Guess What?

We don’t have to go to soccer this morning because the field is a boggy marsh. Do you know what that means?? It means I have an ENTIRE weekend at home. OMG I don’t know what that feels like.

So, instead of relaxing by the cabana drinking cocktails and perving on the cabana boys (even though it’s winter – I can dream, can’t I?) we are spending the day doing all those little “odd jobs” around the house. You know, the sorts of things you walk past 50 times saying to yourself, “I’ll get to that soon” and never do.

So here’s the “TO DO” List:

* Take a load of stuff to the Tip. DO NOT go to the Tip shop and bring anything else home. Nyet. Nada. Nothing.

* Finish off some washing and ironing so the kids don’t go to school next week looking like they slept in their uniforms (like they did last week).

* Wash the floors – honestly, there are small tribes of pygmies living in the goop underneath the kitchen table. Ew.

* Dye my hair……To be fair, it only need the roots done but I look like a hippy. I haven’t found any grey (yet – and I’m not looking too hard either 🙂 ) but there are white crazies in my eyebrows. Sorry. Too much info?

* Grab a shovel and attempt to clear some space in the Rumpus Room. What on earth do those kids do in there? We buy storage from IKEA and then spend hours cursing the makers of all flat packs assembling it. Then they pull it all OUT of the storage and spread it all over the floor so that the last time I saw carpet in there was in 2004.

* Start knitting DH’s jumper. This is a project that fills my gut with dread. I can knit a scarf. I could even knit a pillow if you coached me – but a full jumper. If he’s lucky he’ll have one arm only lsightly longer than the other and it will be finished when the kids get married. In 2020.

Sheesh, just looking at that list makes me tired. I may have to stop and have a cuppa before I get going. And maybe some toast. And maybe catch up on Facebook. And Lolcats. Gee, it’s Saturday night already! Where did the time go 😉

I have managed to do some scrapping this week. I don’t quite know how – one minute I was repainting my bedroom and the next I was looking at 4 scrapped pages on my desk. Must be PMS or something.

Hopelessly Devoted”:


A LO for my brother for Father’s day using the Man About Town papers from Upsy Daisy. Speaking of Upsy Daisy, guess what? FOUR NEW PAPER LINES. Woohoo! Heading my way and soon to be here in Oz.

Here they are!





(This line is printed onto textured cardstock so I can’t wait to get my mitts on it!)

Loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it. LOVE THEM ALL.

Check out the Upsy Daisy Designs Blog to see what the DT have made using some of these papers and the other gorgeous Upsy Daisy papers.

Here are some of the other projects I have completed this week:

“Honorary Grandad”



(In Canada and America they have Father’s day a bit earlier than in Oz, so these are in time for their celebrations).

Here’s some ideas for you to try using your stamps and brads too:

*Why not use a stamp to “interlink” a border pattern, then cut it out and use it as a border on your LO?


* Use brads as “dot points” at the beginning of journaling strips.


* Rub a large Rub-on onto white cardstock then cut out and mount off your page as a custom title.


I hope this post keeps everyone busy for a few hours – I’m off to try and conquer my list! Wish me luck 🙂

Sares x


3 Responses

  1. Yawn, your list is making me tired too. lol

    had someone from Upsy Daisy’s email me about their “Man About Town” range, cause one of them shares the same name as Deacon. I just want a sheet to frame. Crazy hey


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