Printing Tips

There are a few different types of inks and stamps out there at the moment and they can get a bit confusing – which type should you use? What stamp goes on which surface? etc etc

I have put together a few tips this week – back to the proverbial drawing board, as they say. The first technique is what I call “Negative Stamping” using alcohol and archival inks. This is not my original idea, I have to say. I’m just putting it together in a (hopefully) easy to understand, step by step method.

The second tip for stamping I have put together for you is called “Kiss Print Stamping“. Again, not my original idea, I am just putting together for you in a more easy to understand way. Kiss Printing has to be one of my fave new techniques – each time I do I get a thrill at the end result – I love it!

Sp take a look at the Tips and Techniques pages below, or click HERE and HERE for a quick peek at the new techniques and don’t forget to let me know how you go at trying them, ok?

Take care all,

Sares x


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  1. Just beautiful Sarah, luv the low light photo’s , so beautiful

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