The Bell has gotta go….

We visited a pet store recently and in a fit of “owner guilt” I bought my cat a new collar – a very nice Burberry inspired one with a gold buckle and bell.


Suffice to say that at 3:06am yesterday morning I was chasing that blasted cat around the house in the pitch dark trying to prise that fliberty bell off her scrawny neck. If I hear it jingle one more tinkle I will pitch it as far away from this house as possible – preferably Abu Dhabi.

What the heck was I thinking????? Did I forget that I had a cat once with so many bells around it’s neck it looked like a Swiss milking cow and yet it STILL managed to kill every winged thing within claws reach? We called that cat “Dog”. Not because it was stupid. It was because it was the size of a small alsatian. Believe me, when it sat on your lap, you didn’t move until IT wanted you to. I once had to get my brother to bring me a banana smoothie while Dog was sitting on my lap – I figured I was going to be there for a while, so I needed sustenance.

So, the bell is going. She’s an indoor cat, so the local wildlife is safe. When she does feel the need to go outside, all she does is hunt down the nearest blades of grass, which she promptly chews and then races back inside in a desperate hurry to upchuck them onto the living room carpet. Choice.

Onto other things. I have been working very very hard on all my Digi stuff over the past week and I am even dreaming about it in my sleep. I have so many ideas and they just keep busting out of my brain and onto the screen – thank goodness for Photoshop! lol

I have also been playing with Raw chipboard alphas – turning them into more “customized” versions – alphas with a little bit of me in their design. Take a look at my latest Tips Tutorial HERE to see what I mean.

I’ve also had a bit of time to do some paper scrapping and I’ve turned out a few LO’s that I like. Here’s a few to take a peek at….

“Fairy Dreams….”

I know, it’s a poxy title, but I did it for my MIL who has far too many grandsons – so she loves everything to be girly and frilly.

My personal fave this week…..

“Faraway Places”

This one was done to show off how to use the Argyle Pattern that is sooooo darn popular on this site – this time I have cut it out from the background cardstock (thanks to Sherie) and then inserted pieces of paper into the cut holes to coordinate with the rest of the LO.

“My Girl”

This LO was for Amanda who “won” me to produce a LO for her in a Charity Auction we had on KSK. Her little girl has the cutest face, so I printed the photo onto Matte paper, hand coloured it with chalks and then scrapped as usual. I’m loving that Mother of Pearl button in the middle of the crochet flower.

That’s all from me for now – I’ve gotta go make meatloaf and wash the dog. Any takers?

Take care all,

Sares x

6 Responses

  1. I always love reading your posts…you crack me up!

    Don’t supose you’ll be getting another bell for the cat in a hurry! hehe


  2. LOL all the best intentions hey Sares!!

    gorgeous LOs as usual, I love your look, inspires me every time

  3. Oh Sares, you never fail to entertain me! I get to laugh at your antics and then I get to learn how to make my boring alphas look cool. A blog doesn’t get much better than that 😛

  4. Your post made me laugh. Having two dogs and two cats myself I totally sympathise with these trials and tribulations they bring to our lives – but I couldn’t live with out them. My partner and I are often heard muttering “I’m livin’ in a cuckoo clock” especially around feeding time, it’s worse than feeding lions at the zoo!
    Really love the colours on “My Girl” layout, gorgeous.
    Happy scrappin

  5. **sigh** obviously you have hijacked my missing mojo ….I’m sure one girl just can’t keep doing what you’re doing Sares! **sigh** I sit and wait….

  6. Sares you are so clever, not only are you witty with your journaling but you are an amazing scrapper, designer and person. I have you picked on the top of my ‘who is going to be next years masters’ list. I swear I will never buy another copy of SM if they don’t make you a Master!!
    Thanks also for the love on my blog, I am oke chook, just had problems with my heart, was beating to fast, must have been all the scrapping excitement, lol! Seriously they did a series of blood test an echocardiogram and all seems fine. Having a heart monitor fitted next Thursday but in all likeness it was just a virus, gave me a bit of a fright though, so now I am aiming to get fitter and lose some weight.
    Thanks so much for the chat, speak soon.

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