I am a Single Mum…

….for a month 🙂

Yep, DH is heading off to Hawaii to be with the Army and leaving me on my lonesome. Watch these posts getting shorter and shorter and sounding more like a crzy woman as each day passes LOL.

I have been running around like a headless chook for the past week getting things organised for the trip and so on – poor DH will be living in a tent and roughing it for a while but he gets no sympathy from me – Hawaii in the middle of our Aussie winter? Come on! Sorry DH – 26 degrees, perfect sunshiny days and awesome shopping compared to sick kids and 2 weeks of the school holidays dragging everyone around to do the grocery shopping? PUHLEASE.

Actually I better watch what I say on here because he’ll be reading this when he gets over there – I love you hunny!. Feel free to bring me back all the bling you can fit in your bag, ok?

Here’s a few shares with you from the past fortnight – I have been a busy scrapper and polished off about 14 layouts and quite a lot of cards and OTP’s.

The first two LO’s were using the new Mementorange of papers from Addicted To Craft – I hadn’t see these before the beginning of the year and they are perfect for all manner of boy themes in scrapping. Plenty of bits to chop out and use as extra embellishments, double sided, fabbo colours and printed on nice, thick paper.


This next Lo was created using a sketch set for us by Angella – great choice of sketch and using the Memento papers made this LO fall together really quickly.


Caz, the lovely owner of SCRADDIX  has sent me some of the new range of My Mind’s Eye “Penny Lane” to work with. Thanks Caz – your Kits and ideas are always so generous matey!

Here’s a few samples to share with you but if you’d like to see the lot, go and check out the Gallery at Scrapaddix to see what the whole line looks like.






That’s it for here otherwise I’ll fill up the whole page – go check out the gallery at Scrappaddix!

Another big, special, awesome, outstanding thang I have to tell you all is that James participated in his first ever Special Olympics last weekend and came back with 4 gold medals! I was so incredibly proud and happy for him. You see, a few weeks ago we have the school athletics carnival and he came last in his runninig race – and has been down about it ever since.

Not just, “oh well but I had fun” kind of down, but depressed that he was never going to be able to win a race against those big kids ever in his little life.

For those of you who don’t know, my third son James has Short Stature. The old fashioned word is dwarfism. He is currently the same size as my three year old and will only ever reach just over a metre in height. His arms and legs are half the length they should be, so it means he can’t run or swim as fast or as far as the “average” kids.

However, the Special Olympics is purely for those kids with a disability and he came first in three of his races and second in the final race. I was so proud of him I thought would explode out of my chest.

And I will NEVER, in my life, forget the look of complete triumph and joy on his little face as he emerged from the pool, yelling, “I won!” He was so suprised and so proud of himself and I cried my eyes out.

Here he is getting ready to start his race and half way through it, (he is with the unassisted swimming helper) and the final photo is of my little champ 🙂




What a hero! And the next day he went to school and used the medals as his chance to get a smooch from the big girls in year six. Chuckle.

That’s all from me and my epic post for now – I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend and I’ll catch you all again soon, ok 🙂

Take care all,

Sares x


6 Responses

  1. WTG JAMES!! You are truly an amazing young man! I take my hat off to you Sares..single parenthood isnt easy at all. Love the layouts

  2. CONGRATS to James – how proud is he and so must you be. Don’t envy you being a single parent for a month!!!!! And love all your latest creations, just stunning.

  3. Hi Sares,
    I am a Grandpa to a 6 yr old LP with Desbuquois Syndrome, Brenden. Wondering what type of Dwarfism James has and wanting to invite you to join a group of Parents of Little People @ Yahoo. The group is very supportive and informative on issues related to raising our kiddos. Here’s the link if you wish to join: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/parentsoflittlepeople2/

  4. Yay James!! that’s such a huge achievement – 4 Gold medals!! wow just awesome. And good luck for your month of singledom, don’t party to much there… LOL

  5. WoooHoooo!!!! James is a true Champion Sarah! So proud of him (and of his mama too).

  6. WOOHOO! James. Onya 🙂

    I’m sat here with the biggest grin on my face and tears rolling!!! Thanks for sharing that heartwarming story Sarah.

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