What a week…

I feel for those families in the Victorian regions devasted by fire this week. I can’t help but feel frustrated at the limited amount we are able to do from here to help. I can donate money but I felt the need for something more tangible to be done for those families who have literally lost everything.

As scrappers, one of the most important things we deal with on a daily basis are memories. Family memories, memories of loved ones, memories of holidays, birthdays, christenings, bbq’s and days at the beach. These families in Victoria have got no tangible evidence of their lives left. No family photos. No happy snaps. You can replace a fridge, but you can’t replace years of momentos.

In order to help out these family begin to put their lives back together I have started a scrapbooking plan – called “MEMORY GIFTS”.


Quite simply, I ask each and every one of you who read this blog to donate a 12 x 12inch almost completed scrapbook LO to the “Memory Gifts” program. Each page will be sent to me. I will collect them and bind them, then hand them over to the head of Pastoral Care for the Victorian Catholic Education Office, Maria Kirkwood in Melbourne. It will not be just Catholic families benefiting, it will be anyone who needs it. The albums will then be distributed to the principals of the 4 schools that burned down, who will know exactly who to give them to.

Each family devastated by fire will be (in time) given album pages to help them begin their memories again. Those families can then approach their own families for copies of photos to put into the albums, or simply start putting in fresh memories.

If you think you can help, please lave me a comment and I will reply with my postal address so that you can send on your page. Any help you can give will be much appreciated.

I plan to have these albums finished by the 20th of March – that gives us a month to get cracking and create as many pages as we can!

If you feel you wish to contribute in some other way, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Many thanks on the behalf of the Victorian families who have lost everything.

Sares x

PS: For those of you in the Newcastle and Maitland region I am more than happy to post all of our LO’s together. So if you would like to drop them in to me personally, leave a comment saying so. I will also contact our local scrap shops and see if they can help.

144 Responses

  1. I’m onto it right away. Thank you so much for enabling me to help you help these people.

  2. Hey Sarah,

    Thanks for the comment about this. I would LOVE to help!! I will get onto it tonight….xxx

  3. Sarah, this is a wonderful idea. I’m so in! Please send me your details, and I’ll get some stuff going. Thanks!

  4. Awesome, awesome idea Sares.
    Count me in

  5. Oh Sares that is a wonderful idea, I am in also and how lovely are you to think of this!!
    Hugs xx

  6. Oh Sares that is a wonderful idea, I am in also and how lovely are you to think of this!!
    Hugs xx

  7. Good on you for organising this Sarah, I would love to help :o)
    Amie xx

  8. I have already made pages that I had not found the right pic for maybe they were always meant for someone else. I would like to donate them as well as make some more. Great idea also Sarah 🙂

  9. I’d be happy to help out too.

  10. i would love to help this is a fantastic idea that brought tears to my eyes…..your an angel Sares….i will also pass it along through my blog and forums

  11. What a wonderful idea. I was thinking only yesterday on what it would be like to loose our family memories and scrapbooks to disaster and wondered if someone was going to oranise something along the lines you have. thank you. It feels good to be able to help in whatever way we can, however large or small. I will post a link to your blog on mine if that is OK?
    My email address is bsfitz@supernerd.com.au

  12. I would love to help out Sarah..definately count me in…
    I’ll be promoting it on my blog and site too

  13. I too would love to help

  14. It’s a lovely idea – I am in the UK and was so upset by a man who had stored all his photos in a fireproof safe and on returning found it had been burnt along with the photos. Are you happy to receive LO’s from the UK?

  15. Sares,
    Gorgeous idea, I will make a couple and send them through when I get your address. If there is anything else I can do just let me know more than happy to help.

