Time to take those……



No? Not yay? I hear you groan. Oh sorry – the thought of trying to coax your kids onto an unenthusiastic Santa’s lap doesn’t bring you much joy and happiness of the festive season?

Well, no more! No more unhappy Santa. No more screaming kids, tacky elves and tinsel and above all – NO MORE 12 YEAR OLD CHECK-OUT CHICKS BEING GIVEN CAMERAS AND THINKING THEY ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER!

I am holding a one person rally to get everyone out there to avoid the shopping centre Santa pics like the plague and take some of your own. Please. I am here to give you a heap of tips that can make even the most ordinary photographer mum into something much more special.

All you need to do is to grab your camera, grab your kids and find the lightest room in the house. If it’s an overcast day then take the pics outside. Then all you need to grab is a white sheet and a couple of Christmas ornaments and start clicking away.

Creating your own backdrop with a white sheet is an easy way to get rid of unnecessary background “noise” particularly with a portrait shot, as Chrissy photos tend to be.

If you are inside in a well lit, sunny room turn your camera on to “Sports mode” and adjust your white balance to “Shade 7000K”. This will give you a fast film speed (perfect for wriggly kids) and allow as much light into the room as possible.

Take some close up shots of the kids’ faces as they see the ornaments for the first time. That look of wonder and excitement is so precious! Or take some close up shots of their little hands holding the ornaments, or just a plain shot of the ornaments by themselves.

And so here are the official portrait shots for this year! Quite painless, really. All I had to promise was a lollypop and a trip to the playground 🙂

img_1458-edit-small1     img_1453-edit-small    img_1445-edit-small1   img_1425edit-small    img_1361edit-small1   img_1356-edit-layered-small    img_1403-edit-small1    img_1471-edit-small1     

and the final one for the Christmas Card:


So go out tomorrow and grab a white sheet ans hand the kids a bunch of Christmas ornaments and start clicking. That’s the beauty of digital photogaphy – you can delete all those blurry or ordinary shots. Just have fun with it. I bet you’ll get some great pics too!

OH AND DID I FORGET TO MENTION? The lovely people who leave me a comment over the next few days (until my next post) will go in the draw to win a series of 10 handmade Christmas cards by me using my photos! So don’t forget to drop me a line to say hi before you leave, OK?

What else is going on this week? Oh Yes!

Some fun stuff happening over at Chatterbox – I have had my first LO posted up on the ChatterBlog and I am soo happy with how it looks – thanks Courtney!


Also, a huge thankyou to Louise, Irene and Renee who have all given me awards in the past two weeks – ladies, I promise I will answer the questions one day but in the mean time a big THANKYOU for choosing me. I am honoured to be thought of my such talented scrappers as you all are.

Have fun and happy scrapping 🙂

Sares x


11 Responses

  1. gorgeous pics and what a fab idea – I’m soooo grabbing Joshie and some ornaments soon!

  2. Oh, I always just push the 12 yo “photog-wannabes” out of the way and click away with my own camera anyway. They are usually grateful and what kid that age would argue with me LOL!!
    I really should do a bit of a Chrissy photoshoot though – and maybe I should even make some cards this year too…..
    Thanks for the kick start!

  3. Hi Sares,

    I was going to ring Mel and let her know how you did the great Chrissy pics but that saves me the trouble.
    The more I see the photos the more I like them.

    See you soon


  4. What lovely photos, your work is inspirational. Thanks for the ideas but mine are 21 and 18 now so don’t know if they would still look as ‘cute’ on the photos LOL! Thanks for your e-mail about the buttons last week.

  5. Sarah – those photos are adorable! My kids HATE Santa, so I’m well and truly up for the challenge. Love you layout too – that colour combo is gorgeous (as is the pic!)!

  6. Hi Sarah
    I did leave a comment before…just wondering where in the Hunter you are. I am moving there after Christmas and was hoping i could get in on a class sometime. Thanks.

  7. Oh Sares is there anything you can’t do well, those photos are just fantastic, very very beautiful. The layout is stunning as well.
    Have left you a little something on my blog!!!
    Hugs xx

  8. Hiya Hunny-Buns…love love your pics..so beautiful!
    And your CBX page rocks the casbah as always..hope all is well with you chooks 🙂

  9. Thanks for the photography tips Sarah. Any help in that field is much appreciated. Your photos are adorable and much more Christmasy than sitting on Santa’s knee.

  10. Thanks for the tips! I did christmas photos of my best mates little girl last year, and she put them in christmas cards and gave them out as presents from her daughter. They came out really well, everyone got a different photo. Im so going to have to do some this year with some of your tips!

  11. Aww i love the photo’s hun they are gorgeous 😀

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