Why are my children…

…..so smelly? Why do they get their hands into the most disgusting of messes? Is there something so very attractive about a puddle that makes then strip off their clothes in the dead of winter and dive bomb into it? Why do they also think I won’t find the mess if they stuff it into the back of their cupboards? Under their beds? Behind the study chair?    Argh!

I just cleaned up my eldest son’s bedroom and now I need a good session with a psychologist, a cup of tea and a lie down. My god! There must be some genetic mutation in boys that pops up at around 8 which says, “Thou shalt not clean…in fact thou art allergic to it”. In a fit of house pride I decided to do all the washing and match all the socks. This meant donning a Miner’s helmet and diving head first into my eldest son’s bedroom – a site which CLEARLY should be marked with signs such as “TOXIC WASTE DUMP” and ” HAZMET SULFUROUS GASES – DANGER!”.

Actually cleaning his room was quite educational, really. Did you know that after 5 weeks of being stuffed in a sock draw, apples look like a shrunken monkey head? I also believe I have discovered a new classification of mould – there was some on the window sill above the bed and I am SURE it was breathing when I found it.  And would you believe that the poisonous gases put out by 7 day old footy socks can be cancelled out by the smell coming from the laundry basket? I’m sure we could use that as a “Weapon of Mass Destruction” over in Iraq. One small whiff and the Taliban would beg for mercy – Oh! Allah! Get it away from me!

Now that I have recovered from my cleaning fit I don’t believe I will be doing it again anytime soon. It’s left me with a permanent limp and a need for a holiday in the Bahamas.

On to more interesting things – scrapping!

I have been playing with a Cuttlebug machine that belongs to my friend Deb – thanks Deb! I have been whirling away on that thing for days, cutting and embossing everything in sight. I went through my entire pile of scraps and embossed everything then when that ran out I searched high and low around the house for other things to whack into the machine. A few extra things I found that work really well are:

1. Grungeboard

2. Embossing foil strips or tin foil

3. Felt, Flocked or Suede paper

4. Coredinations cardstock.

5. Foam sheets

6. Corrugated card.

7. Thick paper towels.

8. Normal Patterned Paper

I had a ball! I haven’t had that much fun playing with a scrapping thing for a long time. So I have been thinking of interesting ways to begin using the stuff. Here’s a few examples:


There’s a few more to be photographed yet – so stay tuned!

I’ve also been doing normal Lo’s – well normal for me, anyway, LOL. Here’s a few shares:


The “Memory Frame” as I call it was created by using the inside of a canvas – something I learned from the talented Julie Heard once long ago. The chipboard floral flourish is from a company here in Oz called “Twiddleybitz” – they specialise in chipboard accents as well as some acrylic products etc. I was so SICK of Kaiser products and I was very happy when I found Twiddleybitz – quite a bit different and so well priced! Check them out HERE.

 Last but not least a Lo with two of my fave subjects – my neice and my DH. This is my personal fave of the week.

That’s all from me for now chookies – Take care!

Sares xx

5 Responses

  1. I am delighted you made it through…Shew that was a close one. I am a survivor of 2 boys myself and I have a friend that has 5 YES 5. We can relate. On the scrappy side ..Just wanted to tell you that I am your newest blog stalker and delighted with your newest experiments….The grunge board has become one of my favorite toys and find the plain starting to clearance out a lot in many areas so embossing it is a great new way to make it “groovy” baby! LOL corny I know but a big thanks to you all the same.

  2. lol..giggles @ sons room …you poor thing …i have just done a spring clean from top to bottom …walls sills screens clothes and toys …..so i am hearing up …lol

    great lay outs love your work

  3. Dang Sarah…a girl takes a bit of a break from blog surfing and look what she comes back to! You are a complete mad woman (one of my personal favourite qualities), a mega talent…basically an all out legend girl! HUGE congrats on the chatterbox gig – awesome and well deserved!
    huge ((((hugs)))) and loads of sloshing love my friend!

  4. hi!!! cookie here!!! just blog hoping and you blog is so beautiful!!! love the works here!!! gorgeous! so excited to work with you guys on the CB team!!! Congrats!!!

  5. Hi Sarah, I was given a Cuttle Bug for Mother’s Day and now I collect anything that might be embossed. A couple of things that have worked out well is the sample paint cards you get from Bunnings etc and (dont laugh) the foil tops from cream cheese containers, they come out looking like Christmas balls.

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