And so it begins…

…with the first lot of parcels delivered to my door this week!

The Memory Gifts Project has now become a reality with the arrival of 50 albums from Aussie Scrap Source and a ton of LO’s donated by the lovely friends I have who are the readers of this Blog. 🙂 I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – you guys ROCK 🙂


So far I have had over 10,000 layouts promised. That is one HUGE amount of layouts and what makes me even more excited is that it means we can put a full album into the hands of every family that has lost a house or loved one in Victoria 🙂 No one will miss out. No one will have to be told – sorry, none left.

So far the list of people to thank for helping me this project up and running has been enormous – but a very special thankyou goes to Deb from Down Under Direct who has sponsored the freight of these layouts coming to me from every major city in Australia. Deb, I have been inundated with calls since your email and I have to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart chook. 🙂

Many many thanks also goes to all of the scrapbook shop listed below as drop off points for your layouts and albums – many of these shops are holding classes, crop nights, crop days and other drives in order to get together as many albums as they can. Your support has been phenomenal girls!

SO, where to from here?

The next step in the plan is to start collating the layouts I have into themes and slip them into the albums. Then I plan to put together some “Starter Kits” to go with each album so that each family receiving one can add their own touches.

We have now started talking to many other scrap shops in Australia and the plan from now on will be to get 5 ladies together at each class and “sponsor” an album – meaning that they buy the album for about $20 and split the cost between them – then fill them with the layouts they  make for the cause. That might save a bit of time at this end getting things collated.

It’s very important from now on to keep this message being spread and getting everyone organised to complete their layouts and post them to me. The plan is to deliver these albums to the counsellors by Mid – to late April. So there is still plenty of time to get together with your friends and hold a crop night or just a scrap session – go for it!


If you are still considering participating in the Memory Gifts program – PLEASE DO SO. I would dearly love and still need your support. These families are going to have to face a very long battle over the coming months and years – it won’t go away although the attention from the media will. I want to keep them in our thoughts for a long time 🙂

If you need to find the places for drop off, or are considering  joining a crop, please see the POST BELOW – it has all the details for all the shops acting as drop offs all around Australia. If there is anyinformation you need and can’t find here on the Blog, no problems – just leave me a quick comment and I’ll get right back to you. (The reason I am asking for comments to be left rather than my email is the amount of spam I was getting 😦 – sorry if it’s a bit awkward guys).

Onto other things….

You may well wonder whether I have two minutes to scratch myself and the anser, suprisingly, has been yes. In between phone calls and emails I have managed to clean the house and scrap a few pages. That saying about asking a busy person to do something is true, isn’t it?

I visited Sasha at Shop and Crop last week and over $100 later I left with the entire range of Marrakesh and Porcelain from Basic Grey. Good grief! I LUUURRVE the new ranges – just gorgeous. Here’s a few shares to show you what I have done with them:)

celebrate-the-season  scrabble

And one page done with the new Porcelain range:


But my favourite page of the week would have to be the simplest one:


Just a photo, a journaling spot and some flowers – but with the new “Urban Junque” papers from Autumn Leaves, it looks like a full and busy page. Those papers are just amazing but I will say they have one drawback – they are not printed onto thick enough paper. They are really the sort of paper you need to use as a background but they lack the strength – I mounted mine onto cardstock for extra support.

Gotta fly – there’s a few more email to answer and a tummy that needs filling! lol

Have a great day everyone,

Sares x


25 Responses

  1. Hi Sares

    Can you please email me when you get the opportunity. Q: related to postage and freight.

    Thanks heaps

  2. Hey Sares, I am glad to see that this is kicking off! well done for getting it organised. I posted my LOs off this week, I hope they arrive soon.

    Gorgeous work too!!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Did you need to add another drop off point here in Seymour? I would be happy to have LO’s dropped here to pass onto you. I have done about 10 LO’s already and our special night is tonight, I had origionally thought that 30 was a great number but between 2 of us we already have nearly that amount!! So lets shoot for the moon!! Contact you again soon
    Scraphappy Kat
    1 Chisholm Crescent
    Seymour 3660
    03 57923197

  4. Doesn’t it warm your heart to see just how ready people are to give a helping hand, it just takes someone with a good idea. I think you have earned yourself a NEVER ENDING pack of TIM TAMS.
    I am a huge fan of Basic Grey and I agree, their range is delicious. Love your layouts especially XPLORING .
    Have a great day,
    Cheers, Irene 🙂

  5. Hiya Sarah, There is no need to reply to this, it is just an update. I have made the 10 LO’s. Some boy, some girl, some family and some love. I am taking them to the Fremantle store Scrapindipity today. Thank you, If I get any more LO’s done, I will send them straight to your home addy. Ta Dina

  6. Congratulations Sarah, it looks like it is going VERY well. I’ve managed to finish 10 LO’s and will try to get them in the post early next week. Thanks for all your hard work and it is great to see you are still getting a little time for yourself. Love your LO’s and must get to my Local Scrapping store to check out Marrakesh as it looks beautiful.

  7. Hey Sares…
    I have about 3 albums coming your way.

    My Daughter Mikaela and her Grade 3 class mates are doing their bit on Monday morning… 1 album.

