A New Week

I’d like to start off this new week with a few new Lo’s that I have created this week. I’ve been concentrating on getting the most out of cheaper supplies – making things go further etc. In the current economic climate some people have been feeling the pinch when it comes to scrapping supplies and I hope I can help you stretch your current “stash” as far as it should.

Tip Number One:

Op Shops and Thrift Stores

I have found a secret “stash” of op shops here in the Hunter that continually suprise me with little treasures to be used in scrapping. One of the most common finds I make is large jars of buttons. When clothing comes into the store and it’s too crummy to put on the rack, they cut off the excess buttons and put them in jars for about $3.

Source out some of your local op shops and go on a scavenger hunt – there is nothing more exciting!

Here are the buttons (often they are vintage ones) used on a LO to form a frame around the photos.

ryan-buttons-lo   ryan-buttons-detail

Tip Number Two:

Cluster your Embellishments

Sometimes the cost of a set of embellishments is worth more than the page itself. Some of them are exorbitantly priced! I won’t name names, but I think it’s pretty rude that some scrapbook manufacturers create embies through Asian companies and then whack their brand name on them and sell them for twice the price.

So, In order to make those gorgeous embies stretch a bit further, cluster them around one area of your LO, rather than placing one here or there. Clustering them gives the appearance of a greater amount and you can flesh out the rest of the LO using cheaper things like flowers and gems.

For example:

having-a-ball   having-a-ball-detail

That’s all for the tips for the moment – until next post. I will keep sourcing out good places to go shopping for your scrapping stuff too – so stay tuned!

Here’s some LO’s that are just the “fun stuff” – given that I had a pretty awful week last week I just wanted to scrap for some “therapy” and so there was no rhyme nor reason to it – just playing.

hannah-old-fashioned   happy-days   ryan-david-circle-of-life   sweetie-pie   ryan-wings-lo

As you can see – quite varied in approach – each one shows a different style LOL. Obviously I couldn’t quite settle on one method of scrapping 😉

Click on each image if you want to see a larger version – or just let your mouse float over the top and a snap image will appear.

Have a great week everyone and happy scrapping 🙂

Sares x

6 Responses

  1. darn good therapy you’ve got going on there 😉

  2. You have some brilliant ideas – I bought a massive jar of buttons in an antique market in Canada for about 5 dollars. The only problem was they weighed a ton to bring back to the UK!! But some of them are really lovely and are quite old. I love your LO’s – fab!

  3. Thanks for these great tips!! your work is fabulous btw 🙂
    Aga xx

  4. Wow Sarah I am amazed! I love how your layouts have a real whimsical and magical feel to them! In the wonderful layout, the photo makes your little girl look like a porcelain doll! So pretty

  5. sarah,
    What GREAT tips! Going hunting in the op shops!!
    Love all those LO’s.. I have been mojoless, but thanks to your inspiring work, I can see it coming back!!
    Take Care
    Felicity x

  6. I have always loved op shops. I live in Newcastle. I love old buttons, lace and motifs, old games etc. Im happy to share my haunts with you!!!

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