  16. More than happy to help… Let me know Details

    Mish – in WA

  17. […] Or if you can scrap a layout for a cause check out this one https://sares1911.wordpress.com/2009/02/10/what-a-week/ […]

  18. Hi Sarah, Fantastic idea, i was thinking about the 6x 6 albums , maybe for the kids, but would be happy to make 12 x 12. I am in Melbourne, so maybe i can help you out with a liason point. Please contact me on 03 9796 9153 or 0416 043 461 or barryalison@gmail.com


  19. Hi Sarah I would love to help out with making of some pages…this is a fantastic idea… thanks for organising this….

    take care

  20. hi sarah, i think this is a great idea too and i would be happy to help. i live in victoria and have just read the comment above, so have made contact with alison and hope to post layouts to her in melbourne. i own a scrapping store so can communicate the need to a wide group of scrappers so hopefully can at lease do something to help

  21. Hi Sarah
    What a fabulous way for us to help. I’ll be attending Ali Russell”s crop in Rockhampton to make as many pages as I can 🙂 Given the extensive coverage of the bushfires on Breakfast Tv I was wondering if you had considered e-mailing Sunrise and Today with your idea? It would generate even more pages I’m sure. I had been thinking of e-mailing these shows to ask that they suggest that 1 relative or friend of each affected family appoint themslves the job of tracking down as many family photos as possible, through friends, family & websites for example. They could then make up a standard album or perhaps contact the schools about a scrapped album? Just a thought – I’ll leave it with you : )
    Kind regards

  22. Hi Sarah,

    I would love to help. I have some stickers that I haven’t used for a while if you want them(some have been used but still have plenty left on them). Plus do a couple of pages for you. I’m attending a class on Tues so will approach the owner about seeing if she would be interested in letting her customers know about this wonderful oppertunity to help. Hope you get “flooded” with offers :-). Paula

  23. What a fantastic idea to help out! I’m in too!

  24. Sarah, great idea and good on you for getting it going! I’ll contribute too 🙂

  25. I’d love to help too – can you email your address? Also, do the pages have titles or themes? And can I make 8.5 x 11 (I have mostly that sized cardstock now).
    Good on you for doing this!

  26. Hi Sarah,
    How wonderful that you are organising something like this. I have been thinking about all those families’ lost photos and memories and would love to help out.
    I’m on the Central Coast and can easily post the pages to you.

    I’ll also put a link on my blog too if that’s OK??

  27. Fantastic idea Sarah, and I would love to help out too!
    Aga xx

  28. Great idea – count me in – I know first hand how devistating it is to lose your memories in a fire. Jennie

  29. Great idea, I will get a few of my scrapping friends together and do some pages…
    Please email me your postal addy

  30. […] looking through blogs I stumbled across this https://sares1911.wordpress.com/2009/02/10/what-a-week/#comments. Have a look and please help if you can. Thanks […]

  31. This sounds like a wonderful idea.
    And these people will find hope and love in these guestures. I would like to assist also. I look forward to getting my hands dirty and doing some pages for your great cause.

  32. Sarah this is an amazing idea, I cant wait to help. I have sent this link to a friend who is not only a scrapper, but also a brilliant fundraiser. When I have a chat to her about this I’m very sure we can come up with quite a few layouts not just from us but from all the other scrappers we know as well. What a awesome contribution to these families. Now I feel like I’m actually doing something to help.
    Thankyou for the inspiration.

  33. what a wonderful idea, and a simple way that we can all help

    I will need you address please

  34. Sarah i am unable to find your email address on the site anywhere am i blind LOL ??

    Can you email me please regarding these pages i have some albums i can donate it you would like

  35. Count me in I have several pages that are ready to go already! Great Idea!

  36. Sarah, I would love to help too. I would also be happy to promote your plan on a couple of other sites if you would like me to.

  37. Sarah, came over here from Cathy Z’s blog. I have more stash than I ever know what to do with. I would love to help. Does it have to be 12 x 12? I could make some mini albums. These would be easier to post from Dubai. Please let me know. Thanks for such a cool idea. Sue

  38. What a fantastic idea. Have seen this on several blogs around the place today, so hopefully you will get LOTS of support! Count me in…and I’ll put the details on my blog as well xxx

  39. I agree this is a fantastic idea and Im able to do a page.

  40. count me in

  41. I’d love to help out…. my email is deeza07@yahoo.com.au

    How kind and generous of you to do this!

