It seems like…

… there are some years when all you do is catch up with friends and family at funerals. I attended the funeral of my best friend’s mum yesterday and, while obviously a sad occasion, I felt that there were too many funerals and not enough good stuff going on in our lives.
I have to tell you about the priest at the service, though. What a hoot! He turned an otherwise crap day into something more like a celebration of one’s life, which I think is how a funeral should be. He had a magic bag of tricks that included the Guinness Book of Records, a handmad stole that depicted the “Cat in the Hat” and a plush frog that sang “What a wonderful world” out of it’s butt.

Completely unexpected but not irreverent – a perfect ending for Judy. She would have been laughing her head off.

Memory Gifts

On to other things – I’ve had a few emails asking me how the Memory Gifts Project has been going and so I wanted to spend some time in this post giving you an update.

So far I have put together – with the help of some very good friends – over 650 albums for the Bushfire Victims of Victoria. Add to that there are over 200 bags of papers and embellishment packs that have been donated by wonderful scrapping retail stores, wholesalers and individuals such as yourselves.

It’s taken a bit longer to put together than I though – I seriously underestimated how long it was going to take to collate all the albums – but we are finally finished and heading down to Victoria shortly.

We have not gone down yet on the advice of all the Case Managers from the Refuge Centre in Whittlesea who thought it might be a bit too soon to have gone down last month. People are still finding places to live and have nowhere to store and keep these albums, so we have held off until now to allow them some more time to get organised. I could not have done that without the help of the Victorian Education Dept and Capt Garnock – so thanks guys.

So what’s next? Well, in a month I will be heading down to the area of the Bushfires with a carload of albums and supplies. I will be touching base with each school affected and also those “replacement” schools that are housing the kids from Marysville. I will also be heading in to the Refugee camp at Whittlesea and also to the Melbourne Mater Hospital where the pregnant mums who were from the bushfire areas were taken during the fires.

Here are some pics taken of me while I was at work packing the embellishment and paper Kits or “Starter Packs” – oh, and by the way I have to point out that I am NOT pregnant. This is just one of DH’s golf tees which is humungous and I am going on a diet right this minute.



I will continue to take photos as we head down to Vic and also of the handover. I’m sure that there will be a few happy days ahead for each family when they open their packages.

Onto other things:

I always say that, don’t I? That’s because in this house things change at a moment’s notice. I got home from the funeral last night and I was just in time to wish the kids goodnight and tuck them in to bed. When I got to Ryan’s room his face was all red and blotchy and he was bawling.

Me: “What’s the matter?”

Ryan hides his head under the doona, sobbing about something.

“Ryan, what is it? What’s wrong?

Ryan tried to hide his head under the doona again. This time I hold it down and demand to know what is wrong.

He sobbed, “I accidentally swallowed my $2 coin from the tooth fairy!” WAAAAAAAAAAAAH


You know, as a parent, you think you are going to get up every morning and have a fairly normal day. You eat, sleep and poop as per normal, right?

Not in this house. The fact that I didn’t have a massive heart attack and whisk him off to hospital for x-ray is testimony to the fact that this is not such an unusual situation. Stuff like this happens all the time and I can often be seen sitting with my head in my hands, pulling my hair and crying, “Why? WHY? (this happens a lot in supermarket checkout lines).

So far we haven’t gone to the hospital. I have asked him to keep checking the toilet bowl and listening for the sound of a “CLINK” when he has to “go”. It’s going to be a very expensive toilet flush, I can tell you. So much for the “Bloo Loo” hanging off the toilet. It’s obsolete now. I may as well install a Bubblegum machine and have done with it. 😉

I’ll leave you with one last image of an innocent looking me way back when I was a little ‘un. That’s me with my cousin Ness.


Ha, I still have the same fat rolls. They just moved from my wrists to my thighs as I’ve grown taller 🙂

There is a little bit of scrappy goodness heading my way (or your way, really) soon – I’ve got another three LO’s picked up for publication through SM a couple through SC and some OTP’s projects and features that are all in the pipeline as we speak – life is good!

Have a great week, everyone!

Sares x

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update Sares. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  2. Sares, I am sorry but I am laughing my head off at the Ryan convo — such a typical boy thing to do & yet I can see you all too clearly doing the ‘why? why?’ thing

    I am glad the Memory project is going so well…it is an amazing feat & one those families are sure to treasure for years to come.

  3. Hi Sares, Thanks for letting us know the progress on the Memory Albums. I had a feeling it would take far longer then first expected. I am chuckling over Ryan’s ….shall we say adventure?
    Cheers, Irene 🙂

  4. Hi Sarah, Thanks for the update re memory albums….It is an enormous task and you are doing a fantastic job…..I only wish I lived close enough to have helped out.

    Sorry but I’ve been ROFL about Ryan….I can so identify with him and your reaction…….been there myself many times……Kids sure know how to surprise you at every turn don’t they?

    I hope you are going to scrap and preserve that memory to be put in the 21st. birthday album. LOL

  5. Hi Sarah, Yeah I don’t go to hospital either with 2 boys why bother – the popcorn kernal up the nose well that had to be handled by the dr. the kid slept through the whole darn thing DOH!!!!

    Just to let you know – I met a really really lovely lady last night – she lost everything at Kinglake in the fires – her little one is almost 4 same age as mine – she managed to grab his thomas trains (I am now thankful my kids Dad tried to buy their affection as I have a nice Tonka Truck he can have – don’t need 2 + all the ones off hard rubbish rofl)

    The little one rec’d a hand made quilt from kinder in the past week & I told her about the albums – she is so looking forward to the possibility of receiving one – if she doesn’t I’ll make one myself.

    I tell you there’s a ton of crap going on in our lives here right now but – this wonderful lady just gave me the biggest reality check – & yes she’s living in a fully furnished house which she appreciates but she’s got nothing of her own things – made me think real hard – about the complaining I’ve been doing about life.

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