Single Mums

……..I am one of them tonight – a single mum. I’m loving every minute of having the house all to myself. The kids are quiet. The cat is sleeping. Not a creature was stirring…….LOL ….The only sound you can hear in the house is the clink of scrapping tools in the Studio….

I was a bad girl today and did a bit of shopping – not the scrapping kind, just the ordinary “fed up and need some retail therapy” kind. God it was good! The best thing to happen when one of those moods hits is to find a store that is having a sale, then at least you know that whatever you spend you are getting twice as much for the same price! Well, that’s what I tell myself, anyway. Delusion always works best when that nagging conscience Minime pops up on your shoulder, doesn’t it?

Minime: **POP** What are you doing? Don’t look at that candleholder. I know it says it French and it’s 40% off but you don’t need it! What do you mean, Why not!?! Because Luke needs soccer stuff and Ryan needs his teeth checked and the dog needs behavioural therapy! Or was that the other way around…….? Anyway! Stop it!

Me: **WHINE* But I really need this candleholder. Can’t you SEE it sitting in the middle of the dining table? Yes, I know I never have dinner parties. Can I help it if the Dining table is covered in ironing? Maybe if one of the kids could iron I wouldn’t be in this mess! Of course they can iron. They just need a… ladder, or something, but they can do it!!

Mimime: **POP** Honestly, do you think I have all the time in the world to be standing on your shoulder telling you off? Now get out of this store and go to that car – DO NOT PASS GO and do not collect two hundred dollars. Home!

Me: Two Hundred Dollars! Did you say I could spend two hundred dollars!”

So now we have a new candlestick sitting on my Dining table – nice isn’t it?

SIGH. I wish there were guilt free shopping trips. There goes my new undies for the year but it was WORTH it! 😉

So, would you like to know what else I have been up to? Taking advantage of my children being sick and scrapping like mad. They lie on the couch moaning (what IS it with boys and sickness?) and I fetch and carry drinks, crackers, dry toast etc etc. To stop me losing my mind I have been scrapping in between.

Consequently I have a HEAP of LO’s to share with you but I won’t put them all up in one go because you might fall asleep in your chairs.

This one is called “Cousins” and has been so popular with the lovely ladies in my classes that it has been chosen as a lesson for the next three weeks. Stick around for my next Tip lesson, which will be how to create those wonderful foil embossed flowers used as embies on this LO.

The next three LO’s are done using the new line of papers from SEI – they are far removed from my usual vintagey thing but I just LOVED the colours and the mix of designs – awesome stuff!

And my fave of the week:

Yes, I know they are not in my usual line of creativity. Where’s the texture? Where’s the sheet music? Where’s the sanding? Where’s the PINECONE INK?????? My God woman, are you ill?!?


Just having a bit of a break from the usual and experimenting with some colour. They were so much quicker than my usual marathon scrapping efforts, too. In one hour I did 3 LO’s. Yay!

Speaking of scrapping, it’s time for me to attack the studio and do some tidying. I reckon there could be a lost tribe in there, somewhere. Probably some of the pilgrims from World Youth Day. If anyone’s missing some Peurto Rican Catholics, let me know. 🙂

Oh, and I’ve got to find some Japanese Tribal Drum music for my son’s play. Don’t ask.

Cheers big ears,

Sares x


5 Responses

  1. I LOVED this sei “Poppy” paper the minute I saw it… I ADORE how you have used it.. Oh and the candlestick is GORG! Nevr mind that Minime voice he can be muffled by choking! LOL 😉

  2. Lovely layouts you have there…:D

    It’s nice to have some quiet time isn’t it!

    I hope that your kiddos get well soon. I have a sick 5 year old here today – poor thing has a temp…so TV all day for her!


  3. Oh my goodness you have done wonderful things with that beautiful paper – in fact your entire blog is gorgeous!!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I’m trying to reach you about some pages you sent us that I want to publish! I sent an email to the address I have for you, but it bounced back. Please email me at, so we can connect. Thanks much! Love your work! 🙂
    Jana Holstein,
    Managing Editor
    Somerset Memories

  5. These are dev ine…loving your work

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