  42. I have a LSS on the Mid North Coast (Wingham near Taree) and am happy for anyone who would like to contribute to drop them in to us and we will post them all together. I will also ask our scrappers to contribute. Fabulous idea – we will support you as much as possible. Please send me the address.

  43. I would love to help…thanks for putting this together!

  44. I would love to help!

  45. I would love to help…

  46. Sorry…I’ve gone nuts there…….wordpress was telling me it wasn’t posted!

  47. Love to help. It makes it’s a tangible way I can assist. Thanks for co-ordinating.

  48. […] the country.  If you are like me and have donated some cash but don’t know what else to do, Sara Gladman is organising a Scrapbook drive called Memory […]

  49. Hi Sarah, it is the least I can do to help- I’ll be scrapping pages, please send an address for me to post them too. Many thanks- Janine xxx


  51. I would love to help with this wonderful project.

  52. Sarah, please send me your address. I have asked all my scrapbooking group to contribute.
    Yes, we all have given money to the appeal, but this is a way that we can give back memories to these families!
    I will be proud to contribute!

  53. Hi, I would love to help. I have a LOT of scrapbooking page kits left over from when I was a TLC consultant, and would love to send them down to you. Do you think it would be ok to do some of the kits into pages, and then leave some of the kits whole?

    I think I also have a couple of 12×12 albums as well. Please let me know how to get them to you, and I’ll pack them up.

  54. I’d love to help too! I can do some 12×12, but I also have a few mini albums that I just bought that I could do as well….let me know where to send them 🙂

  55. Hi Sarah,

    I have some CM layouts that I have ‘won’ from various all day scraps I have been to that are sitting doing nothing in my scrap box, I would be happy to donate these and send these to you just let me know where to send them. More time would be good, then I could make some more!

    What a wonderful idea. I would be happy to add a blurb on my website home page if you would like that as well?


  56. Hi, thanks so much for organising this.

    I am going to sort through my boys toys and clothes and send what I can next week but I would love to do something more personal, something from the heart, and I am sure this will be the ideal answer.

    I will do as many pages as I can within the given time frame and would appreciate if you could please let me know where to send them.

    Thanks heaps,

  57. Hi Sarah,
    I have a pile of layouts that just need a photo or two popped onto them – I think this might be the moment I’ve been keeping them for!
    Where do I send them?

  58. This is a fabulous idea Sarah and we would love to be involved. I will be putting a post on our shops website to encourage as many Brisbane scrappers as possible too.
    We are more than happy to be a drop off point for anyone in Brisbane and to post all the layouts together.
    This is a wonderful and tangible way for us to all contribute, thanks again Sarah.

  59. I would be honored to be a part of this project. Thank you.

  60. Hi Sarah …
    I would love to help out .. just email me where we send it to, and when you would like it by 🙂 .. great work !

  61. Hi Sarah,

    This is a great idea. Let me know the address to send the layouts to.

  62. Sarah
    would love to help – have a load of stash that needs to be used – great cause.
    thanks for being so proactive and caring

  63. Sarah,

    I’d like to help out. Please advise postal address.


  64. Hi. I would love to help and think this is a wonderful idea.

    Will wait for your address with anticipation.


  65. Hi Sarah, what an awesome idea. I would love to help too – will also talk to my LSS & see if they can help spread the word, and will post on my blog about it too!


  66. love the idea ,& would love to help with the pages, send the address deb .p

  67. Count me in. I can’t promise to do a certain amount but will do as many as possible and get them to you by 15 March.

  68. Hi Sarah, what a great idea, I would love to contirbute, please send me your address and I will post mine and anyone elses in my group.

