Chipmunks and Chaos

I must say I am rather impressed with my sewing skills this week. After not touching the sewing machine for eons, I opened it up the other day because my dance teacher wanted me to make some life sized Alvin and the Chipmunks heads. Apparently she has picked out a victim/volunteer to wear them at the end of year dance concert and I am the lucky person who gets to make them.

At the moment, the chipmunk looks more like a crazed kids pillow with some eyes and off centre ears. I am getting there, though! I’ll post pics as soon as I can get my backside off this chair.

The two weeks of the school holidays are almost over (I can cry a weak “yay!” with the energy I have left). I was almost over it before it had begun. Military school is looking quite positive ;).

I have also been doing some work for a crazy arty farty friend of mine, Petrina Mc Donald. P has been a very busy girl and has designed some very cool little chippy pieces and asked me to have a play with them so that she could sell them through Stuff 2 Scrap.

Here’s a look at the chippy pieces:

Aren’t they great? I was so pleased to be able to design with something new and exciting. Here’s a look at what I created using the pieces:

Check out Petrina’s Blog with her new designs and product ideas HERE.

So, what else is new? I have been putting together some ideas for Tips, both for here on my Blog and on the Tips and Techniques site. I have also started putting together some of my ideas and designs for rub ons. I will be making A4 sheets of rub ons with my designs on them – ranging from about AUD$6 – $15. They will be coloured rub ons, quite large in size and designed for all sorts of pages and themes – but the one thing they will have in common will be an “arty farty” twist 🙂

The pic below shows you my Tip for this week – using your old Junkitz vellum letters as a lask on your cardstock base so that you can create your own title as a part of your background.

Check out the rest of that Tip and Technique HERE.
Last but not least, check out my little rabbit here.


My kids absolutely LOVE to dress up :).

 That’s it from me for now – I hope everyone has a great week!

Sares x


4 Responses

  1. What a cute lil rabbit!! 🙂
    Great chippy pieces!

  2. Woohoo, rubons can’t wait Sarah, can we pre – order!!??
    Those chipee’s of Petrinas are yummo look forward to seeing your rubon’s

  3. thanks for the love sweet cheeks!!
    😉 P

  4. Lovely work as always Sares!! I love the way u used those chipboard shapes – not always easy! Inspirational! (great shapes in themselves too!)

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