas and the toffee apples, look out! number 7 is retaliating with a quick upper jab of the trolley bar into the back of number 12, number 3 is heading straight for the discounted roasts in the meat section, oh dear, number 5 has spilled a bag of pasta and there are Dolmio elbows all over the place! Check out number two who has picked up a jumbo size loo roll packet – it’s so big she can’t see where she’s going! CRASH! Clean up in Aisle 4!”

Seriously, aside from the loo roll incident that pretty much sums up my Monday mornings. No wonder I need a drink and a lie down by lunch time 🙂

As most of you know, I a very big fan of Lolcats (“I can haz cheezburger”) and so I just had to share with you one of the pics from last week – check this out:


CHUCKLE. Hah, gets me every time, I tell ya 🙂

Spent a bit of time playing with my camera in the backyard today – wasn’t the weather just divine? Here’s the results:

IMG_5276 small

IMG_5283 smallIMG_5292 smallIMG_5288 smallIMG_5287small

I am going to have to wait until tomorrow to show you the LO’s I did during the week because they have to go up on the Addicted to Craft Blog first.  They are due up tonight and so I will update this post again tomorrow to show show you the pages – I quite liked them 🙂

Well, everyone, I am off to go collect kiddies from parties and hopefully steal some time lazing out in the backyard before it’s time to get back into the swing of things tonight. I have a whole new stash of Prima to play with – OH MY HEAVENS I love that stuff. The new flower ranges are too beautiful – I can hardly bring myself to use them (but I will, watch me).

Love to all and take care for now,

Sares x


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