RIP Michael Jackson

I usually dominate all my posts with a whole stack of stuff from my scrapbooking but today I would just like to pay tribute to MJ and what a great loss it is that he has passed away at such a young age.

Whenever I think of him in later years of his life I come up with the word “sad”. It’s just so sad that he was not able to live with the constant scrutiny of public life and that there were so many others willing to enable his insecurities.

My gut feeling is that he was happy to be with children because they were always up-front and honest with him. There was no subterfuge, no criticism and no judgement – only adoration and happiness from them. As a teacher I can understand wanting to be surrounded by that. There is comfort in feeling completely accepted for who you are.

I feel for his family of young kids and his other brothers, sisters and parents who must also be facing their own kind of demons right now. I wish we could all help them in some way – remove from them the “need” to be accepted by the public and just be happy to be who they truly are.

Isn’t that something we should all aim for in life? To be comfortable with who we see in the mirror every morning and stop spending so much energy trying to meet the standards of everyone else.

Sares x


3 Responses

  1. I loved his music, and his videos for the songs were great also. “Smooth Criminal” is a must see. I watched it so many times.

  2. I agree Sares wholeheartedly. His life when I reflect is one of sadness. Yes he achieved a great many things professionally & the music industry will always be indebted to him for his pioneering changes….that said, his children & family are now left with the difficulty of survivng every day without him. Here is hoping that they can all find a modicum of peace now.

  3. Such a sad time for his family, friends and fans. He was such a wonderful talent who brought so much joy to so many. His will be remembered as one of the greatest of the greats I’m sure.

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