I am still here. Just.

I would like to know one thing, however. WHO ON EARTH decided that our last two terms should be 11 weeks long and not in sync with either Victoria or Queensland school holidays. I would like to shoot that person.

It’s not that we were planning on any long trips – quite the contrary, really. But friends and rello’s have not been able to come to US. And the kids! After two 11 weeks terms they were nutso. I am was not far off myself. When we finally started school break they went even more nutso. Then they got sick.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 10 days. Going nutso and feeding the hungry hoardes.

I also managed to scrap – I found out that I scrap really well under pressure – I do some of my most creative work that way. Here’s a few shares:


Feel Free

Same photo, different treatment. In the second LO I printed the photo as a Polaroid. It also got a much more ” free” treatment.

*IDEA* – Use up all your old, odd chippy letters as a page border or embellishment. Then distress the edges with a bit of ink and sandpaper. (But be careful what letters you stick together! lol)

Spent a bit of time on Tues afternoon this week going on a bit of a Photo session road trip with my girls Debbie and Sherie. Thanks for the afternoon girls – I had fun (as always) even if the kids didn’t co-operate all the time.






And this afternoon we went to Disney on Ice “Disney Princesses” – woohoo Hannah had an absolute ball and even though I dragged the booys with us we all had fun. I’ve never been to a Disney on Ice before, so I was pleasantly suprised at the standard of the show and the costumes. Here’s a few pics from the show:



IMG_5028 edit small





All in all a good show and I am pretty happy with the pics I was able to get. Can’t wait to scrap some of them!

I’m off to tuck in the kids to bed and potentially have some “quiet” time (ha!) before I collapse into bed myself – night night everyone 🙂

Sares x


4 Responses

  1. very nice and colorful pictures , good work i like it .

  2. Gorgeous photos of your children Sarah…Love the LO’s with the same photo…You are so clever!!! Love your work! Luv Shaz xoxo

  3. you know I think you are right – you do work well under pressure!! like the starving artist thing or something. But I guess you are just starved of sanity and time to yourself – and I hear you!!! Only one of mine was sick for the first week of our hols and that was bad enough. Now that our holidays have been over for nearly a week it feels like we were never on holidays anyway.
    Loving your photos 🙂

  4. Love those LOs Sarah. Fab photos too 🙂

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