Back from Retreat

….Seriously, I can’t think of a title any more exciting than that one because I am so tired I am having trouble stringing two words together, LOL.

I am back from the Scrapbook-N-Bits Retreat – 3 and a half days of scrapping, eating, drinking and not a whole lot of sleeping, I can tell you. I managed to polish off 15 completed LO’s taught a class, did some make and takes and had an absolutely fab time. I have to thank my Saturday girls for making the weekend so much fun – I haven’t laughed that hard and for that long for longer than I can remember. Thanks girls – as always, you are worth millions!

I also have to thank Karen, Julie and the rest of the Scrapbook ‘n’ Bits DT and team as they worked their butts off and put together a marvellous schedule and display of product – thanks so much girls, it was so worth it!

I’ve got a few piccies to show you of Lo’s created while on Retreat (it must be the Rum and cokes because I am liking these LO’s a LOT) lol – here they are:

Have a flip through those pics and be on the look out for some updated Tips and Techniques throughout this week and the  next, using those LO’s as examples.

For the time being, though, why don’t you have a try at my latest Tips lesson – using Watercolour paints to create a background for some flower stamps – take a look at how to do it HERE.

That’s all from me for now – have a great week everyone!

Sares x

2 Responses

  1. It was a great weekend, so much fun. Even though I didn’t achieve anywhere near that many LO’s lol. Sarah if you had been drinking rum who knows what your pages would have looked like it can do funny stuff. You were drinking bourbon *S*

  2. You continue to inspire Me, thank you xxx
    What an amazing lot of layouts you got finished – I dont seem to crop at retreats or crop nights, LOL too busy talking. Glad you had a good time, you definetly deserve it, especially with all the work you are doing for the Bush Fire victims, have a great week

    J xxx

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