Want to see what 3000 LO’s looks like?

Here they are:



On Thursday and Friday alone last week I accepted 10 courier deliveries and over ONE HUNDRED boxes full of LO’s and albums for the Memory Gifts project.

I have to tell you, I am completely overwhelmed. Seriously. I knew this project was bigger than I expected, but this is HUGE. My entire front room, the hallway and part of the family room  are overtaken with boxes.


What amazes me is that there are still more boxes to arrive and that’s not even including the ones from America and Europe yet. I have put together about 100 albums so far, which makes a total of about 200 albums ready to go, thanks to those of you who sent in completed albums.

The standard of LO’s has been superb and I can see just how much time, love and effort has gone into each and every page. Well done. And thankyou to all of you who sent me a lovely note of encouragement, or a card to say thanks for my effort, or sent in a lovely note or card to the families who will receive an album.

I know I shouldn’t be, but I am really suprised and humbled by the generosity of people. I would love to thank each and every one of you personally (in fact, look out for a letter in the post once the busy part of the project is over) but I will have to settle for the mediocre version of writing it up on my Blog. From the Wholesalers, to the Retailers, to the Individuals (yes, you) and to the Grade 3 class from Telopea, THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart.

To those of you who wanted to contribute and missed the deadline, please leave me a comment and we will work something out in order to get your LO’s into these albums.


For those of you who do Digi Scrapping or Hybrid Scrapping there is a way you can help that will directly benefit the Victorian Families. Here it is:


If you visit EIDOU and purchase this Kit for the bargain price of $3, all money raised will go towards a donation from Eidou to the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund. That is ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of this Kit – 100% of the purchase price.

A huge thankyou to Louise, the big cheese from Eidou for helping to collaborate this Kit and for donating all the proceeds from it’s sale.

The Kit come to you in three downloads because it is HUGE – 22 papers, 24 elements and more! Each paper and element is printable so you could use it in your traditional paper scrapping as well.

Stay tuned for more updates – I’ll be posting with more photos soon!

I just updated this post with more photos of some of the piles of albums we have filled – it took 4 of us 7 HOURS to fill 100 albums the other day and we were stuffed, I can tell you :). A HUMUNGOUS THANKYOU goes out to Debbie, Sherie and Jan who helped me put those 100 albums together.

Take care all,

Sares x

15 Responses

  1. I have some LO’s to send but life got in the way, would it be OK to express post them to you this week?

  2. Hi Sarah…..is it too late to forward some layouts?
    I have been having trouble findng an address to mail them…
    please drop me an email at: winens5@bigpond.com if its still posible to contribute….they are waiting packaged and ready to post.

  3. Whoaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! That is so exciting to hear – fantastic news! Ok, possibly overwhelming in your house, but still fantastic for all the recipients of these wonderful gifts. Again THANK YOU Sares for giving us all the chance to help.

  4. OMG That is AMAZING!! Congrats to everyone who participated!! I wanted to but my local scrapbooking shop was 700 klms away! I gave generously to the donation lines and any boxes I saw I popped money into them!
    Huge Effort and Congrats to you Sares for thinking up such a wonderful idea and asking people to create a Memory for a lifetime!!. Must be an AWESOME sight! Luv Shaz xoxo

  5. Congratulations Sarah, I’m so glad so many people have responded to this – it’s just amazing – and so are you!

  6. Wow! I so wish I could ‘pop’ over & help you assemble those albums!!

    You started something amazing!!!!! Thanks from me, too, for giving us the opportunity to contribute!


  7. WOW what a huge response. It makes me feel all fuzzy inside just knowing how much people want to help. Sares, I hope you have a couple of helpers cause that pile of layouts and albums looks like a mountain. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to help. You deserve to be nominated for Australian of the Year. Go Sares………………
    Cheers, Irene 🙂

  8. I too missed the deadline and would like to send my LO to you. If only you were a little closer, I know of lots of people in Melbourne who would only be too willing to help put the albums together. Perhaps someone near you could organise a communal album arrangement day. I am sure SBM would be able to help advertise it.

  9. wow……thanks again Sarah, for giving us the opportunity to help.


  10. Hi Sarah,
    Cindy & i are doing the albums as discussed….our finish time is 20 June if anyone would like to foward LO to Scrappe Angels in Werribee Victoria….what an amazing sight all the effort and albums, extra well done.

  11. This made me teary… you are such an inspiration, it was a joy to be part of this great expression of love…

    Thanks for mentioning the Grade 3 kidlets, I know they will be pleased.


  12. BTW, not to forget to mention that *YOU* are so amazing Sarah!!!

    Thank God you had some great friends to help you get this all sorted.


  13. Sares, you are incredible! You are doing an amazing job and you deserve to be praised!
    What a wonderful response you have had- well done to everyone.

    Thank you for all you have done Sares!!

  14. You have done a wonderful thing Sarah. Good on you for organising this, and well done to everyone who contributed.

  15. Hi Sarah
    What a great bunch of Aussie scrapbookers we have here in Aus, Thank you everyone, Sarah put out the call for layouts and the girls said HOW MANY.
    What a great job.
    Sarah I would like to thank you for your wonderful idea and say you rock.
    The JindyAndy girls are still keeping up to date with the out come of the albums.
    Congratulations & best wishes.
    Shirley xx

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