Westmead Hospital…

…in Sydney has had a very close relationship with our family over the past 5 years. When our son, James, was born with a Bone Dysplasia disability (Short Stature), we became part of the extended hospital Clinic “Family” visiting to check up on James’ progress, getting information from the inexhaustable and ever-patient Genetic Counsellor, Stephanie, visits to the Physio’s and much more.

That relationship has lasted over the past 5 years as James has gone from strength to strength and gets ready to start school next year (god help the teaching staff – you won’t know what’s hit you! LOL)

We felt like we had been through enough, of course, and then Hannah was born.

To put it bluntly, she was born rather quickly (read: shot out of me like a cannon) and had quite a few problems. She was purple. She couldn’t breathe on her own. She had a condition called PPHN – which I could go into detail with, but basically it meant that she needed an enormous amount of help to live.

Hannah was whisked away by Newborn Ambo to Westmead Hospital Grace Ward and it’s here that the “fun” started. Hannah owes her life to the wonderful staff of Grace Ward – without whom she would not be alive today. She was one of eleven very sick little bubs in that ward – only 6 of whom survived. Her nurses were by her side every minute of every day attending to her. They started her “hospital journal” and spent every night in the wee hours writing in it and sticking cute stickers all over it. They encouraged me to bond with Hannah the only way I could and spent hours answering my own questions and helping me in endless ways.

Here’s a pic of Hannah in the Grace Ward: –


This pic was taken after her Mouth tube was taken out, her belly button tube taken out, her right and left arm catheta taken out, her arm paddles off, her photo therapy mask taken off and only her heart and oxygen level monitors left on.

Here’s a pic of her one week later, taken on our first full day at home:-

There a chance for you to support Grace Ward and the wonderful work that they do to help sick kids all over Australia. They have some of the best doctors in Neo Natal care working there, but they could always use your help with updating equipment, lactation specialists, breathing care, surgery – the works.

I have never done this before but if you have a spare few bucks hanging around AND you would like the opportunity to win a $500 Gift Voucher from Scrapbook Superstore, then help out and buy some tickets in the Grace Ward Fundraier online HERE.


Sares xx

4 Responses

  1. wow, what an incredible story and some tough times you and your gorgeous family have been through. I had no idea… what a fabulous way to help support the hospital though!

    good on ya!

  2. Wow. Amazing stiry and we love the site. Check out our site and perhaps this article when you have a chance.



  3. Sold! Thanks for sending me over to buy some tickets – I love a raffle and all for such a good cause. Thank you for sharing your story Sares.

  4. this is such a heart warming story
    what a great cause…

    ..you have been tagged on my blog.

    Kayla Reneé. x

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