I Wonder….

…why my daughter feels the need to paint her face with every type of cream she finds in the house?

Last week, it was nailpolish. The week before, toothpaste. This week, see below…


Nappy Rash cream. We’re lucky it wasn’t Rectinol or something!


It took nearly an ENTIRE pack of wipes to get everything off her face only to discover that she had painted the back of her bedroom door as well! Double ARGH!

Let’s look at the down side first – she spent hours screaming that I was “runing her makeup”. The plus side, of course, is that she won;t have any nappy rash on her face EVER.

I swear to god my house is like a circus at times. You just don’t know where to look because there is always someone doing something in every corner. We decided to put up the Christmas Tree this afternoon. The kids sorted out all the ornaments into piles of “Light”, “Heavy” and “Whatever”. Then argued about what was heavy and what was light. Then pushed them all over the floor to line them up in a straight line (not OCD just boredom).  Then put them on the tree which, at the present moment, is on a lean akin to the Tower of Pisa. “Guys! Let’s try and keep the ornaments evenly spread, OK?”

There was one funny episode where James was running around without any pants on (not an usual sight as visitors to my house will know) and sat on a pile of spiky icicle covering for the christmas lights. Ouch! I spent the afternoon putting antiseptic cream on his butt and giggling :). Never a dull moment with that kiddo.

So, on to some scrapping news – I have something big coming out to Aussie shores as we speak and I am so darn excited to see it – finally!

The new edition of “Somerset Memories” is out by Stampington and I have a three page spread devoted to my current work and three other projects in the general layout of the magazine. I am soooo darn excited! It’s been a long time in the works and I am so thrilled to be featured in that mag – thanks again to Debs from Louisiana for sending me my first ever copy. Debs, can you believe it??

Here’s a sneak peek:


It’s on page 16, 17 and 18 of the mag, if you can get your hands on a copy. For those of you in Oz, it might be a bit tougher to get a copy – you may need to look up somewhere like Blue Bazaar, who often get the Stampington mags.

Soon we will be hearing about the successful Scrapbooking Memories Masters applicants. I think I need to just not think about it. I fluctuate between being wildly optimistic and apathetic about the whole thing.

Scrapping-wise I have done a HEAP of LO’s this week but because they are all due for pubbling or belong to a kit I can’t show you most of it – I can give you a sneak peek though!


But I will leave you with a full size pic of my latest LO for Upsy Daisy Designs – using their downright beautiful new range of Christmas papers called “Hot Chocolate”:


The Hot Chocolate Papers are made from great quality dense double sided paper and this range is brightly coloured in hot pinks and lime greens – although I have done a “softer” version in this LO. Believe me, it would be worth getting some to have a play with!

That’s all from me for now – I’m off to bedfordshire after a busy day with my Saturday scrapping girls – thanks girls, I had a heap of fun today (as always) and thankyou all for bringing that lovely food!

Take care all,

Sares x

4 Responses

  1. OMG! That’s awful.. but she’s so cute. :)) Can’t help smiling!

  2. Now Sarah, you must admit she is totally cute. Maybe thats what I need to enhance my features…….nappy rash cream (lol).

    Love your layouts and congrats on your publications.

  3. Hi Sares,

    Do you think the nappy rash cream is good for wrinkles – if so I’ll have a bucketful.!!
    Love the layout done with the Hot Chocolate papers but once again Hannah steals the show!
    Thanks for Saturday – had a lovely time and I so loove my Christmas easel – its divine.

  4. I’m just setting down to read the latest issue of Somerset and after reading about your love of black paper, I logged in to find you in blogland! I too, have a LOVE for black paper all the time and have to stop myself from using it ALL the time! I think I will go back to it because it just doesn’t feel the same to use other colors as much {except maybe Tomato Red and dark brown} 🙂 Thank you for being the only one to understand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your work and your daughter is soooo funny & cute!!

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