Exciting News to Share!

I am thrilled to be able to say that I have been accepted by Courtney to be a part of the CHATTERBOX International Design Team – WOOOOHOOOO!

Actually, that sounded very formal didn’t it? I would like to say that I read the email and then casually remarked to my family, “Oh Darlings, isn’t it lovely? I shall be representing Chatterbox” and then sipped my Martini.

Alas, nothing so refined or stylish. More like running around the house doing baby circles with my arms and shouting “WOOT!WOOT!” and scaring the cat. And THEN realising I had no bra on. And THEN slipping on some green cordial on the floor. Wow, I am all class.

I am really looking forward to working for Chatterbox – I have said it before and I’ll say it again, their products have always been a favourite of mine due to being so versatile and perfectly coordinated. And the new Arti.licious range is just DIVINE. Bring on the first project, I say! lol

We all had a great day, yesterday actually. It was my son James’ special 5th Birthday – Happy Birthday my little man! Heaven knows what we’ve been through in the past 5 years but you have made up for all the times of hardship by being a sunny, bright, always smiling, always laughing little bundle of joy. Here’s to another 5!


I also got another special phone call this morning from Cassie over at Scrapbooking Memories – I have made it into the Masters Top 50! Another WOOHOO! I am sooo blessed today. So now I have to sit back and wait until we all find out who the Masters are. Twiddling my toes and biting my fingernails off, you bet! lol

Back to the scrapbooking side of things though – what have I been doing this week other than making a complete fool of myself? I HAVE actually been doing something productive. I caught up on housework that had been left all last week while the kids were sick. I caught up on emails. I caught up on some classes. I even clipped the dog and bathed the cat! lol – That’s what happens to me when Spring finally hits. I get in a fit of spring cleaning and nothing is safe. The kids get chucked outside and I go through the house like a mini tornado sweeping, vacuuming and dusing everything in my path. I also clean out the old clothes from the closets – something that gives my DH no end of anxiety (“But WHY do we need to throw out my Scout tee shirt from 1976?”). By the end of it all my family is begging for mercy, the dog won’t speak to me and my DH can be found weeping into the rubbish bin, pulling out old undies and wailing “See! This is still fine – we could use it to wax the car or something!” in pure desperation.

So now I am off to finish cleaning the house and I may even get to scrap this afternoon – yay! I am also putting together abother tutorial on Sun Printing and other tips and techniques this week – so keep coming back to check out my Blog when you have a minute spare.

Take care everyone,

Sares xx

15 Responses

  1. Hi Sarah – just dropping in to say congrats on your position with CBX, I look forward to working with you!….oh, and I totally hear you about the clothes throwing thing – I now try and do it when hubby is at work, we have so many of his old jocks in the rag bag because they “are still good for the shed!”. lol

  2. Well…who’s a clever girl then…hehe!

    I love the way you described the way you reacted when you got the news – I can totally picture you…pmsl (yes – I think I did pee my pants a little…hehe.)

    So happy for you and for the other girls that got in.

    OMG – and the top 50…Yipee for you – you’re on a roll girl!!!

    Oh and before I go “Happy birthday James” sounds like you had a fabulous day.

    Make sure you “whoot whoot” softly today ok – don’t want to upset the cat..;)


  3. Hey Sarah
    Congratulations on both Chatterbox DT and SM master’s top 50…..
    So pleased for you, catch you Saturday

  4. I knew you would get into the top 50 sares, congratulations hun this is so well deserved and to top it of the chatterbox dt, my gosh girl finally people are starting to realize the immense talent you possess, lol, that sounds pretty posh too doesn’t it. Seriously a huge congrats on both accounts, proud of ye!!!

  5. Congratulations on the CBX DT position! I look forward to working with you and it was such a thrill to wake up to exciting email like that. DH was at work still so I had to share my excitement with my 4 kids! They were a little puzzled by my excitement!

  6. HUGE CONGRATS CHICKIE!!!! TOO COOL… WTG with CBX can’t wait to see what awesome things that brings from you and that SM TOP 50 list is looking pretty FINE if you ask me πŸ˜‰ hehehe… looks like I might be allowed to keep buying SM again this year hey? πŸ˜‰ LOL

  7. congrats Missy that is awesome news.

  8. hey, double congrats!! :)) can’t wait to work with you!! love your entry!!

  9. I’m ROFLing at your second paragraph dahhhling! I’m so happy for you! Big congratulations!!!

  10. Hey Sarah,
    Congratulations on the Chatterbox DT..you will bring it life!!such an old favourite again, can’t wait to be inspired!!
    I knew you would be making the top 50 in Masters, and I can bet my bottom dollar you’ll be in the top 10, you have had a wonderfully blessed day, surprised you could get anything done with the wonderful excitment, Way to go!!!!!!!!

  11. woohoooo!!! I am so thrilled for you. Chatterbox wow!! you rock! and i am sure you will rock SM too,..they would be crazy not to pick you!! congrats gorgeous!!!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS Sares!!! That’s so awesome!!

  13. WOW, congratulations on both counts Sares, couldn’t have happened to a more talented lady. I am ready, sitting at my scrap table (I was about to say with my “knife and folk”……what am I thinking?) waiting to be inspired.

    If you are still excited, you can whip through my house like a tornado any time you’r ready. hehehehe

  14. HI Sares,

    Have just worked out how to leave a comment.
    So hello there and thank for just being you.

  15. Hey Chook!!! Congrats girl! I saw this announcement and I’m thrilled for you!

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