Virus Times Two

I’ve been struck down with a double virus this week – first, the Koobface one on my computer and second, the dreaded flu lurgy! Urgh to both.

All in all, I would have rathered the computer virus, but hey, you don’t get much choice with these things when you have little ones, do you? Little germ factories. Every time I see another kid sneeze I shudder. It’s hard enough dealing with 4 sick kids at the best of times but when DH goes to Hawaii in July they are FORBIDDEN to get sick. I mean it, kids. You break both your legs, DON’T come running to me, ok? šŸ˜‰

While I was busy sneezing spluttering all over my desk I had another 4 boxes of Memory Gifts albums arrive – thankyou to everyone up at Daisy Chain scrapbooking as well as the Tassie shop who also sent me a parcel. I have collated them and they are now getting ready for sending.

I also managed to get some projects done for the Brisvegas Papercraft Show happening next week – my work for Addicted to Craft using the new Dream Street, new Prima paintables and new Prima Transparencies – woohoo, had a ball with those ones. Mind you, I can’t show you much – OK maybe I can relent and show you some of the cards.

I also pulled together some Chatterbox cards and Wedding invited using their new FABULOUS range. I mean, it’s fabulous stuff and it’s called Fabulous too, just so you don’t get confused.





I’ve also been playing with some more Digi work for Eidou – this is my newest creation – a set of Vintage Fairy Adobe Brushes – I am hand colouring them as we speak and they are being turned into .png elements – so head on over to EIDOU and take a look at all our latest uploads. You’ll be playing with Digi in no time!


I also put together a FREEBIE for you – for those of you who are considering going Hybrid, start with this Kit and you’ll find out how addictive (and inexpensive) it is to be able to print out your own embellishments like these and then use them in your paper scrapping!



And here’s another Tutorial for you this week – part of my “one per week” schedule.

Ā This week it’s all about “Photographing Babies” – whether it’s your own bub or a friends’, there is somethingĀ HERE that might help you take better baby photos.

Well, that’s all from me folks – until next time – see you ’round like a rissole!

Sares x

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  1. Hi Sares, just had to write a quick note, haven’t touched base with your site since reading about your memory album appeal, so thought I would take a look and see what was going on, I am exhausted just reading the first three pages of your site, I don’t know how you do it! It was fantastic to see what a great response you had, and even better you had fantastic friends to help you. Your scrapbooking pages are beautiful, I shall keep trying! Keep up the good work and looking forward to reading and seeing more:)

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