    I have a scrap day in a few weeks… ladies there will make another album.

    Another will be me and my besties…

    Thanks so much for posting Petrina Mc Donald sketch and examples… made me putting the kits together a breeze.

    Will post more when layouts and stuff are done and link to you here.

    YOU ROCK my girlie!!!

  8. Hi Sarah!
    Just letting you know I’ve completed 15 layouts and will send them off to you on Monday.

  9. Hi Sarah just to let you know I have done 12 LO’s and will be sending them up to Scrapping to Di For in Malage on Monday….I have been promoting this on my Blog as well as the scrap forum I am a part of .



  10. Wow Sarah, it’s terrific how everyone is pulling together. Yay for Aussie Scrap Source for all the wonderful albums!!!! I hope everyone continues sending in their layouts and I wish I lived nearby you so I could come and help you with the collation of the albums. You’re doing such a fantastic thing!!!
    And these layouts you’ve managed to scrap this week are sensational!!!

  11. Hi Sara

    I have a group of ladies that have promised to create layouts for the cause and already I have 26 from just a few ladies.

    Can I please have your address so that I may send these layouts to you.

    I am located on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

    Kind regards

  12. Sares/Sarah, I have just come across your blog and want to tell you I used to be a scrap tutor — I have a few albums and paper and stickers -perhaps I can contribute and maybe get some others to help. My main problem would be affording postage as I am currently out of work. Do you have anyone collecting in the Blue Mountains? P.S. How do I get in touch with you?

  13. The Grade 3 – ers had a ball creating about 22 pages for you {including my examples}…

    You can see their masterpieces here:

    Bek xo

  14. Hi Sarah
    we have a local truck coming leaving today to go to the fire victims , i will place what i am donating on the truck .
    Thanks ggod luck with it all you are doing a great job.

  15. Hi Sarah, what an amazing lady you are! It warms my heart to see people coming together when something like this happens. Too many times we only hear about the bad stuff and not enough of the good.
    How on earth you’ve found the time to scrap those amazing layouts is beyond me but they are gorgeous!
    Keep up the amazing work and congrats!!!

  16. What an amazing idea! Your crafts and the love you’ve poured into them will be so appreciated!

  17. I’m getting together with a few ladies next weekend and plan to create some layouts to donate. It looks like organising the albums will be a big job. Do you need help organising the albums? I live in East Maitland area. Also where do you teach your classes?

  18. Hi Sarah,
    I getting together with a group of lovely ladies next weekend where we plan to make at least 50 LO’s to donate. I am a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and proud to say that SU! have come on board and sponsored us with a huge box of cardstock, papers etc to use! Thank you so much for organising this, what a fantastic project!
    Cheers, Karen

  19. Hi there Sarah

    I am holding a crop next Saturday and all the woman attending will be making a page the lovely Michelle from Sissy Kits is donating all of her left over kits for us to scrap with..

  20. Hi Sara – I own a Scrapbook store on the northern end of the Gold Coast. I have received an email from Deb – Down Under Direct.

    Sending out a please help in my newsletter today to all my customers & said they can drop off layout at my store.
    I will donate album or albums (depending on how many we get) and send on to you. I am a tad late in getting this going as I have been very ill. If you would like to put my store details on you blog as another drop off point please do. I did notice that Sunbird Scrapbooking is there they are at the opposite end of the Gold Coast to me.

    Details are:
    The Scrapbook Cupboard
    Units 2 & 4, 64 Siganto Drive
    Helensvale Qld 4210
    Phone: 07 55199555
    Email: (I am emailing you from home now)

    Deb sent a flyer with her email & I have plastered my shop with it today. I have also let Deb know via email.

    You are doing an amazing job. I thank you on behalf of all Australians

    best regards
    Lisa Gibson

  21. OMYGOSH Sares this is just awesome. It is so lovely to see Australians get together to help fellow Australians in their time of need, gives me goosbumps really. I better strap on my boots and get cracking some more, only done one layout so far 😦 Might see if I can organize a crop at my LSS as well.
    Hugs xx

  22. hi sara, the layouts are flowing into my shop now and the ladies have done a great job (thank you) please let me know where to post to and is it going to be cheaper for me to freight or use australia post?

  23. Hi there sarah Thank you so much for planning and coordination such a wonderful project. i live in perth WA but was over in fire stricken Gippsland at the time of the fires seeing first had some of the devastation. I just know that these people will really appreciate your idea and will embrace getting new photos in the future when the wounds are a little less painful. I am a scrapper at a perth store SBC in Joondalup and we as a group have prepare so many pages already I was surprised just how many had come forward in such a short spate of time. it was an absolute pleasure for us to participate . Well done on the idea and best wishes to all fire victims

  24. Hi Sara
    Thanks to you and your friends for the wonderful idea for the albums. Thank god ive never lost everything in a fire, (though ive been involved in 2 house fires with minor damage) , so have no idea how those poor people feel, but i do know how much i love my scrap albums. Sorry ive missed the dealine to get my few LOs into the local drop off point. Please let me know where to post them to and i will post ASAP. Keep up the fantastic job xx

  25. I delivered my 10 little LOs to Scrappy Hollow on the 15th. This was a great idea Sarah, well done!

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