Chatterbox Candy!

First thing Monday morning the delivery man just about bashed down my door and handed me this huge box – my Chatterbox DT application stuff!

I pole-axed a kid and broke a nail in my effort to get the box open fast enough. I think my face must have looked like Gollum in “Lord of the Rings“…..”Come to me… pretties!”…..


When I finally got the box open Oh! What magical eye candy there was inside. The entire new range of “Happy Days” papers, plus all the embellishments you could wish for. PLUS a heap of other stuff all from the “Artsi.liscious” range – can we say FELT? Can we say BLING?

Without sounding too much like a suck up, I have always loved CBX papers and this range is no exception. They have always been so versatile and pretty – I come back to them again and again in my scrapping.

As part of our DT application we had to make one LO and one other project – with all that stuff! OMG I had so much stuff left over but you can’t have it! It’s all mine, I tell you MINE!…….Sorry, that was the inner Gollum speaking again.

So I have done both my projects and I will be taking pics of them over the weekend. Sorry, no sneek peeks for you until judgement day. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope that I become a part of the CBX team. Did I say how much I love their stuff? Courtney, if you read this, I’ll have your next baby if you let me on the team!! LOL…only kidding…..maybe.

In the meantime I got a lovely email from the Editor over at Somerset Memories (my fave all time mag thanks to Deb who mailed me my first copy last year and changed my life). They are publishing 5 of my LO’s in the December/January issue of the mag PLUS I will be helping to write a special article to go along with them. Hooley Dooley!!! I am doing little baby circles dancing all over the house! Woohoo!

I am going to celebrate in front of the Opening Night of the Olympics tonight with a bottle of champers and some buttered popcorn. The Diet can go hang!

The most fun I have had this week has been playing with my Alcohol Inks and I blame Karen over at KSK for this! She got me started using the stuff and I haven’t been able to let it go since. So much fun!

This LO was completed using the Crate Paper papers just released and I have done the title using the Alcohol INks sponged across the back of the clear acetate letters. LOVE the effect!

I mixed Denim with Ginger, Eggplant and Pesto to create this look.

My other project of note this week has been a quickie (although it may not look it) – a Creative Imaginations Shadow Box. I filled in each segment with a Hannah pic and then decorated it with My Mind’s Eye die cuts and plenty of Prima flowers and Doodlebug buttons.

I reccommend doing one for a gift for one of your little ones, or even for a relative – what about Grandma’s birthday? Fill it with pics of the grandkiddies. Or a more modern version for Hubby’s Garage – fill it with pics of his special car. There’s no limit with what you could do with it! Check it out at KSK’s shop HERE.

There’s more to show you but I have to go play now. Oh and I s’pose I should do some housework too I guess 😦 Do I have to?? My Kingdoom for a maid and a nanny sometimes, you know what I mean?

Take care everyone – and good luck to all of our special athletes competing in the Olympics for the next two weeks!

Sares x

4 Responses

  1. Gee Sares – you look so different in the photo… aren’t you wearing makeup?? haha (now I know that you’ll take that as a joke won’t you…lol.)

    So lucky to get all of those goodies from CBX. I use to use CBX alot – but my LSS stopped getting it in and kind of forgot about it…lol. Seems to making a huge impression in the industry atm, loving some of their ranges too! Have fun playing with your leftovers!

    Mmm, a cleaner…love one! I’d sit on my butt and scrap all day. I’d lift my feet so she/he (mmmm…he – now theres a thought..;) could vachume under my chair…;)

    Have a fab weekend.


  2. Good luck with the chatterbox entry Sares!!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve created with your left-overs ;o)

  3. Yep, you’ve confirmed it – you are totally, manically, infectiously excited aren’t you Sares!!! I might have to go and rethink some new chatterbox then you big suck up LOL!
    Seriously – good on you woman – I can’t wait to see your name up there in lights. Those chatterbox people won’t know what hit them when they put you on their team πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh how exciting Sarah..I’m so jelous.. Chatterbox DT, and the new ranges just rock!!! Good luck , but I’m sure you won’t need it!
    I have been playing with Alchol inks too lately, they are so cool..make sure you pop over to me on Wednesday and see the next LO for my ASS challenge as I have used them for one of my pages!!!
    Look forward to seeing your projects on the Chatterbox site!

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