  69. Sarah, this is a fabulous idea, and I will certainly be joining in and have popped a mention onto my blog as well. Bless you for caring 🙂

    Hugs Kris

  70. I would like to help out in this way, thank you for organising this.

  71. I would love to assist. Please send me your details.

  72. Great idea Sarah, I am a Victorian from South Gippsland and am so lucky to be safe along with my family from the fires that burnt so close to us these last two weekends, and can only begin to imagine what these families are going through. I would love to help you with this fantastic idea. I will send mine to Shop & Crop

  73. Fantastic idea Sarah!! will get on to it and drop it into Shop and Crop in Newcastle.

  74. Hi Sarah
    What a beautiful idea you have started!!
    It would be my pleasure to help out………
    Thank you Kylie x

  75. i heard about this on a forum today, i would love to help out too, my LSS is collecting pages for you so i will be dropping mine to her to post, such a great idea

  76. Awesome Sarah…. I have posted a link on my blog about the “Memory Gift” program, We have been inundated with offers of Help for the Children of SCKC and I know so many of those kind and generous scrappers would love to know how they can reach out in this time of great loss & need……


  77. HI Sarah,
    Count me in!
    I will also try to arrange a “crop” day at the scrapshop where I work and get everyone to make a layout to donate.
    I will get back to you once I have spoken to the owner and maybe we can advertise on your blog. I am in sydney.
    Thanks for caring… and sharing.

  78. what a great idea will be happy to get involved

  79. Hi Sarah

    Great idea! As small way of giving something back to families who have lost so much!
    I’m sure I can coerce a few of my scrapping friends to do some pages 🙂
    Please email me your postal addy – I live in Adelaide.

  80. Please send me your details, I will be very glad to help. I’m from Brisbane and will ask our local stores to put this flyers out. Can you email teh flyer to me so that I can print it out please.

  81. I’d love to contribute to this. Have you thought about contacting some of the wholesalers to see if they would be willing to donate some 12 x 12albums to the cause? Thank you for this opportunity to help in some way.

  82. Fantastic Idea… will let others know about it as well

  83. I too would love to help!!

  84. Count me in too please. Thanks for co-ordinating this, and I hope you have help lined up for the mail you’re going to be getting!

  85. Dear Sarah… this is SUCH a wonderful idea.
    Count me in… I have discussed with my daughter’s teacher that we do “something”… I think this is it !!!

    So I will have about 20 layouts created by a group of 8 year olds {and a few friends} mailed to you as soon as we can.

    Please email me your deets.

  86. Count me in also. Will get the news out to local Schools, LSS and class members. Also have a number of 12 x 12 Albums which I can contribute. Are we to put titles on the pages?

    Will post link on my blog.

    Please email me your details.

    3 cheers to you Sarah for organising and to the other contributors for showing the “Aussie spirit”. God bless all of those who have lost in the fires.

  87. Hi there I am happy to do some layouts too

    Please send me your details and I will do some in t he next couple of weeks

    Great Idea – happy to help!!

  88. Sarah, Count me in! Could you send your postal addy darl. Also, Papercrafts Mailbox on the Central *might* possibly be a drop off point for Central Coast Gals.

  89. I’d love to help out – I’m in Newcastle so I can drop them to you if you like.

  90. Hi, I read this through Jennifer McGuire blog. I’d like to help too! I’m from Hungary, and a few weeks ago happened a fire in one of our friends home, and one of my friend started also “helping project”. (Here You can read about it: http://hanachan-flo.blogspot.com/2009/01/azrt-vannak-j-bartok-friend-in-need.html )
    So I feel just like You!!
    Have a nice day!

  91. This is a wonderful idea! I would be more than happy to help and spread the word. memories can mend a soul, God Bless, Val

  92. I will be sending you a box of 12×12 layouts. If you could please email me the address to send them to I will get them out to you next week.
    God bless,

  93. Lovely idea – do you need any particular theme or photo size? I usually scrap 8×8, so can I do some 12×12 and some 8×8 to make matching albums? Pelase send me your postal address – and I’ll spread the word.


  94. I would love to help. Please let me know where to send the LO’s.

  95. What a great idea, Sarah. I was feeling a bit useless but now I have a project! I would love to help.

  96. We’re a small wholesale scrapbooking paper supplier in SA and we’d love to ship a box of papers to you.
    Please contact us with your address details. Congratulations on such a thoughful idea.
    We’ll also put something on our website to highlight your cause.

  97. We are a small wholesale scrapbooking paper supplier in Sth Australia and we would love to send a box of papers to you.
    Please give us some contact details so we can organise this asap.
    We’ll also put a message on our website highlighting your wonderful cause.

