I’m so sorry I haven’t popped up before now everyone – it;s been bedlam since we got back and I have desperately tried to get in front of my computer only to find that it was having a coronary every time I hit the Net – argh!

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down with a list of things to do and finding you can’t achieve even one of them, is there? I spent this morning making a list of jobs, then prompty ignored the list and headed to Spotlight where I spent the morning dragging around 4 kids and tearing my hair out. So that was productive, wasn’t it? LOL – NOT.

OK – down to business. First things first, the all important RAK.

Drumroll please……..

The winner of my Easter RAK is:


Donna, I asked my hyper excited 3 year old to draw a name from my hat (well it wasn’t a hat, it was a Prima flower box but you get the idea 🙂 ) and just before she went tearing around the house screaming “I won! I won!” I was able to read your lucky name, lol.

So congratulations chook – I have finished clearing out all the big stuff from my studio and now I am ready to hit the paper stacks – and I have already filled up a big box!

So far you will be getting:

* TONS of Buzz and Bloom letters, Heidi Swapp letters and MM letters.

*A stack of chipboard.

* Lots of little “Bits” – you know that stuff you have one of and can’t find a home for it?

* A TON of buttons.

*Prima OTP tins.

*An Urban Lily Peek a Boo book.

* A ton of ribbon.

*Paper crafts and Rusty Pickle books

etc etc etc – as I said I haven’t evem started on the paper piles yet. Ihope you have fun with it all!

Moving on to other things, I have to show you some of my photos from our holiday. We arrived in rain and we left in rain, but in between the weather was AWESOME and we beached, we boated, we surfed, we walked, we ate ice creams, we shopped, we trampolined, sandpitted and swam – bliss!

Here are some of my fave shots from the holiday – I’m very excited about the dolphin ones.



These are all some of the flowers that were in the gardens at our hotel.




Magical Sunset.


I bleached the crapola outta this shot so that you wouldn’t see how dark my freckles are *blush*. Or the wrinkles.



Hannah’s sandy feet (needs a pedicure lol).




The dolphins popped up around us while we were floating in the Lake. I was trying to get the kids to do some fishing but we ended up playing with the dolphins for about 45 minutes – absolutely beautiful!


This was just a wedding that happened to be at the beach on the last day – I took some snaps just so I could play with them in PS.

Well, that’s it from now – there’s a mountain of washing (dang) that needs doing and even more cleaning after the kids got home and trashed their rooms in a frenzy of excitement. (double dang).

Happy Easter to everyone and thankyou all for leaving me your lovely comments – I really appreciate each and every one of you who visit!

Sares x

6 Responses

  1. Congrats, Donna!!

    Stunning photos & PS work Sarah – absolutely perfect!!!

  2. OMG I love the wedding photo and the Dolphines, actaully they are all pretty awesome. Congrats Donna, I think you should share a layout done with your new stash LOL

  3. Woohoo excited lady running around the house yelling I won, I won! Thanks Sarah, what a wonderful lot of goodies. My email is pottjd@bigpond.net.au

  4. Oh hit the button too soon, I need to add thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m sure I will have fun with all the goodies.

  5. Stunning photography work as always Sares.

  6. AWESOME photography Sares! Love your PS work too…..there is something for you over on my blog 🙂

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