The Ice Woman Cometh

You didn’t expect that I would get back from the snow and you wouldn’t be bombarded with snow piccies, did you?

Let me just say that if you haven’t thought about going down to the snow this year (or ever), it is THE best place for photography. I don’t think you can take a bad photo down there. Just think! All that natural light bouncing off a perfect white background, with a bright sunny sky and kids with rosy cheeks. A photographers’ dream!

We arrived in Cooma on Tuesday to a lovely 1degree C. Pulled into the **laughingly described as a** hotel, took one look around at the falling down fences, the towels with holes in them, the broken heater and the potholes in the driveway and made hubby turn us around and drive until we found another hotel. If you are ever in Cooma DO NOT ever book into the Cooma Country Club Motor Inn. What a joke.

We found a hotel down the road willing to put us up for the night, and the owner found us a place to stay for the next two nights that was perfect. Two rooms (“Hey kids! Look! Nickolodeon!**sound of door slamming**)

We headed off to Mt.Selwyn the next day and arrived to a lovely coverage of snow and 4 very impatient kiddos wanting to dive head first into it. The sun was shining and we had a fabbo time scooting down the hill on our toboggans – although James had a bit of an impromptu ride when his toboggan slid down the hill without me on it – screaming the whole way down….AAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Poor kid was a bit traumatised, but nothing that a bucket of hot chips didn’t fix at lunchtime. 😉


By the way, is there anything cuter than a little kid in a skisuit?? Sooooo cute I wanted to squish them like a big blue marshmallow. 🙂


The next day we headed up to Thredbo – after a long *ski hiring* session with Rul, the Belgian Ski INstructor (**sigh**) Wherever you are, Rul, my heart goes with you! 😉

We hoped to get the kids a more full ski experience by heading to Thredbo and taking them to the top of Crackenback, but alas, it was not to be. Blizzard conditions at the top and -8 degrees – I didn’t fancy having Hannah blown off the chairlift and landing in New Zealand somewhere.

So we headed into the village on the shuttle to have some lunch – and all the while it was snowing, and snowing, AND SNOWING. It snowed so much and so hard that we had about 20cms while we were there. Oh! I just love snow. There is something about it that is so magical and romantic. Makes me feel quite frisky, really. Where is Rul the Belgian Ski Instructor when you need him? 😉




There is no end to the lengths I will go to get that “RIGHT” photo – and it paid off. The next pic is my fave of all the landscape shots and I kid you not, it was taken WITHOUT any type of lens or filter or any fiddling with Photoshop. The landscape coming down the mountain was so picturesque I made hubby stop in the middle of the road so I could get this shot (sorry to all the patient people behind us :blush:


And yes, before you ask, I have already scrapped my first snow LO – being away from my scrap supplies for 4 days made me a bit desperate to get back! lol – I felt a bit refreshed in my brain, so I’ll take a pic and show you in another few days, ok?

Some other scrap related news – I have been given a “Call Back” for my DT application from Chatterbox – YAY! Check out their Blog entry HERE. All I have to do now is wait until I receive a package from CBX and a deadline and see how we go from there. I would love to add CBX to my DT spots – I have always loved their papers and their product versatility. Fingers crossed!

I have another bit of exciting news too – I have been accepted as one of the first Designers for the newest Digital Scrapbooking Online site – E!dou. I am soooo excited to be able to share some of my more intricate digi scrapping designs with you all on that site and I am flattered to be a part of the new team. Thanks Louise for having faith in me!

If you’d like to sheck out E!dou, simply click on this link:

Now I am off to finish up some more designs for E!dou and for Upsy Daisy. Thanks for reading this epic – catch up with you soon!

Take care,

Sares x



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  1. that landscape photo is amazing!!

    But where is the shot of Rul?

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