  98. I’m new to scrapbooking but would love to help make new memories.
    Please send me details.

  99. Hi Sarah, just found your post and would love to help out in anyway I can.

    Cheers Sharon

  100. Two friends and I have spent this afternoon scrapping & completed 13 pages between us. Could you let me know where to send them Great Job Sarah.

  101. Hi Sarah

    I would like to send a couple of albums please. I can’t contribute with LO’s just now.

  102. What a really sweet thing you are doing here. I would love to help out too. Could I please get a postal address? Thank you

  103. Count me in on this. I’ve been compelled to contribute in SOME way to these poor souls and have been wondering how I can utilize my skills to do so – other than just to donate cash. Now I know what to do. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  104. Love to help. I always build pages I havent chosen the photos for so will be happy to donate some of those. Great idea

  105. I would love to help but just was a bit confused as to what you need. Do you need areas left empty for photos and journalling? Do you need titles or not? Great idea though and happy to help.

  106. Hi,
    Great minds think alike, I to have started this idea with other friends. We live in Central Victoria and Western Suburbs of Melbourne. We are hoping to get albums to people by June/July, so if any of your ladies would like to continue to help they are more than welcome to contact me through my email, i am not good with blogs/web sites so email is the only way! A local shop in Werribee is also going to have crops. I will contact you with dates asap. The scrapping community is awesome, we rock!!

  107. Hi, this is a fantastic project, & I would love to contribute. I will create some LO’s & drop them off to the Scrapbook Scene collection point.

  108. Hi Sarah – I have finished a couple of dozen pages for you where can I send them ? Can you email the address – and congratulations- what a wonderful idea!!

  109. I’m working on some and would love to help. Just let me know where I can send them when they are finished. What a wonderful idea.

  110. Fantastic idea….I will start on this tomorrow….can I promote this on my blog too????

  111. What a lovely thought.

    Count me in, I am in New Zealand and can forward your blog post to see if others are keen.

  112. Would love to help please advise on address to post too



  113. i can’t see my comment above, but i have some ready to go if you let me know your details.

    thanks for organising this sares

  114. Great Idea, I would love to help out. Please let me know where to send them.

  115. Hi Sarah,
    This is a wonderful idea, can’t imagine what it would be like to lose everything. Have been wanting to help in some way and this is something I would love to do for these people. Is there somewhere in Adelaide I can send LO as I’m not near Mt Gambier??
    Otherwise can send them to you.Can you send postal address?
    Good luck with this fantastic project

  116. Hi Sara,

    We are a small online scrapbooking store and love your idea! I was thinking to myself I wish there was something we could do and this is perfect! We are organizing a Scrapbook layout day and will drop all layouts of to our perth drop off point. Thanks!

  117. Called and left a message today Sarah – the girls from Forever Always Forum and Retreat will be putting together an album or two for you during our retreat 26th Feb – 1st March – I will be in contact to confirm shipping details once we are complete.

    Thanks for the idea that is helping us help others.

  118. Hi Sares,

    I live 45 minutes away from the kinglake bushfires, and know families who both survived, and didnt survive the bushfires.. In memory of Rob & Tash Davey and their two gorgeous girls and beautiful puppies, I will be donating several pages. I will drop them off to the Shepp Photo Express store as that is where I live…



  119. sarah i would be more then happy to do up a few quickies to send your way. have a crop day on the 7th to raise money for the survivors so will see if those ladies can come up with a few too.

  120. Hi Sarah,
    Think what you are doing is great and I would love to help. I live in SouthCanberra, and would be happy to collect any other pages from people in this area and send them all together. Or is there already a Canberra drop off point. let me know.

  121. Hi Sarah – great idea. I’d love to help.
    I’ve never made almost completed pages though, only ever made my lo’s around photos so do you have any tips for making almost complete pages?

    Also, I’m in country Victoria – where or what’s the best way for me to send my finished lo’s. Also tips re packaging and mailing.

    Sorry for all the questions but want to make sure I do the best thing.

