Happy New Year and a RAK!

I’d like to say a BIG HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody reading Leonardo’s Apprentice – to everyone who has left a comment, popped in for some inspiration or simply lurked – I hope 2009 brings you a year of peace and happiness!



I wonder what this year will bring? Last year was a huge one for us as a family – let’s hope that this coming year settles down a bit. Although, with 4 kids, there’s no such thing as a “quiet” year, is there? LOL

What will the New Year bring for you? Has anyone made any New Year’s resolutions? I certainly have. It was to try and catch up with friends a bit more often. Too much of my weekly routine is about work work work. Life is way too short to be workinig all the time, so I am going to resolve to catch up with my girls more. There’s nothing like a giggling girl’s night out to make you feel good, is there? 🙂

Christmas Day was great around our house – the day started off fairly frenzied, then calmed down for a bit before my brother arrived with his girlfriend with SuperSoakers for Xmas pressies. Man they were so much fun! I was out in the yard with the kids and my mum spraying everything that moved. Check out this photo of me with James and the grin on his face – and then the next photos of the look on Ryan’s face – priceless!



And – suprise suprise – I actually did get a chance to do some scrapping over the Xmas break – and this time it didn’t feel like it was “by rote” – it was just a pleasure to sit and play with some new supplies. One thing I have been buying a lot of lately is transparencies – love them!

Here’s a few examples of using them:



The top one uses the Hambly Lime circles overlay, and the bottom uses the Hambly Gold Flourish overlay. I love how they add depth and another layer of colour to the LO!

So, in order to start off the year with a bang, I am going to RAK you – are you ready?

For anyone who leaves me a comment in the next 4 days, I will put your name into the draw to win a copy of “Simple Scrapbooks”. This book is about 1.5inches thick and choc FULL of sketches, plans, tips, techniques for creating your own simpla scrapbooks, and then at the end of the book there is an entire mini book to pop out inclusing all the wordart and journalling spots to complete it!



I’ll leave you with a picture of James during the end of the Christmas festivities in our house – I think this picture sums up all we feel as a human race during the festive season – peace, love, family and……….


….absolute exhaustion…..! rofl

Take care everyone and happy New year to you all,

Sares x


16 Responses

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I have been admiring your amazing talent since I started uploading my LO’s to SBM site under the name (Ohl68). I have added your blog to my blog so that my friends can go and see how talented you are. I want to wish you and your family a great New Year and I look forward to scrappin a whole lot more this year than last….I kind of lost my mojo during the latter part of the year…So my New Years resolution is to complete an album I have been working on for an exchange student we had living with us in 2006/2007. I have already sent home to her in The Netherlands one album with 93 pages in it and the other 2 albums I have to finish will probably have about that many pages in them too, so wish me luck and I will pop in again and check out what you have been up to. Looking forward to 2009 Luv Shaz

  2. Nothing like a RAK to bring a blog-lurker out of the shadows!LOl!! I adore the look of that book!
    Love love love the looks on your boys faces – absolutely perfect pic!!
    Here’s to your 2009!

    Fran xx

  3. ROFL! I have seen that same look on James repeatedly. My DD, whenever the family and relatives get together, she would play till like they is no tomorrow. By the end of the day, one minute she was awake, sitting quietly and the next, she dozed off till the very next day.

  4. Hi Sares,
    I’m glad you had a great Christmas. Have been thinking about you over the break.
    Love the photo of James – I’m sure a lot of us can relate to that shot- that’s how we would like to end the day with no thought of unfinished chores and the like.
    I love the new layouts you have featured – very nice indeed.
    See you very soon

    Love and kisses

  5. Happy New Year Sares!!! Gorgeous LOs as usual – I haven’t been able to scrap a LO for over a month… I think I might be burnt out :o(
    I’ll keep coming back to get my inspiration fix though :o)

  6. HAppy new year too you too.Love the pic of James he looks overloaded thats for sure.Take care Kerry xx

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Happy New Years, and a big Hug to you for all your inspiration you’ve brought to me over 2008!

    You look like you’ve had a blast over christmas, that pic says it all…


  8. Hi Sarah
    Glad to hear you had a great Christmas. What fun super soakers – for children of all ages!!! Looking forward to a creative 2009.
    Alison xx

  9. Happy New Year Sares, hope it brings all things good for 2009. It’s obvious you had a blast at Christmas.
    I made a few resolutions for this year: to spend more time with DH; be on time; work on my health to name a few. Thank goodness I have never smoked and only have a glass or two of wine (one glass and I am sliding off the chair ROFPMP). All those little improvements that everyone aims for at the beginning of the year. So to help me this year, my word for this year is going to be FOCUS.

  10. Hi Sares! Happy New Year!! Looks like you’ve been having a great Chrissy break. I soooo know what you mean about scrapping by rote – I’ve just had a 3 week break and I feel all recharged and ready to create. Wishing you all the best for 2009. Cheers, Lis.

  11. Happy New Year Sares… Hope 2009 brings you the quietness you seek!!!!!

  12. Looks like you had a great Xmas Sares! What a fab photo of James 🙂
    Hope you and your family have an awesome 2009 and I look forward to plenty more of your gorgoues work in the year ahead.
    Aga xx

  13. Hey Sarah:
    Love the picture of the little guy sleeping! I discovered your blog after reading your piece in Somerset Memories. Awesome and the blog looks like it’ll keep me occupied for a long time! Thanks for sharing your art.

  14. hi Sarah
    Happy New Year everyone, I hope you and your family have a great year. Sarah, I love your blog, I get a lot of inspiration of it. Hope to see more of your gorgeous work

  15. Hi Sarah,
    Happy New year. I didn´t even know such a book existed – it looks like ” a need to have”.
    As of resolutions I made two. One was a non work night a week ( made to my girl). The other one is for my self, and make sure to finish projects and keep calendar to keep track of what need to be done and when.
    I usually finish in time, but not without stress and al that is connected.
    I guessed it would be a good thing to try hard to change that.

  16. I’ve just found your blog via the Aussie Scrapjack site and I can see why your been Scrapjacked, your work is beautiful.

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