One Lucky Duck

….that would be ME.

I have a lot to be thankful for, you know. I am blessed with a brain that can think about arty farty things, kids lunches, what to wear, birthday parties, dental appointments, clipping the dog, scrapbooking, reading club and soccer ALL AT THE SAME TIME and it doesn’t explode. (Which is good because then there would be something else to clean up now, wouldn’t there?)

I am also thankful that HB is growing out of her “Now what can I smear on my face” stage. Luke is finally growing his other front tooth and filling in that huge gap in his mouth. Ryan is finally able to stand up to his big brother (yay!) and tell him off, on occasion. I am also blessed with the knowledge that I can walk away smiling when Ryan tells Luke off  (for being “selfish” and “not thinking about other people’s feelings”) and realise that we must be doing an OK job as parents.

But seriously – I am very thankful that James is starting school very soon and – even though my heart is going to be in my throat for a few weeks into the term – he is going to be OK. I just have to relax.

Tell me it’s normal to be as nervous as I am about James starting school? Does anyone else out there have a child who has a disability and frets about them starting school and – god forbid – getting bullied? I have this precious child who has the most innocent belief that the world is wonderful and everyone loves him – until someone crushes him with a horrible comment. OK now I need a tissue.

I know that “moment” is going to arrive soon – the time when James is going to come home from school in tears because someone teased him. And all I can do is wait for it. And hug him to death. And secretly plan 1000 ways of killing the bully (and his parents and the school and the bus driver for not seeing it coming).

I am just going to concentrate on the positive because that is the best thing to do for everyone. Wish me luck.

On another, lighter level, I am also a lucky duck because I have won something! Not just a little thing either – a big thing! Look at this!


I won a Making Memories SLICE! Wooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I was lucky to be able to enter in the draw to win the Slice by shopping at one of my fave scrapbooking haunts in Newcastle – Shop and Crop at Lambton.

Thankyou so much Sasha and the rest of the Shop and Crop Team! I really appreciate the chance to win this machine and it has certainly found a very happy home to live in. My classes have just taken on a whole new level and the best part about this machine is how portable it is – awesome!

So when you next get a chance to so some scrap shopping, either online or in person, take a look at Shop and Crop – Sasha always has the newest and greatest supplies and puts things together in fabbo Kits with great teachers to guide you through some classes.

Stay tuned for some samples of how the Slice has added a new dimension to my scrapping!

I have been a busy chook for the past few days working on adding to my Digi Kits and here are a few thumbnails of some of the collections I have been developing:






Yes, I have been busy and staying up late. That’s what happens when your hubby has had an operation and we are all house-bound, doesn’t it? LOL.

I will try and link each picture to the category it belongs to, but just in case I can;t work it out then just click  HERE and it will take you to Eidou.

True to my New Year’s resolution, I have also been busy keeping up with my girls. I had a chance for a lunch/get together last week down in Sydney and it was SO lovely to be with them again. I miss those girls so much it hurts sometimes. They have the best effect on me – once I have spent the day with them I am calmer and – dare I say it – a better parent. Love you guys!


By the way – Reids, if you are reading this, you look SO much like Elle Macpherson. Seriously. 😉

I also have to say that, between us, we are responsible for THIRTEEN children. No wonder I had to Photoshop our tummies 😉

I will leave you with one last pic of our past week – after a super busy day we decided to unwind by shooting each other with Super Soakers for a while in the yard. Here is James after a shot in the face – poor thing – I had to laugh at this photo because he is poking his finger so hard into his eye and saying, “But MUM, it hurts! Look! I’ve got something in my EYE”.


Yes, you have something in your eye, my darling boy.

It’s called YOUR FINGER 🙂

Sares x

5 Responses

  1. Hi there Sares, chin up hun, I hear you about first day of school and all that. Although my two don’t have a disability I still fret about them starting prep and possibly getting bullied at school at some point in there lives. Your boy is the luckiest thing alive because he has got YOU as his mum, what more could a little boy ask for and yes he will get to experience his ups and downs but he will be coming home to a loving environment where his mum is waiting with a big hug. Your boy will be alright Sares, how could he not, with a mum like you!!!
    Hugs xx

  2. Hi Sarah,
    what a burden it is to be a loving mom. Al the horrors one can imagine, al the time u wan´t to protect your children. and yet there comes a time when they are no longer under your wings and it is a good time as well as a scary time.
    I only know you through your blog and the generosity you have shown to me but I am confident that you will find the means to comfort and put courage back in your sweet boy when needed.
    I’d consider talking to him about good and bad secrets. Good secrets – the ones that make you happy and bubbly is fine to hold to your self but bad secrets must be told to mom. I pray that that it is a vaccine that will protect my child from the feeling of having to carry her sorrows alone.
    You seem to have a great heart Sarah – let it help you and you will al be fine!

  3. Oh Sares, you crack me up. It’s good to see the gentle, loving, protective mother that you are – or should that be the feisty growling bear that will tear you to shreds if you hurt my kids. As long as James has you there for support everything will be OK.
    Congrats on winning the super duper MM Slice. Knowing you, you will put it to good use. Love your digi kits, they look awesome. Top shot of James too.
    Have a great day,
    Cheers, Irene 🙂

    p.s. My book arrived today. Yeah. It is nothing short of fabulous. I will mention it in my blog tomorrow and link back to you.

  4. Hey Sares !

    James will be ok – we both know as teachers, that it won’t be perfect, but he’ll grow and learn from all of the experiences – good and bad ! Love the finger in the eye photo of him !!!
    Congrats on the Slice… wish I had one !


  5. S-I’m back; I lost all my favorites and couldn’t remember your blog but after careful searching, I found it! As a mom of a preschooler with disabilites, I know the worry and it’s just a day at a time. Yes, kids can be mean but I’d say that 98% of the time, it’s just because they are ignorant of facts. Once they learn about whatever disability it is and they get to know your child, they don’t even see it; it becomes a non-issue. Good luck! It’ll be fine********

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