  122. My family are safe but some of their friends were not and I grew up where the fires were – would love to help out.

  123. Hey, got a start on mine this morning…its a fantastic idea….thanks, Kylie

  124. Hi Sarah,

    What a fantastic idea, I am new to scrapbooking, so still learning and tend to scrap around a photo. I was wondering if I could send in a mixture of papers, stickers, ribbons etc and if this could be forwarded on to someone who has lost all their scrapbooking supplies in the fire, which might help get them started again.

    Please let me know if this is acceptable.

    Cheers Annette

  125. Sara, just wanted to let you know that we are holding a Free All Day Crop on the 1st March for people who would like to come and scrap for this wonderful appeal you have started.

    We are in Bexley in Sydney and would just like to know where to send once we have finished.

    We will endeavour to collate into Albums before sending, to try and help you out, as from the sounds of it, you may be overwhelmed with layouts.

    I’d also like to applaud you on your initiative, it’s so easy just to sit back and think about how to help, but you truly have gone outside the square and I am sure that in years to come, this gift you are giving will be sincerely treasured. So well done.

  126. Hello~I’ve spread the word about this wonderful project. We would love to put together some layouts. Please let me know where they may be shipped.

  127. Hi Sarah, this is a wonderful idea and would love to help, I have just organised for Robyn’s Scrapbook to hold a Crop-A-Thon from 6.30pm on 6/3 to 1pm 8/3 being a long weekend we will have Monday to recover. Could let me know where you would like the LO and albums sent. Thanks

  128. Hi Sarah
    Would love to help out too – just wondering if you could please let me know where I can send layouts to.

    Bless you for taking this step to help out these families.

  129. I have 4 LO’s looking for a new home!!
    Let me know where you want them sent and they are on their way.
    Such a fantastic idea…..your a legend!

  130. I live in Adelaide is there a drop off point here??

  131. Hi Sarah,
    Firstly from a fellow Victorian I would like to thank you for seeing the forsight into doing this.. I will gladly contribute. This link has been sent to our scrapping group and there are a few of us participating in this wonderful project… Once again thank you..

  132. HI Sarah, Thank you for your vision. Our local shop in Sydney already has a stack of 12 x 12’s for your cause and my girlfriend will be in Maitland on Saturday morning could I please have some details about where she could drop them off if that suits you. Many thanks Kath C

  133. I have posted close to 30 layouts for you to include in your albums – such a fabulous idea and cudos to you for having the mind to coordinate it all. SCrappers are such a heartfelt mob I am sure you will be inundated!!

    Well done !!

  134. Hi Sarah

    A great idea. I am in QLD where do i send??

    Many thanks

  135. Hi Sarah, I have some layouts to fwd to you for the bushfire appeal. Could you please let me know where I should send them. What a wonderful job you have done coordinating this. It a lovely example of a little bit going a long way. How wonderful these albums are going to be for those starting over. Leax

  136. I will be sending several layouts from the USA; please let me know where to send them. This is such a wonderful idea! I’ve been looking for a way to help and this just makes my heart happy. I hope it helps a bit.

  137. I would love to help! Besides making some 12X12 layouts, could they use some books also? I have a couple of extra 12X12 books that have page protectors in – I could send those also.
    Let me know! 🙂

  138. I would love to help!!

  139. Hi Sarah.. saw the Bushfire Appeal on Allcraftz about a week ago a few ladies here at Warracknabeal have done about 100 pages for our fellow Aussies who have suffered so sadly.. what a wonderful idea you had. Need an address to send them direct as we are too far from any drop off point …Thanks Di Wilde

  140. Hey there – can you send me your address – I will send you some layouts immediately! Australia has a place in my heart as we hosted two different students from Perth and a lovely family in Perth hosted my daughter several years ago in an exchange program. Would love to help.

  141. Hi Sarah,
    Can i please have your address, for posting some Lo’s.


  142. Wonderful effort….
    Do you still need more layouts?

  143. […] read Sara Gladman's blog. How cool would it be to get some friends together for an evening of scrapbooking and have everyone […]

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